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Full text of "Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada at the annual convocation, 1970"

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APRIL 27. 28. 29 




From the 
Masonic Library 

Lawrence Runnalls 
St. Catharines 
August 1988 









A. Inv. 

Held in the Royal York Hotel, Front St. West 



A.D. 1970 A. Inv. 2500 

Ordered to be read in all Chapters and preserved 

Grand Z. Grand Scribe E. 

240 Eglinton Ave. E., 
Suite 205, 

60 Stewart Smith Dr., 



Most Excellent Grand First Principal Z. 

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland on September 11th, 1905, son of Fred- 
erick and Isabel Welham. 

Married Thelma Louise Wilson at Kingston, Ontario, 14th Sept., 
1929. Three sons,, Fred, David and Ronald, all of Toronto. 

Educated: Aberdeen, Scotland. Came to Canada May 22nd, 1924. 

Business: Employed in the automotive business until 1940, returned 
to the automotive business after six years in Europe until 1959 as a 
Fleet Supervisor and Sales Technician. He has been on the staff of the 
Dept. of Public Works in the Ontario Government for the past eleven 
years where he supervises the Transportation Branch. 

Religion: Presbyterian, an active member and elder of York 
Memorial Presbyterian Church. Was ordained as an elder in Dovercourt 
Presbyterian Church in 1958, where he also served as Church School 
Superintendent for some years. 

Military Record: Served in the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical 
Engineers, Canadian Army Overseas and European Theatre of War 
January 17th, 1940 - February 28th, 1946. Rank, Armt. S/Major and 
Warrant Officer Class I. 

Masonic Record: Initiated, Passed and Raised in Stevenson Lodge 
No. 218. Wor. Master 1958. Appointed Grand Senior Deacon July 17th, 
1970. Exalted, Beaver Chapter No. 225, Toronto, February 5th, 1952. 
First Principal 1957. Grand Superintendent Toronto District No. 8, 1959. 
Member of the Grand Executive 1964-1965. 

Life Member of Humber Chapter No. 246, and Shekinah Chapter 
No. 138. Honourary Member of Tyrian Chapter 258, Keystone Chapter 
35, Mount Sinai Chapter 212, The St. Patrick Chapter 145. 

Elected and Installed Grand J. 1967-1968, Grand H. 1969, Grand 
First Principal Z. 1970. Grand representative Grand Chapter of South 
Dakota. Annointed and consecrated to the Order of the High Priesthood 
1957. Greeted Adoniram Council No. 2, Royal and Select Masters 
November 16th, 1955. Thrice Illustrious Master 1966, Grand Inspector 
General 1968. Grand Executive 1969-1970. Commander Noah 1966. 
Lake Ontario Lodge, R.A.M. Charter Member Keystone Council R6yal 
and Select Masters. Etobicoke Lodge Royal Ark Mariners. 

Life Member Geoffrey de St. Aldamar Preceptory No. 2, 1953. 
Presiding Preceptor 1963. Grand Director of Ceremonies Sovereign 
Great Priory of Canada 1964. Life Member Toronto Lodge of Perfection, 
Toronto Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix, Moore Sovereign Consistory 
32nd degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. 

York Cross of Honour 1968, Annointed a Royal Arch Knight Templer 
Priest at St. Marks Tabernacal 1969, member of Medwayosh Council 
Allied and Masonic Degrees, Order of the Silver Trowel, York Rite 
Sovereign College. 


R. Ex. Comp. Albert S. Currie Grand Scribe E. 

R. Ex. Comp. Gordon Braby Grand Principal Sojourner 

V. Ex. Comp. James Bacon Grand Senior Sojourner 

V. Ex. Comp. G. J. Weber Grand Junior Sojourner 

V. Ex. Comp. H. C. Evans Grand D. of C. 

R. Ex. Comp. Richard L. Carr Grand Registrar 

V. Ex. Comp. D. Filsinger as Grand Outer Guard 

and the following' assisting: 

R. Ex. Comp.'s A. J. Wilson, Geo. E. Turner, H. F. Mills, R. E. Moore, 

F. C. Ackert, Frederick Scott, Wm. S. Thomson, H. S. Biggs, L. C. 

Ewener, I. G. Noble, E. K. Hogaboom,, John Hewat, John E. Richardson, 

John S. Gee; V. Ex. Comp.'s G. J. Weber, D. B. Filsinger, W. D. Sturch, 

Edward Shunk, Jack Addy, W. J. Southcombe, John T. Armstrong, 

Charles Fealby, Leonard Stroud, Fred Wratten and others. 

M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon, Grand Z., was unavoidably delayed 

and thanked M. Ex. Comp. Portch for acting in the capacity of Grand 

First Principal for the Dedication Ceremony. 

Grand Chapter was opened in Due Form at 8:30 p.m. when the 
Grand First Principal announced that the especial Convocation had been 
called for the purpose of dedicating the Chapter room for Halton Chapter 
No. 234 Royal Arch Masons of Georgetown, Ontario. The ceremony 
being concluded the Most Excellent Grand First Principal closed Grand 
Chapter at 9:40 p.m. 


Seal Acting Grand Scribe E. 



The One Hundred and Twelfth Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario 
was held in the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Canada, on April 27, 28, 29, 

M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon Grand Z.^ r , 

R. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham Grand H. >► r ;*„ 2 

R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent Grand J.J ^ ouncii 

M. Ex. Comp. John M. Burden, Fred W. Dean, A. G. N. Bradshaw, John 
L. House, Maurice A. Searle, Bruce H. Smith, Charles W. Emmett, 
Fraser Hay, M.D., James E. Girven, Stanley Portch. 

R. Ex. Comp. Rev. J. Clifford Britton Grand Chaplain 

M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. Dean Grand Treasurer 

V. Ex. Comp. Frederick C. Conley Acting Grand Scribe E. 

R. Ex. Comp. Albert S. Currie Grand Scribe N. 

R. Ex. Comp. Gordon A. Braby Grand Principal Sojourner 

V. Ex. Comp. James Bacon Grand Senior Sojourner 

V. Ex. Comp. Garfield J. Weber Grand Junior Sojourner 

R. Ex. Comp. Richard L. Carr Grand Registrar 

V. Ex. Comp. Herbert C. Evans Grand Director of Ceremonies 

V. Ex. Comp. D. S. MacLachlan Grand Outer Guard 


St. Clair District No. 1 R. Ex. Comp. Hubert F. Mills 

London District No. 2 R. Ex. Comp. Ray Edson Moore 

Wilson District No. 3 R. Ex. Comp. Bruce Eugene Reid 

Wellington District No. 4 R. Ex. Comp. Roy Edward Robinson 

Hamilton District No. 5 R. Ex. Comp. Alexander John Wilson 


Huron District No. 6 R. Ex. Comp. George Albert Stewart 

Niagara District No. 7 R. Ex. Comp. James C. L. McKeand 

Toronto East No. 8 R. Ex. Comp. Robert Harold Foote 

Toronto West District No. 8A R. Ex. Comp. William Harold Sproule 

Georgian District No. 9 R. Ex. Comp. Edwin John Myers 

Ontario District No. 10 R. Ex. Comp. John Hayman Roy 

Prince Edward District No. 11 R. Ex. Comp. Angus McDonald 

St. Lawrence District No. 12 R. Ex. Comp. Harry Trueman 

Ottawa District No. 13 R. Ex. Comp. William Louis Byers 

Algoma District No. 14 R. Ex. Comp. Gordon Evan Karle 

New Ontario District No. 15 R. Ex. Comp. Richard Wallis King 

Temiskaming District No. 16 R. Ex. Comp. Horace Arnold Jones 


A constitutional number of Chapters being represented by their 
qualified officers, the One Hundred and Twelfth Annual Convocation 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 
of Ontario was opened in Ample Form at 10:00 a.m. 

The Grand First Principal G. Harold Shannon announced: "All 
Royal Arch Masons in good standing and properly vouched for, will be 
made welcome during the Convocation." 


The following distinguished guests were formally and individually 
introduced by the Grand Director of Ceremonies, V. Ex. Comp. Herbert C. 
Evans, and his assistants: 

M. 111. Comp. Wm. J. Inwood, G.H.P. 


R. Ex. Comp. Kenneth J. Roe 

M. Ex. Grand King, Comp. R. M. Evans 

M. 111. Comp. E. J. Warwick, G.H.P. 

M. Ex. Comp. Leslie C. Boone, G.F.P. 


M. Ex. Comp. Chas. A. White 


M. Ex. Comp. Wm. E. Carr, G.H.P. 


M. Ex. G.H.P. J. Emerson Miller 

M. Ex. Comp. Cecil G. Rilkoff, Grand Z. 



M. Ex. Comp. Ralph J. Coy, F.G.P. 

M. 111. Past Grand Sovereign, P. D. Windrim, P.G.C.C. 


Ex. Comp. R. W. E. McFadden 

R. Ex. Grand Scribe, Fred M. Trout 

Gr. Chanc. Chas. Wells 


M. 111. Comp. Hugh E. Fackrell 


The Grand Z., M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon, requested the names 
of our living past Grand Z.'s be read and that they be presented in the 
East by the Grand Director of Ceremonies, V. Ex. Comp. H. C. Evans. 
The following were present: 

M. Ex. Comp. John Loftus House, 1955-56. 

M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, 1957-58. 

M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith, 1959-60. 

M. Ex. Comp. Charles W. Emmett, 1961-62. 

M. Ex. Comp. Fraser Hay,M.D., 1963-64. 

M. Ex. Comp. James E. Girven, 1965-66. 

M. Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch, 1967-68. 

M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon welcomed these past leaders of 
Capitular Masonry in Ontario and expressed his personal pleasure of 
their presence at this Convocation. He directed that Grand Honours 
be given these outstanding leaders of our Craft. 

He expressed regrets that M. Ex. Comp. John M. Burden, Q.C.; M. 
Ex. Comp. Fred W. Dean, and M. Ex. Comp. Alexander G. W. Bradshaw 
were unable to be present with us. 





Most Excellent Companion Reginald Van Every Conover 

"There is a word, of grief the sounding token; 
There is a word be jeweled with bright tears; 
The saddest word fond lips have ever spoken; 
A little word that breaks the chain of years. 
Its utterance must never bring emotion; 
The memories it crystals cannot die; 
'Tis known in every land, on every ocean — 
'Tis called 'Good-bye'." 

On the 30th of June, 1969, Most Excellent Companion Conover was 
called to the Grand Chapter above. His passing is an awesome reminder 
of the ever widening gap that is being created in our beloved fraternity 
by the passing of such distinguished and scholarly companions. 

Most Excellent Companion Conover was born May 13, 1891 in Ching- 
uacousy, County of Peel, Ontario. He received his early education in 
the public schools of Chinguacousy Township and he graduated from 
Brampton High School in 1908. Following his graduation, he attended 
the Toronto Normal School, (1908-1909), and graduated with his Teach- 
er's Certificate whereupon he taught school, (1909-1914). On March 
the 1st, 1916, he married Mary Luella McClelland and this union was 
blessed with five children, two sons and three daughters. 

Most Excellent Companion Conover was not only a distinguished 
citizen, a mason, and a brilliant teacher; his military career is an example 
of outstanding service and dedication to God and Country. 

On the 21st of February, 1910, he was commissioned in the 20th 
Halton Rifles with the rank of Lieutenant. On the 22nd of September, 
1914, he proceeded overseas with the 4th Battalion of the C.E.F., and 
while serving in France and Belgium was promoted to the rank of 
Captain and was later wounded. He was invalided to Canada in January, 
1916, and served on the staff of Military District No. 2. In 1917 he was 
transferred to the 2nd Battalion of the Central Ontario Regiment and 
promoted to the rank of Major on September 7th of that year. On the 
15th of August, 1918, he was invalided from Active Service. In 1921 
he was transferred from the Halton Rifles to the Peel Regiment, and in 
1922, took over command of that regiment. On the 15th of April, 1925, 
he was appointed Brigade Major of the 25th Infantry Brigade, and on 
the 7th of August, 1928, with the rank of Colonel, became the Command- 
ing Officer of the Brigade. In 1931 Colonel Conover was placed on the 
reserve list of officers. On the 3rd of September, 1939, having been 
recalled from the reserve list, he was given the Command of the Lome 
Scots Regiment (Peel, Halton and Dufferin Rifles). In 1942 he was 
given the task of organizing and commanding No. 24 Canadian Army 
Basic Training Centre of Brampton, Ontario. Later, Colonel Conover 
took over command of No. 3 Canadian Armoured Corps Training Regi- 
ment at Camp Borden, Ontario. For long and good service Colonel Con- 
over had been awarded the Colonial Auxiliary Long Service Decoration. 
(V.D. and the Order of The British Empire— O.B.E.) 

In March, 1919, Most Excellent Companion Conover was appointed 
by the Federal Government to be Sub-Collector of Customs and Excise 
at Brampton, Ontario. 

In religion, Companion Conover was a member of Christ Church, 
Church of England, Brampton, having served as Warden of the church 
and Lay Delegate to the Toronto Synod. 


Most Excellent Companion Conover has given much valuable time 
to Masonry, having been initiated the 13th of May, 1912, in True Blue 
Lodge, No. 98, G.R.C., A.F. & A.M., at Bolton, Ontario. In 1915 he be- 
came affiliated with Ionic Lodge No. 229, G.R.C., at Brampton, was 
Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1924, and Secretary from 1927 to 1837. 
On the 4th of April, 1919, he was Exalted in Peel Chapter, No. 195, 
G.R.C., Royal Arch of Masons, Brampton; installejd as First Principal 
in 1925; was Scribe E. from 1928 to 1939, elected Grand Scribe N., in 
1931. In 1935 he was appointed to the Grand Chapter Executive; and 
was elected Grand Third Principal, J., in 1943. Upon the death of R. Ex. 
Comp. Lt.-Col. A. H. Monteith of Paris, Ontario, Companion Conover 
was honoured by the unanimous election in 1945 as Grand First Prin- 
cipal, Z. 

Most Excellent Companion Conover was a member of the A. & A.S.R., 
Toronto Lodge of Perfection; Rose Croix Chapter, Toronto; Moore Con- 
sistory, Hamilton, Ontario; on September the 13th, 1949, he was coro- 
nated a 33 degree Scottish Rite Mason; Adoniram Council, No. 2, Royal 
and Select Masters, Toronto, and the Order of High Priesthood of 
Ontario and was President of the Principals' Association of Toronto 
Districts in 1933. 

This service to Canada, the British Commonwealth, and our great 
Fraternity may more eloquently be expressed by the following poem 
"Great souls, keen minds, and willing hands 

Laid the foundation on which stands 

The secret structure, which we love 

And dedicate to God above, 

From out whose towers rays of light 

Go forth to banish fear and fright." 
The Grand Chapter of The Royal Arch of Masons of Canada, in the 
Province of Ontario has sustained a great loss in the passing of Most 
Excellent Companion R. V. Conover. He has left a legacy of life truly 
well spent, one which we all should endeavor to emulate. 


To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers, Companions 
and Honored Guests of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of 
Canada, in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

During this past year many of our Companions over the years within 
this Grand Chapter as well as those of sister qurisdictions have passed 
on to the Grand Chapter above. There they shall proffer their mark 
and receive their wages, since we know that their name is in the Book 
of Life. "Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; 
and their works do follow them.'' (Rev. 14: 13). 

It is good for us to think of the perpetuity of goodness. It is not 
too much to say that acts of goodness and kindness, done from true love, 
and with regard to the will of the Most High, have in them a quality of 

Our Companions gave constant evidence that they were motivated 
by a certain restraint as those who live under the All-Seeing eye. Instead 
of the harsh word, that might have been spoken, they rather spoke in 
love. The shadows of their influence, the words of well-thought advice 
will linger around us for many years to make us better Companions than 
we otherwise would be. It is not only for those who held office and 
positions of prominence in the Grand Chapter that we make this memorial 
but also for the humblest Companion who worked with them, effectually 


using their influence where it would do the most good. We have an 
obligation to the obscure and the unknown for without them the dis- 
tinguished record of service that we own could not have been written. 
The Most High honors all whom he has made without favor; even those 
who have probably never been heard of ten miles from home. 

The fact of the death of a Companion marks his graduation into a 
higher and more perfect rank of living and learning. The soul colthed 
in a form suitable to his celestial environment, is more splendidly equip- 
ped for a larger life of service in the divine sphere. The hearts of those 
who remain are saddened, — 

"And long for the touch of a vanished hand, and the sound of a 
voice that is still"! Within our own hearts there comes a consolation so 
well expressed by the poet Whittier . . . 

Yet love will dream and faith will trust, 
(Since He who knows our need is just) 
That somehow, somewhere, meet we must. 
Alas, for him who never sees 
The stars shine through His cypress trees! 
Who, hopeless lays his dead away, 
Nor looks to see the breaking day 
Across the mournful marbles play! 
Who hath not learned, in hours of faith, 
The truth to flesh and sense unknown, 
That Life is ever Lord of Death, 
And Love can never lose its own!" 
In a day when there is an apparent disregard for both moral and 
spiritual values it behooves us, Companions, to give evidence of our pro- 
found respect for the values for which our dear departed friends have 
nobly lived . . . their HUMANITY was rich, kindly, spontaneous, and 
good; their HUMANITY was a delight to both old and young; their 
EFFICIENCY was more than adequate as they sought to give their 
services wherever needed with ungruding willingness. 
How happy is he born and taught 

Who serveth not another's will; 
Whose armour is his honest thought 
And simple truth his utmost skill! 

Whose passions not his masters are, 

Whose soul is still prepared for death, 

Not tied unto the world with care 

Of public fame, or private breath; 

Who God doth late and early pray 

More of his grace than goods to lend; 
And walks with man, from day to day, 
As with a brother and a friend." 

(Sir Henry Wotton) 
I would now ask you to rise and pay silent tribute to their memory 
for though they are greatly missed, we are sure of their eternal destiny. 
After silence we will sing first verse "Abide With Me". 

The names of our departed companions are appended hereto and 
will appear in the report of Proceedings. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted on behalf of the committee. 

R. Edson Moore 
George Albert Stewart 
Rev. J. C. Britton (Chairman) 
Moved by R. Ex. Comp. Rev. J. C. Britton, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
George A. Stewart 


Of the 498 of our Companions who answered the call to Higher 
Service, the following held Grand Chapter Rank: 

1 R. Ex. Comp Herbert F. Thomson 

2 V. Ex. Comp. John Renfrew, V. Ex. Comp. James Baird. 
6 R. Ex. Comp. Henry Wm. Hewett 

16 R. Ex. Comp. Garnet Retallack 

19 R. Ex. Comp. John P. Hudson 

23 R. Ex. Comp. Francis Reid 

29 R. Ex. Comp. John Yocom 

31 V. Ex. Comp. Hilton McCartney, V. Ex. Comp. Wm. Thomas Havery 

32 V. Ex. Comp. James Shepherd 

64 R. Ex. Comp. Carroll E. Griffin 

65 V. Ex. Comp. Henry G. Robb 
71 V. Ex. Comp. Bruce M. Smith 
76 R. Ex. Comp. Andrew Ness 

79 V. Ex. Comp. Alfred J. Moxon 
82 V. Ex. Comp. Samuel H. Green 
84 R. Ex. Comp. Wm. S. Hall 
88 V. Ex. Comp. Delbert J. McCaughrin 
95 R. Ex. Comp. W T m. McKee, R. Ex. Comp. John MacKay 
103 R. Ex. Comp. Wm. Stewart 

115 R. Ex. Comp. Jay L. Churchill 

116 V. Ex. Comp. Walter Wm. Whyte 
149 R. Ex. Comp. Victor K. Croxford 
195 M. Ex. Comp. Reginald V. Conover 
205 R. Ex. Comp. Carl Hill 

213 V. Ex. Comp. James Whaley 

219 V. Ex. Comp. Joseph W. McCullough 

235 V. Ex. Comp. Ernest John Eveleigh 

249 R. Ex. Comp. Harold Wm. Pointen 

251 R. Ex. Comp. Roy A. Billbrough 

To our Sister Jurisdictions in the Dominion of Canada, The British 
Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America, we extend 
sincere sympathy for the loss of their distinguished Companions: 



Sidney Bertram Morris, M.E.G.H.P. —1968 

James McNamee Frazer, G.H.P. — 1929-30 

Frank Robertson, M.E.G.H.P. — 1945 


R. Hon. Earl of Scarborough, M.E.F.G.P. — 1951-1967 

James Tillman Morgan, G.H.P. — 1944 

Charlie Hyatt Bush, G.H.P. — 1964-65 

Henry Oscar Hartman, M.E.G.H.P. — 1952 

John "Jack" Louis Stephan, G.H.P. — 1961 

M. Ex. Comp. Silas Edward Greenberg, G.F.P. — 1966 

George Amber Milette, M.E.G.H.P. — 1931 

Hiram Wales Johnson, M.E.G.H.P. — 1946 

A. Harry Davidson, M.E.G.H.P. — 1955 



W. King Larimore, G.H.P.— 1953-54 

Carl Frederick Hansen, M.E.G.H.P. — 1947-48 

R. Ex. Comp. Gordon G. Greene, G.K. — 1968-69 

M. Ex. Comp. Hugh Creighton Ireland, G.F.P. — 1967-68 

Thomas Earl Doss, G.S.-R. — 1930-66 

J. W. Pender, Sr., M.E.G.H.P. — 1939 

John 0. Caruthers, M.E.G.H.P — 1956 

Edward S. Sweeden, M.E.G.H.P. — 1962 


Olin Ernest Flisram, M.E.G.H.P. — 1960-61 

Maurice T. White, M.E.P.G.H.P. — 1961-62 

DEATHS — 1969 


1 Herbert F. Thomson, Andrew F. Richardson, Carl V. Arthur, Wm. 
D. Johnston, John W. Marshall, Earl C. Leonard, Howard Kelly, John 

2 John Renfrew, James Baird, Martin W. Robinson, Charles H. Hayne, 
Roy P. Pethick, Alexander Wilkinson, Leon McKinnon, J. H. Cliff. 

3 Thomas M. Fawkes, Calvin S. Parker, Leonard C. MacDonald, Rus- 
sell L. Gilbert. 

4 William Howarth, James N. Dority, Ernest J. Call, Keith A. Camp- 

5 Fred J. Weeks, Wm. H. Morgan, E. N. Hooper, D. G. Wood, E. Gerry, 
C. Wm. Wallace, George S. Say, Clarence W. M. Barnum 

6 Robt. T. Armstrong, John S. Stephens, Wm. J. Lowry, Francis R. 
Feaver, Raymond Hawkins, M. Dion, Henry Wm. Hewett. 

7 John S. McKeown, Albert W. Allen, Robert Gardiner, Black E. 
Foster, Wm. Coulby, Herbert L. Mack, George Wade, P. R. Hud- 
dlston, Frank F. Davidson, Carman A. Herrington. 

8 Benson D. Stranghan, Wm. Charles Gowland, H. Melvin, Charles H. 
Batchelor, Wilgred Caine, James Doherty, James E. Marshall. 

15 Albert H. Wheatcroft, Wm. E. Rowell, James A. McDonald, Handel 
David, Torrence Wm. Mollitor, Chas. Milloy, Thomas Shufflebotham. 

16 Garnet S. Retallack, Samuel C. Macy, John C. Wright, John A. 
Heisler, Wm. Skelton, Norman A. Montgomery, Peter Yule, Albert 
J. Liddiard, Thomas May Mulligan, John Henry Longfellow, F. 
Alvin Meredith. 

18 Alexander Wishart, James D. Hill, George Pierce. 

19 John P. Hudson, Wm. Nicholson, John B. Sims, Wm. Sutherland, 
Leonard Jarvis, Wm. J. Thompson, Wm. Cecil Whitmore, Geoffrey 
R. Hawthorne, Robert Chandler. 

20 Wm. H. Carpenter, James Douglas, Edward L. Gothard, Frederick 
Andrews, Alfred E. Evans, Walter Lickers. 

23 Francis MacDonald Reid, Walter Bradfield, Ernest W. Warning. 

24 Walter H. Gregory, George Wm. Trowsdale, Robt. Hurst. 

26 Wm. Ingham, Hector M. Hutt, John B. Morgan, Harry Kaye. 

27 Robert S. Cameron, George McConnell, Roswel J. Doherty, Ernest 
J. Taylor, John Lightbown. 

28 John M. Ashby, Arthur E. Jubb, Albert E. Colvin, Joseph A. Pen- 
found, Stanley F. Everson. 


29 John E. Yocom, Arthur Scott, Arthur Rigg. 

30 George N. Bowra, James H. Johnston. 

31 James H. Walmsley, Hugh A. LeHeup, John L. Johnston, Horace 
L. Church, Hilton McCartney, Wm. T. Havery. 

32 Robert J. Spalding, Frank C. Haisell, John D. Wilson, James Shep- 
herd, John Robertson. 

34 James M. Mills, Frank R. Johnson, John G. Foster. 

35 Joseph 0. Ruddy, John D. Howard. 

36 Wm. Clair Ackerman, Frank Bowness, Wm. A. Cross, George W. 
Craw, Melville R. McDougall, Hugh O'Neill. 

37 Walter A. Thomas, Frederick R. O'Neill, Donald J. Ballance. 

40 Walter Salmon, James D. More. 

41 Douglas W. Gordon, Fred J. Enson, Kenneth R. McLeod. 
44 Harry Wm. Vine, Walter A. Guthrie, James Wm. Richmond. 

46 Wm. Lindsay, Walter Ball. 

47 Arthur E. Goodman, Joseph E. Barbour, A. Chandler. 

54 Harry G. Manning, Lome N. McEwen, Chas. R. Lumley, Warren C. 

Miller, Gerald Matheson, J. S. R. Annett, Wm. R. Young. 
56 George Hindman, Harry S. Ashcroft, G. I. Nystrom, Ray E. Dahmer. 
59 James Law, Clifford A. Moore, John D. Fluker, Robert J. Gill, Milton 

M. Johnston, Arthur F. Simpson. 

61 John L. Joss, Robert McCaughan, Clifford Robertson. 

62 Wm. G. Price. 

63 Samuel MacKenzie. 

64 Russell M. MacLean, Herbert R. Waldron, Carroll E. Griffin. 

65 Stanley E. Baker, Howard Wm. Robbins, Alexander M. Strang, Wm. 
George Walker, Henry G. Robb. 

66 Wilfred L. Whyte, Amos Wood Corby. 

67 Frank L. Tyler, Wallace Brown. 

68 George Martin. 

69 Charles Oldfield, Wilford P. Jones, Wm. Alton White. 

71 Bruce M. Smith, James Roy Johnston, Chas. F. Ayerst, Wm. H. 
Lippert, Edward B. Croft. 

73 Joseph H. O'Neill, Harold D. McKillop, Lonie D. Lalonde, George 
R. Schweitzer. 

74 George C. Lindsay, Wm. George Conkey, Morley Coy. 

75 Harold V. Merritt. 

76 Andrew Ness. 

77 Wm. J. Buchanan, Arthur Clements. 

79 Alfred J. Moxon, John Wm. Archibald, Robt. V. Edge. 

80 Ross R. Fleury, Chas. Roy Burridge, Harold H. Gatfield, John W. 
Savage, Donald Morrison, Chas. Sale, Edmund Boal, John H. Gar- 
diner, Erie T. Welsh, John W. Bridgewater, Colin D. Tuckey. 

82 Samuel H. Green, John Sharpies, Samuel Cowan, Henry Milkie, Wm. 

83 John F. Moffat, John A. Nesbitt. 

84 Wm. S. Hall, W. T. Booth, Robert H. King. 

88 Delbert J. McCaughrin, Allen Elgie, H. H. Buchanan. 

90 C. Langford. 

91 John E. Carter, Howard L. McCulloch. 

94 Richard C. Staples, Howard J. Williamson. 

95 William McKee, John MacKay, John Angove, James E. Spry, James 
Manos, Robert Boyd Rodger, Alexander M. Ross Lyman L. Cranston. 

102 George E. Lee, Murdoch, J. Campbell, Arthur Moncaster, Charles 
Hartman, Wm. Cathcart, Harry Foster, Wm. J. Hunt. 

103 William R. Stewart, Henry C. Nixon, Clayton T. Hill, Joseph R. 
Graham, George Hutul. 

110 Dean D. Massey. 

112 Frank T. Shaver, Alex. W. York, John H. Jackson. 


113 Alexander Martin, Harry Wm. Shorey. 

115 Jay L. Churchill, Floyd E. Cockburn, Joseph B. Raymer, George 
Boucher, Wm. George Hamilton. 

116 Walter W. Whyte, Arthur Cooper, Godfrey P. Gillespie. 

117 Graham E. Jackson, Harold E. Heller, Harry J. Borth, Murray C. 

119 Chas. C. Harris, Daniel G. Widmeyer, Thomas G. Wilkinson. 

129 Juddiah Durfy, J. Nelson Davison. 

130 James Ridge. 

131 Robert Wm. Jordan. 

132 George B. Fleming. 

133 Alexander H. Buchanan, Harry Rickerd, R. Clare Purdy, Thomas W. 
Lackie, Rev. Verner Gilbert, Leonard Nicholson, Chas. C. Ferguson. 

134 Wm. John Patterson, Alfred C. Smith. 

135 Chas. Percy King. 

138 Samuel E. Sharpe, Andrew M. Mitchell, Joseph Benson, Daniel Hill- 
man, Wm. Taylor, Reginald F. Lomas, Edward Bottomley, Joseph 
H. Bolan, Walter N. Leach, Edgar J. Catton, George M. Welch, 
Wm. H. Densmore. 

140 John A. Ross, Walter D. McPherson, Walter F. Ede, David Todd. 

143 Alexander J. Stewart, John E. Cass. 

144 Robert J. Taylor. 

145 Harvey McKean, Andrew W. McMath, Joel M. Monachan, Lockhart 
P. Sutton, George Potts, Thomas Wm. Wauchope, Wm. W. Lindsay. 

146 Louis Schure, James R. Brown. 

147 John Reed, Chas. Robinson. 

148 John W. McCaskill, Alex McRae, Wm. Wood. 

149 Wm. George Crocombe, Frederick Gillingham, Swen Swenson, Victor 
K. Croxford. 

150 George W. Reed, Richard T. McDaniel, Wm. Penhallurick, Sydney 
R. Gee, C. H. Ripley. 

151 Cecil Hayes, Robert C. Chambers, Rennix C. Wright, Leslie Hayes, 

152 Donald Roy Young. 

153 Allan K. Fraser, Floyd Harrington, Clarence H. Brown, Glenn 

155 Cecil A. Sullivan. 

167 Wm. L. Wilson, Donald G. Wilson. 

168 George Wm. Atwell, Angus Graham, Keith John Bound, Earl Brun- 
ton, Eldon Carlaw, Harry Klein. 

169 Hugh Boyle, Clarence F. Tuer, Arthur G. Wallingford. 
175 Thomas H. Simpson, John E. Piercy. 

184 Thomas F. Bown, Joseph Train, Chester A. Howard, Carl E. Seeback, 

Evan T. Bevan. 
195 Herbert A. Spratt, Reginald V. Conover, George E. Townsend, Wm. 

E. Kelly, Wm. E. Bird. 
198 George A. Fawcett, Edwin M. Clipsham, Clifford S. Dick, Harold G. 

Davison, Norman L. Thorn, D. J. Cossey, Thomas E. Burton, Walter 

D. Deverell, Thomas R. Chester, Gordon Leatherdale. 
205 Gordon H. Baker, John Kerr, Martin Styrmo, Carl Hill. 
210 James L. Steele, Leonard MacEwan. 

212 Nathan Rosenberg, George Yavner, Abraham Harry Blevis, Saul 
Bernstein, James Glendinning, Murray Weisman, Richard J. Ax- 
worthy, Percy Singer. 

213 William Blakeman, James E. Whaley. 

215 Bert W. Lang, Cecil H. McFaddin, James Seawright. 
217 Wm. Wyllie, Harold R. Sorrell, George A. Morris. 
219 Wm. James Stewart, George C. MacDonnell, Joseph Wm. McCul- 


220 James A. Elford, Gordon Graham, Gordon E. Thornton, Thomas W. 

221 John Klinck. 

222 John Norman Salter, Walter Dickson, Chas. A. Jewett, Falbert R. 
Corrigan, Joseph F. Whittle, George A. Clark. 

224 Thomas Greenhough, Frederic V. Moore. 

225 George L. Plumb, John Gray. 

226 David H. Alexander. 

227 Ernest E. Smith, Clarence R. Clapp, J. Robert Oliphant, George S. 
Mcintosh, Paul A. Haggis, Harry W. Hodgson, Wm. A. Rose. 

230 Alfons Kalson's, Caron Belleghem. 

231 George I. Price, Samuel Bleaney, George W. Thomas. 

232 Eric Wm. Bird. 

234 Norman A. Button. 

235 Wm. H. Cas, Fred G. Hare, Ernest John Eveleigh. 

236 Edward Burke. 

240 Fred Nelson. 

241 George Wm. Bater, Chas. R. Redfern, Phillip N. Rowe. 

242 Colin C. Nelles. 

243 Charles Oldfield. 

245 David Paton. 

246 Blake Fullerton. 

247 Harry Downes, Robert J. Carswell. 

249 Roy W. Nichols, Arthur L. Blanchard, Ray Joe Dilling, Harold W. 

250 James Wm. Thrift, Walter Hockney, N. Conkey, J. Doherty, Ernest 
H. Fencott, John E. Lewis, C. G. Glover, Herbert Atkins, Henry 
Douglas, Henry Particelli, Marshall Petty, Earl W. Johnson, Donald 
Morrison, Riches Wm. Morgan. 

251 Roy A. Billbrough, John W. McBain, Gorden R. Bradshaw. 

252 Stanley A. Smith, Everett L. Murphy. 

253 Theobold B. Barrett. 

254 John R. McDonald 

255 Leo Mabee. 

257 Norman Chas. Clarke. 

258 Martin Styrmo. 

259 George M. McLeod. 

260 Phillip Law Jones. 

263 A. J. Moxom, Thomas Gubb. 


To the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal, Officers and 
Companions of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario, the distinguished guests from Sister Jurisdictions in 
Canada, The United States and far off land including representatives 
from other Masonic Bodies. 

The Companions of Toronto Districts 8 and 8A are very much 
aware and also very honoured at having the privilege of again being 
hosts for this, our one hundred and twelfth Annual Convocation. We 
trust that your journey here has been pleasant and that your stay with 
us will be most enjoyable and enlightening. 
Most Excellent Sir: 

Your term of office as our Grand First Principal is drawing to a 
close, and we feel that in the year that has passed in which you have 
held the high office as our Grand First Principal, you have given of 
your time freely and that we as members of this fine Order have been 


the benefactors of your years of experience and knowledge. We have 
had the privilege of your leadership and direction for this past year and 
would wish for you in the future which lies ahead many years to enjoy 
the companionship of the many friends which you have made through- 
out this Grand jurisdiction and beyond through your office as Grand 
First Principal of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of 
Most Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon: 

Your term of office as the Grand First Principal of R.A.M.'s of 
Canada in the Province of Ontario, has almost expired and we in the two 
Toronto Districts, 8 and 8A, wish to express our thanks for the many 
contributions that you have made thus far notably to the changes that 
you have recommended to our Grand Chapter Constitution. 

We feel regret that your doctor has advised you not to continue in 
the office as Grand First Principal for another year, but we do hope that 
you will keep on giving your invaluable assistance to Royal Arch Masonry 
and to help preserve the fundamental principles of true companionship 
and brotherly love. 

May the blessing of the great Jehovah be with you and keep you in 
our midst for many years to come. 

Presented this 28th day of April, 1970. 

R. Ex. Comp. William Sproule. 

R. Ex. Comp. Harold Foote. 


The minutes of the One Hundred and Eleventh Convocation, held in 
the city of Toronto, were called for. It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. Fred 
W. D. Welham, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent and carried. 

"That the Proceedings of the former Annual Convocation, held on 
Tuesday and Wednesday, April 28, 29, 1969, have been printed and 
copies sent to all Chapters of this Jurisdiction, the recorded minutes be 
considered read and the same is now confirmed." — Carried. 


It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. F. W. D. Welham and seconded by 
R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent — 

"That the order of business of this Grand Convocation be changed 
at the discretion of the Grand Z." — Carried. 


R. Ex. Comp. James W. Woodland, Chairman of the Credentials 
Committee, reported that there are 156 warranted Chapters on the roll 
of Grand Chapter of which 147 Chapters were represented by the fol- 

1 J. B. Davidson, H.; W. C. Warrington, J.; R. H. Seymour, E.; and 
W. H. Gummer, W. B. Sutherland, R G. Willis, W. C. F. Saunders 
and H. C. Babcock, P.Z.'s. 

2 W. B. Sixsmith, Z.; E. W. Marshall, E.; and J. H. Smith, R. J. Cocks, 
W. K. Scobbie, D. Home, G. A. Fuller, A. W. Fuller and J. Free- 
love, P.Z.'s. 

3 B. Thornley, I.P.Z.; W. T. Miller, Z.; W. A. Macrow, H.; W. Thorn- 
ley, E.; and R. W. Coon, P.Z. 


4 S. S. Salter, Z.; R. C. Edwards, J.; K. L. Bellamy, E.; and H. J. 
McCaw, A. A. Kitchen, P.Z.'s. 

5 W. Wilson, I.P.Z.; R. O. Porter, Z.; J. A. Kennedy, E.; M. McCrae, 
N.; and R. W. Norris, R. V. West, P.Z.'s. 

6 J. Freelove, N.; and F. Scott, A. J. Wilson, G. E. Oswald, P.Z.'s. 

7 W. Reid, Z.; G. Seeley, H.; and L. E. Vaughn, M. Hancock, W. A. 
Dempsey, E. W. Harrison, W. G. Connor, P.Z. 

8 H. Morrison, I.P.Z.; W. 0. H. Newton, Z; S. Weston, H.; and E. 
Barbour, C. Smyth, A. Modlin, G. Plumpton, H. Carr, A. Otis. 

15 L. C. Ewener, P.Z. 

16 M. R. Hughson, Z.; S. Gilmour, E.; and L. B. Gillespie, H. Burmaster, 
C. Compton, W. McDuffee, P. Naish, C. Meunier, P.Z.'s. 

18 W. D. Richards, Z.; A. Dickinson, H.; and G. K. Mansell, J. Mack- 
back, L. B. Shipp, P.Z.'s. 

19 F Chess, T. 

20 R. W. McFadden, E. 

22 R. K. Laushway, Z. 

23 T. C. Holland, H. S. Hutchinson, P.Z.'s. 

24 J. L. Blom, I.P.Z.; P. D. Armstrong, H.; and A. A. Shaw, G. Smith, 
J. A. Swatridge, P.Z.'s. 

26 N. M. Sprague, J. Birch, A. McDonald, Rev. J. A. Payton, P.Z.'s. 

27 A. F. McArthur, Z.; A. D. Smith, J.; B. M. Conron, E.; and J. A. 
Kilsby, P.Z. 

28 H. A. Bickle, I.P.Z.; J. H. Randall, Z.; G. E. Pidduck, H.; G. V. 
Harvey, J.; and A. G. Coppin, W. E. McKinstry, R. H. McKelvie, R. 
E. Temperton, P.Z.'s. 

31 E. Rolston, Z. 

32 W. J. Everingham, Z.; L. R. T. Henderson, H.; and D. L. Attridge, 
W. B. Murray, F. C. Ackert, R. D. Law, P.Z.'s. 

34 D. M. White, J.; and J. M. Lindsay, E. F. Myers, W. T. Kirkpatrick, 

35 L. M Standish, Z.; and D. McKeag, P.Z. 

36 E. P. Triesen, H.; D. Miller, E.; and J. E. Girven, B. H. Parnmett, 
J. W. Morrison, R. K. Burns, C. A. Bedford, J. Myall, P.Z.'s. 

37 G. B. Trew, Z.; A. R. Furmidge, H.; F. B. Scott, J.; and Dr. D. C. 
Davey, J. H. Roy, W. H. Rowden, P.Z.'s. 

40 W. H. Quant, J. A. Robertson, P.Z.'s. 

41 J. C. Ferguson, I.P.Z.; C. Swatridge, Z.; and L. L. Mansfield, P.Z. 
44 J. Scheffler, Z.; and A. V. Roy, F. K. Hill, C. G. Sexsmith, P.Z.'s. 

46 V. Hearn, H.; and Rev. A. K. Campbell, H. Sparling, R. J. Critche- 
son, P.Z.'s. 

47 G. E. Fennell, Z. 

53 D. E. Johnson, Z. 

54 H. C. Evans, H. Fackrell, P.Z.'s. 

55 K. Woodhouse, H.; and I. B. Collard, C. A. Larson, F. Thomson, E. 
Staines, P.Z.'s. 

56 B. D. MacDonald, Z.; and R. V. Garbutt, G. S. Matthias, P.Z.'s. 

57 C. Henderson, Z.; L. L. Doan, E.; and G. D. Penwarden, W. Cooper, 

59 A. H. Johnston, Z. 

61 C. O. Barber, P.Z. 

62 C. W. Rainey, Z.; G. L. Stewart, H.; B. G. Prosser, J.; and W. T. 
Grieson, D. B. Young, J. Shield, J. M. Hood, T. S. Shield, D. B. 
Filsinger, S. S. Kell, J. H. Cook, E. A. Hubbard, P.Z.'s. 

63 E. F. Frey, Z.; and M. W. McCaw, H. J. Norman, J. A. Reynolds, 
P Z 's 

64 J.' G. Frame, G. K. Brown, E. C. Hudon, R. H. Dilamarter, E. Haley, 
J. C. L. McKeand, B. D. Penwarden, P.Z.'s. 


65 W. G. Oatman, Z.; and M. Clark, C. E. Davis, L. R. Evans, W. L. 
Darnell, P.Z.'s. 

66 J. Doig, J. C. Britton, P.Z.'s. 

67 L. E. Morphy, R. Robinson, F. A. Inch, P.Z.'s. 

68 W. K. Kinnaird, Z.; and C. B. Beckett, J. Purcell, S. A. Price, P.Z.'s. 

69 K. L. Brown, Z.; and G. B. Lipsitt, L. L. Lynnburner, G. A. Dequette- 
ville, P.Z.'s. 

71 W. Taylor, Z.; B. A. Ross, H.; J. Smith, J.: and R. Sweetman, B. 
Armstrong, T. Weaver, C. Watt, C. H. Brushett, H. Clements, E. 
Purvis, Rev. L. Potter, P.Z.'s. 

72 G. L. Sills, Z.; D. A. Fargey, H.; and J. L. Good, I. Caldwell, B. 
Woodbeck, P.Z.'s. 

73 P. L. Lalonde, F. Yardley, P.Z.'s. 

74 E. S. Moren, M. E. Gare, P.Z.'s. 

75 S. Chisholm, Z.; J. McPhail, H.; and H. E. Zimmerman, W. C. Row- 
ney, P.Z.'s. 

76 C. L. Dill, N. Farrington, T. Dewar, R. Philips, P.Z.'s. 

77 E. Buscombe, Z.; P. Pettit, H.; W. Boston, J.; and J. E. Jenkins, W. 

F. Damp, C. Emmett, E. Hogaboom, F. Wratten, G. Cleverdon, P. 
Helm, J. L. Dobson, A. Lee, S. Solley, H. Smith, G. Elms, J. Wood- 
land, P.Z.'s. 

78 G. H. Hale, Z.; and C. A. McGregor, P.Z. 

79 L. L. Querie, W. L. Hyatt, A. J. Burton, P.Z.'s. 

80 A. Lorenz, Z.; A. R. Bourne, R. J. Hyland, H. Tootill, Dr. G. E. 
Turner, C. E. Hillman, H. Grunwell, H. Henderson. 

81 H. P. Grant, R. E. Moore, L. Matlack. 

82 J. W. McCowatt, Z.; and W. H. Cheetham, P.Z. 

83 H. French, I.P.Z.; W. Trefry, Z.; W. E. Watson, E.; and A. Speers, 

84 J. C. Thompson, H.; and A. J. H. MacDonald, P.Z. 
88 R. Cadwallader, P.Z. 

91 R. F. Wilson, Z.; and J. Hewat, C. Howse, H. W. Powell, P.Z.'s. 

94 G. McCombe, I.P.Z.; W. C. Blackwell, T. 

95 P. Bregman, L. Brownlee, P.Z.'s. 

102 W. H. O'Hara, I.P.Z.; D. Willock, Z.; E. C. Price, E.; and H. W. 
Walker, R. W. King, W. F. Lett, E. E. McWilliams, P.Z.'s. 

103 A. S. Haley, R. C. Schmeler, P.Z. 

104 F. C. De Venne, Z.; H. Ford, E.; and S. Portch, C. Sherry, W. S. 
Thomson, D. Sutherland, P.Z.'s. 

110 R. Wragg, Z.; and H. Ewing, P.Z. 

113 K. Walker, Z.; and A. L. Farnsworth, P.Z. 

114 H. W. Mayhew, W. L. Byers, J. R. New, P.Z.'s. 

115 B. Duncan, Z.; and C. Spicer, W. Guthrie, P.Z.'s. 

116 D. Jeschor, Z.; and M. P. Morris, E. M. James, A. J. Dickie, D. T. 
Steel, P.Z.'s. 

117 R. J. Brown, Z.; K. R. Rollo, H.; R. M. Weekes, E.; and F. L. Bar- 
rett, T. C. Boon, W. E. James, I. Marshall, J. Prentice, M. Ex. Comp. 

G. H. Shannon, P.Z.'s. 

119 J. Warren, I.P.Z.; L. Jacobs, Z.; J. M. Bradley, H.; J. A. Ward, J.; 
D. A. Robinson, E.; . A. Mclntyre, T.; and H. F. Mills, L. F. Hillman, 


129 L. Sorsdahl, Z.; W. H. Cheoros, H.; and F. Larmin, P.Z. 

130 H. W. Evans, J.; and L. B. Evans, P.Z. 

131 C. Hyatt, Z.; R. Krueger, J.; and K. Hopkinson, R. Taylor, H. Bell- 
more, M. Nixon, W. Proder, P.Z.'s. 

132 A. L. Wheeler, E.; and H. Trueman, P.Z. 

133 G. P. Stewart, Z.; and G. A. Phillips, Jr., J. J. Carpenter, Rev. C. E. 
Armstrong, F. Fairfield, G. H. Patterson, P.Z.'s. 

134 D. Wetheral, Z.; and L. Parliament, P.Z. 

135 R. W. Rodd, Z.; and C. S. Feasby, H. V. Watson, C. G. Armstrong, 
W. J. Morgan, P.Z.'s. 

138 E. G. Whalley, I.P.Z.; R. Young, Z.; D. G. Airhart, H.; M. H. 

Hastings, J.; and E. H. Hughes, C. E. Wells, E. E. Dobson, H. 0. 

Hughes, B. W. Spencer, P. James, H. W. Clark, G. T. Ferguson, G. 

Gunn, E. H. Moyle, M. Van Wamelen, M. Ex. Comp. F. W. D. Wel- 

ham, C. E. Rich, D. J. Gunn. 
140 R. E. Mooney, Z.; and D. Marcus, G. E. Karle, F. R. M. Page, M. Ex. 

Comp. M. A. Searle, P.Z.'s. 

143 L. R. Hanley, Z.; E. Park, H. 

144 F. Lindsey, Z.; S. E. Cassan, J.; and K. A. McQuoid, J. E. Solomon, 
R. Bell, P.Z.'s. 

145 F. Knowles, I.P.Z.; S. Johnston, Z.; and A. J. Martin, L. B. Morrison, 
R. L. Carr, M. A. Searle, P.Z.'s. 

146 W. Neable, Z.; and W. H. Henderson, M. Ex. Comp. F. Hay, B. 
Hastings, J. Gee, E. Johnston, W. J. Cockwell, L. W. Corlett, W. H. 
Sargent, P..'s. 

147 R. MacKenzie, Z.; and G. Fisher, J. W. Joynt, W. G. Evans, C. Mac- 
Donald, Dr. J. E. Little, J. Boyle, K. Cameron, P.Z.'s. 

150 M. R. Muir, Z.; and J. W. Carson, E. S. P. Carson, P.Z.'s. 

151 R. W. Crigger, H.; and E. R. Molson, L. Brum, J. E. Brown, L. C. 
Phillips, P.Z.'s. 

153 W. Kellett, H.; and G. A. Lauzon, T. Kenny, P.Z.'s. 

155 E. Schmidt, Z.; and A. S. Martin, J. D. Calder, R. Brown, P.Z.'s. 

161 T. Lloyd, P.Z. 

167 G. H. Williamson, Z.; E. B. Fowler, H.; and R. R. Wilson, J. J. 
Robins, F. E. Whiteman, J. M. Hood, P.Z.'s. 

168 J. Poulton, H. Burgis, W. H. Brady, P.Z.'s. 

169 J. W. Smith, P.Z. 

175 C. R. Smith, R. J. Lord, B. D. Burt, W. Baldwin, P.Z.'s. 

195 D. Davidson, I.P.Z.; A. Archdekin, Z.; and W. Sproule, M. Clark, 
W. B. Cannon, G. Cotton, J. Gold, E. Carney, F. Kline, H. McClure, 
C. Wiggins, H. Spratt, M. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, M. Ex. Comp. 
S. Portch, P.Z.'s. 

198 G. H. Cooke, H.; A. G. Cooke, J.; and B. C. Lamble, W. L. Patter- 
son, P.Z.'s. 

205 D. Tozer, I.P.Z.; K. Robbins, H.; G. J. Hall, E.; and W. G. Greig, H. 
Ince, A. Poole, J. Bell, D. Hill, -P.Z.'s. 

210 D. K. Campbell, H. T. C. Humphries, P.Z.'s. 

212. E. M. Bluestein, Z.; J. J. Haver, H.; L. H. Dinaberg, J.; and A. 
Weisman, M. Gottlieb, N. Austin, I. M. Ingles, B. Walters, M. Sand- 
ler, L. Hermant, H. I. Sax, M. Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle, F. W. D. 
Welham, J. W. Woodland, W. J. Bain, P.Z.'s. 

213 G. H. Stanley, Z.; and W. J. Cook, P.Z. 


214 B. A. Russell, P.Z. 

215 W. Bell, J.; and W. B. Angst, B. J. Rodd, D. G. Reedie, M. Gottlieb, 

217 N. F. Brown, I.P.Z.; E. Stewart, Z.; J. Abbott, J.; and M. Ex. Comp. 
J. L. House, J. Turnbull, W. J. Webber, W. J. Raeburn, A. H. Bald- 
win, C. C. Kerr, E. H. Reid, E. W. Elcombe, A. Neil, M. Ex. Comp. 
M. A. Searle, P.Z.'s. 

218 G. Bell, Z.; and A. Mawdsley, T. H. McGhee, J. A. Doney, P.Z.'s. 

219 D. McLachlan, Z.; T. Barker, J.; and R. Story, G. Anthony, G. 
Sheard, T. Barker, C. Ibbotson, P. Taylor, J. Higginson, C. H. Kes- 
teven, M. Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle, M. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, 

220 H. M. Jackson, Z.; G. Holmes, H.; T. R. Ward, J.; and J. A. Evans, 
W. H. Carr, W. M. Creech, G. H. Horner, J. B. Richardson, P. Mc- 
Greger, S. V. Meakings, A. Grant, W. B. P. Watson, P.Z.'s. 

221 H. Pudden, J.; and H. E. McNaughton, P.Z. 

222 G. A. Kent, I.P.Z.; E. D. Jones, Z.; and H. T. C. Humphries, F. F. 
Horton, P.Z.'s. 

223 W. R. Burton, J.; A. Rosenbaum, H.; and H. Jones, P.Z. 

224 T. C. Bates, I.P.Z.; W. Hayes, Z.; L. F. Cunningham, J.; T. H. 
Williams, E.; and D. Falkiner, G. B. Cowman, M. G. Spiers, P.Z.'s. 

225 F. Daubney, I.P.Z.; R. Spenceley, Z.; J. Walsh, H.; J. Brentnall, J.; 
and J. Winton, F. W. D. Welham, J. T. Wallace, J. Brown, J. E. 
Richardson, D. Magee, W. D. Sturch, T. Nishino, 0. R. Roberts, 

227 G. Mountford, Z.; and M. Ex. Comp. B. H. Smith, C. Batt, C. Mc- 
Mullen, E. L. Goodman, P.Z.'s. 

230 T. Henry, I.P.Z.; J. Hickox, Z.; C. J. Lewis, H.; and R. A. Young, 
J. W. Arnold, J. J. Parke, P.Z.'s. 

231 J. Honan, Z.; J. Yaeger, H.; A. F. Brown, J.; A. W. Johnson, E.; 
and H. L. Martyn, J. W. Woodland, E. C. Shunk, S. R. Herd, W. J. 
Bain, J. Callaghan, J. C. Crockatt, H. Ross, J. Inglis, P.Z.'s. 

232 W. W. Lester, E. J. Ridgway, A. S. Currie, J. L. Mellor, P.Z.'s. 

233 W T . Dunlop. I.P.Z.; L. R. DeZoozi, Z.; R. K. Griffin, H.; E. G. Radau, 
J.; and W. E. Gardner, C. E. McClocklin, D. Wilson, P.Z.'s. 

234 I. G. Noble, S. Penrice, P.Z.'s. 

235 J. L. Langdon, Z.; N. F. Johnson, E.; and J. H. Knowles, H. W. 
Moorby, R. H. Foote, J. Hepple, P.Z.'s. 

236 W. Brown, Z. 

238 R. E. Kennedy, Z.; L. Jacobs, H.; J. Fulton, J.; and W. G. Chapman, 
E. W. Mitchell, W. L. Davies, J. Hessey, D. H. Thomson, V. L. Hop- 
wood, P.Z.'s. 

239 L. Sykes, I.P.Z.; V. Russell, Z.; and L. Guyett, P.Z. 

240 G. Scott, Z.; and H. G. Jackson, R. T. Vail, P.Z.'s. 

241 O. R. Roberts, E.; and J. E. Young, J. R. Brown, P.Z.'s. 

242 C. L. Philip, H.; and D. Ballen, M. Ellenor, G. Hotham, W. B. Chal- 
craft, M. S. Thompson, P.Z.'s. 

243 J. Pennell, Z.; L. Clayton, H.; and F. W. Checkley, P.Z. 

245 G. J. Weber, G. A. Braby, P.Z.'s. 

246 P. Maydan, I.P.Z.; and A. F. Nisbet, H. E. Harrison, J. W. Woodland. 

247 E. B. Ford, Z.; and L. J. Gent, H. Banks, R. C. Neely, H. Motton, 


248 D. Jump, I.P.Z.; H. W. Barr, H.; and G. R. Clarke, M. S. Tripp, 

249 A. P. F. LeGresley, Z.; and W. G. Pascoe, H. G. Freeman, E. F. R. 
Osborne, P.Z.'s. 

250 G. Winterburn, I.P.Z.; R. W. Purdy, Z.; F. Long, H.; A. Leal, E.; 
and C. R. E. Carney, N. Spence, P.Z.'s. 

251 W. Wight, Z.; and K. Griffin, P.Z. 

252 G. Hunter, J. 

253 A. C. Lowe, J.; and B. E. Reid, P.Z. 

254 J. S. Fraser, P.Z. 

255 W. R. Wittet, M. Hicks, D. J. Hillier, C. Scott, P.Z.'s. 

257 A. F. Killah, P.Z. 

258 F. C. Conley, F. Warne, W. Smalley, P.Z.'s. 

259 J. B. Fraser, P.Z. 

260 J. H. McClure, W. C. Arch, L. Stroud, A. T. Williams, H. Carr, M. 
Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle, P.Z.'s. 

261 K. Adams, Z.; and E. L. Jackson, S. J. Perry, P.Z.'s. 

262 J. I. Loft, I.P.Z.; J. Hobson, Z.; and F. Scott, C. D. Reading, P.Z.'s. 

263 P. C. Johnstone, Z.; W. Kinnaird, J.; and W. S. Wright, H. C. May, 
R. W. Brown, K. R. Muir, K. L. Bellamy, W. J. Grierson, M. Ex. 
Comp. C. W. Emmett, J. M. Hood, G. E. Cooper, P.Z.'s. 

The Committee on Credentials beg leave to submit the following 

Number of Chapters represented by officers 100 

Number of Chapters represented by proxy 35 

Number of Chapter represented by Past Z.'s only 12 

Number of Chapter represented 147 

Number of Chapter not represented 9 

Number of delegates present 579 

Total number of votes 896 

Zealously and fraternally submitted, 

V. EX. COMP. C. HOWSE, Vice-Chairman. 

It was moved by V. Ex. Comp. C. Howse, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 

J. W. Woodland- 
Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Credentials be 

received and adopted. 



The Most Excellent the Grand Z., directed the Grand Scribe E. to 
call the roll of representatives of Sister Jurisdictions when they 
assembled before the Altar. The following Grand Representatives an- 
swered their names: 

Alberta — E. K. Hogaboom 
Argentina — Andrew Nisbet, Jr. 
Arizona — Edward Marshall 
California — B. M. Conron 
Colorado — Cyril McMullen 
Delaware — Wm. J. Grierson 
District of Columbia — B. H. Smith 
France — George A. Phillips 
Illinois — J. W. Woodland 
Kansas — E. H. Brennan 
Louisiana — Jos. Carson 
Maryland — Leo J. Gent 
Massachusetts — Fraser Hay 
Minnesota — F. Carl Ackert 
Mississippi — H. T. C. Humphries 
Montana — David Harcus 
Nebraska — A. V. Roy 
Netherlands — Chas. A. Batt 
New Hampshire — N. M. Sprague 
New Jersey — G. H. Shannon 
New Mexico — J. A. Kennedy 
New York — M. A. Searle 
New Zealand — Dr. J. Austin Evans 
North Carolina — W. Leslie Davies 
North Dokota — William H. Gummer 
Nova Scotia — Stanley Portch 
Oregon — John James Robins 
Pennsylvania — John L. House 
Philippines — William E. Gardner 
Quebec— C. W. Emmett 
Rhode Island — Milton Gottlieb 
Saskatchewan — J. E. Girven 
South Dakota— F. W. D. Welham 
Switzerland — L. B. Morrison 
Utah— Lloyd B. Gillespie 
Vermont — Norman Farrington 
Virginia — John J. Carpenter 

Most Excellent Companion G. Harold Shannon welcomed the repre- 
sentatives of the Sister Jurisdictions present. He was most pleased to 
see so many at our 1970 Convocation. He directed that they contact 
their respective Crand Ghapters and convey our fraternal greetings and 
good wishes in order to strengthen our fraternal bonds. Grand Honous 
were given. 



To the Officers and Companions of Grand Chapter of Royal 
Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

My Companions: 

This is the 112th Annual Convocation of this Grand Chapter. 
We meet at the conclusion of a year which has been filled with 
turmoil, disruption and generally ill will existing throughout the 
whole world. Our young people seem to be in the midst of a 
great deal of it. I have in mind particularly, the desecration and 
malicious damage done to rather expensive equipment at St. 
George-Williams University in Montreal. 

There is a great deal of antagonism and ill will in certain 
segments of the population of our own country. There is a war 
going on in South iVetnam. Another war is going on in the Far 
East between the Arabs and the Israeli. One world power took 
it upon itself to send its army into Czechoslovakia. There is 
friction and ill will between the Russians and the Chinese. In- 
stances of genuine goodwill are a little difficult to find. The old 
Masonic shibboleth of the "fatherhood of God and the brother- 
hood of man" seems to have lost its significance. That is the 
world as we see it today. I haven't mentioned the problems of 
our cousins to the South. 

I have often wondered if we who have spent a good deal of 
time in Masonry, have set a sufficient example for others to fol- 
low. I ask that question and I leave it with you to answer the 
best way you know. In my earlier days, it was a frequent 
occurrence for a young man on entering Masonry, when asked 
why he was doin aso, to reply that he admired so and so who had 
been a member for a number of years. It is not very often that 
that question is answered in those words these days. Perhaps if 
we had lived our Masonry a little more openly, the world might 
take heed and act accordingly. 

I do however, think that the situation is not beyond redemp- 
tion, because I well remember that after the First Great War, the 
young people who were conceived and born during that holo- 
caust were rather fast on the draw and a little hard to get along 
with. I think that they all settled down and made pretty good 
ciizens. I have every expectation that something of this nature 
will recur and perhaps the swords which are now so evident can 
be beaten into plough shears, and we will get back to a more 
peaceful way of life. 


It is with great pleasure that we welcome in our midst our 
distinguished visitors from sister jurisdictions, and in particular, 
to welcome and pay tribute to Most Worshipful Brother and Very 
Excellent Companion Donald J. Gunn, who is here in the capacity 
of representative of our Most Worshipful Brother and Right 
Excellent Companion Bruce Brown Foster, the present Grand 
Master of our Grand Lodge. It is always a joy and a pleasure 
to have you in our midst. We hope that you will enjoy your 
visit with us as much as we will enjoy having you. 

I wish also to express our appreciation to the Royal Arch 
Masons of Toronto Districts 8 and 8A. A great deal of time and 
effort is consumed in arranging the details of a Grand Convoca- 
tion, and in this connection, I must express appreciation to Excel- 
lent Companion, John A. Prentice. He took on the task, without 
previous experience, of arranging the details most willingly, and 
he has worked most untiringly in putting together the many and 
varied details which are so necessary to a smooth running Con- 

This year has been filled with unusual matters with which 
we have had to cope. One very' important one was the removal 
of our Grand Chapter office from the Temple Building to the 
second floor at 240 Eglinton Avenue East. This move became 
necessary because the owners of the Temple Building would not 
renew our Lease, except on a monthly basis, and we were 
informed that commencing the 1st of May, steps would be taken 
to demolish the building to make way for a large and luxurious 
hotel to be erected on the site. The old quarters were not of the 
best, but we hung on to them as long as possible because of the 
modest rent. Most Excellent Companion Charles Emmett was 
untiring in his efforts to locate new quarters for our office. A 
tremendous amount of credit goes to him for his great efforts. It 
is difficult to say how many days' time were taken up in the work 
which he did in finding new quarters. What we now have at 240 
Eglinton Avenue East is more expensive, but of all the places that 
Most Excellent Companion Emmett checked, it was the best and 
the least expensive. We now have quarters which are a credit 
to our organization, and our surroundings are much more attrac- 
tive and pleasant in which to work. Once again, a great vote 
of thanks goes to Most Excellent Companion Emmett for his very 
extensive and untiring efforts. 

Another event which was regrettable was the losing of the 
young lady who was our secretary. She was working in our 
office at a modest salary, and she was a most faithful and in- 
dustrious person to have around. She was offered employment 


at almost double the amount of her pay, and, naturally, she made 
a change. 

To add to the unpleasant things of the year, we lost our 
Grand Scribe E., Right Excellent Companion Robert John Hamil- 
ton. He left us on the 14th of November last, and it required a 
great deal of looking around for a successor. We did locate Very 
Excellent Companion Fred C. Conley, who lives in Markham, and 
who has done a tremendous job in the Grand Scribe E.'s office. 
Before we were able to locate him, we had Right Excellent 
Companion Lloyd Gillespie of Ottawa and M. Ex. Comp. James 
E. Girven and, for a time, we had the services of Right Excellent 
Companion Allen C. Mason of Kitchener, who answered the 
call of the Great Jehovah on Tuesday, the 24th day of March 
last. All of these Companions worked very diligently in carry- 
ing out the duties of the office, and our thanks go out to them 
for a job well done. To Very Excellent Companion Fred C. 
Conley, whom I appointed as Acting Grand Scribe E. until this 
Convocation, goes our special thanks and appreciation for the 
hard work and the industriousness which he has put into his task. 

I regret to report that I have not made as many visitations 
during the year as I had hoped to make. As you know, I had 
a good deal of checking to do on our proposed new Constitution, 
and with my ordinary work, I found it very difficult to get away 
as much as 1 would like to have done. I had hoped that I would 
be able to spend more time visiting during my second year, but 
that is not possible now. However, our Grand Second Principal, 
Right Excellent Companion Fred W. D. Welham, has been an 
inveterate visitor. I asked him to visit as many Chapters east 
of Yonge Street as he could, and I particularly charged him to 
look behind the doors, so to speak, of every Chapter he visited 
with a view to finding out if there were any problems or imper- 
fections which we, as Grand Chapter, could square away or help 
to digest. Fred has done a marvelous job and I extend to him 
my deep appreciation. 

I charged our Grand Third Principal, Right Excellent Com- 
panion Leo J. Gent, with the similar task respecting the Chapters 
lying west of Yonge Street. He similarly has made many Visita- 
tions and his presence was an inspiration to those present. 

I was able to visit two sister jurisdictions. One was the 
Grand Chapter in the State of Ohio at Cincinnati and the other 
was at the Grand Chapter, in the Province of Manitoba, at Winni- 
peg. On both of these occasions, I expressed as eloquently as I 
could, the good wishes and felicitations of this Grand Chapter 
and in return I received the same from these two Grand Chapters 
to our Grand Chapter. 


With the assistance of Companion Pete Mann, the Scribe E. 
of Hiawatha Chapter at Sarnia, I was able to present to the Grand 
Chapter of the State of Ohio an Ontario flag which had actually 
flown from our Parliament Buildings in Toronto. Companion Pete 
made all the arrangements for getting the flag and the retiring 
Grand First Principal of the State of Ohio was very delighted to 
receive the flag. He has a hobby of collecting such momentoes. 
He informed me that for five minutes of the new year immediately 
after twelve o'clock on December 31 of the preceding year, a 
Union Jack flies over the Capital Building in Washington, and 
similarly, an American flag flies over Buckingham Palace. I 
wasn't aware of this exchange of courtesies between the Mother 
Country and our neighbours to the south and I found it most 

I enjoyed very much visiting these two Grand Chapters. The 
friendliness and companionship was of the utmost. It was a 
further opportunity of extending our felicitations and the arm of 
good will to other segments of our royal craft. At the Grand 
First Principal's banquet in Cincinnati, our immediate Past Grand 
First Principal, Most Excellent Companion Stan Portch was the 
guest speaker. 

One of my ambitions for the year was to have visited per- 
sonally, Chapters that could be termed as sluggish. I only par- 
tially completed this. I found one Chapter that had not had a 
meeting for some time because not enough members turned up to 
form a quorum. I arranged for the Superintendent of the District 
in which that Chapter was located, to call a meeting of the Officers 
and Past Principals, and I attended this meeting in the company 
of our Grand Second Principal and our Grad Third Pricipal. We 
had what we thought was a very successful meetig, and we made 
a number of suggestions as to some changes which could be 
made, and we believe that our efforts have brought forth results 
because at the District Superintendent's inspection last fall, there 
were 45 members present. We understand that they now have 
some Candidates available, and they are back on their feet. 

We found another Chapter that had an average attendance 
of 10 out of a total membership of over 100. There has never been 
a Ladies' Night, Church Service or a Stag held by this Chapter. 
The members merely met in the Lodge room, conducted a bit of 
business, had a sandwich or two and went home. I had the 
District Superintendent call the Officers and Past Principals 
together and we visited them. I think our visits brought results, 
because I have recently been informed that thev now have some 
Candidates and are progressing with their work. 


From the Summons which I read from the Chapters, over the 
year I notice that the age old difficulty of slacking attendance is 
still ever present. The thought occurred to me that if we were 
to amalgamate some of our branches of masonry, we might be 
able to help solve our failing attendance. 

If a young man with a wife and family shows any interest 
in "further advancement" after becoming a master mason, he is 
invited to join other branches and first thing he knows, a large 
percentage of the evenings every week are taken up with meet- 
ings — so much so that he finds himself neglecting his responsi- 
bilities in his home. He then has to take stock of himself and 
become less active in some of the branches that he has joined. 
The other members of those branches have a tendency to feel 
that he has neglected them. 

I am not prepared to make any recommendations in this par- 
ticular matter but I think it is something about which we could 
give a little thought. I see no reason for the Cryptic Rite and our 
Order not to join forces. I do not see any objection to the Lodge 
of Perfection and the Lodge of Rose Croix joining forces. I think 
the Preceptory and the Red Cross of Constantine could similarly 
join forces. I also think that each Mansonic body should have 
some project, even if it is only helping along the little boy down 
the street who has a twisted ankle. In this connection, I must 
pay special tribute to Mount Sinai Chapter No. 212. In addition 
to the splendid work which that Chapter is doing for the retarded 
children at Orillia, in conjunction with Couchiching Chapter No. 
198, a Chapter eye bank has been set up. They also support very 
enthusiastically the Bursary Fund. Now the members of Mount 
Sinai Chapter have set for themselves projects which keep all the 
membership busy, and they are doing a terrific job accordingly. 
I can only urge the remaining Chapters in our Jurisdiction, some 
of which do not need much urging, to get behind some local 
project and push it over the top. The days are past for sitting in 
a Lodge room and watching the same old Degrees done over and 
over and over. 

During the year, there were three Centennial Celebrations, 
one being at Peterborough, another at Barrie and another at Port 
Hope. We dedicated two new Chapter rooms, one at Picton and 
one at Georgetown. 

A number of our Companions received recognition as being 
members of our Order for 60 years, and you will find their names 
in the Proceedings. Other Companions received recognition for 
50 years' membership, and many others 25 years' recognition as 
Installed First Principals. All of their names and the Chapters 


from which they come will appear in the Proceedings. We had 
a net loss of 338 which is less than last year. It is my ardent 
hope that as the years go by, we can reduce this loss to a sur- 

For divine services 8 

Change of Meeting 21 

Open Early 9 

Change of Location 2 

Dispense with Meeting 20 

Ladies' Night 12 

Regular Convocation 21 

Special Convocation 1 

Field Day 3 

Family Night 1 

Application 3 

Emergent Convocation 6 

Social Evening 3 

Installation 20 

Ann. New Year's Eve 1 

Total . 131 

There were 11 Amendments to By-laws approved and they 
also will appear in the Proceedings. 

You will note that quite a few Chapters have decided to 
increase their Annual Dues, as well as their Exaltation Fees. I 
feel that this is a step forward. Prices today are not what they 
were a number of years ago. I am a firm believer that nothing 
succeeds like success. In the matter of amendments to By-laws, 
it is surprising how many Scribes E. overlook what is plainly 
written in the Constitution. I recommend that all Scribes E. be 
given a course of instruction at Grand Chapter as to their duties 
and how they are to be performed. This could be done at the 
same time as the Instruction Committee is working on the District 

The Grand Chapter of Israel has asked us for recognition. 
Up until a year ago, they were under the Jurisdiction of the Grand 
Chapter of Scotland, but they decided to form their own Grand 
Chapter which was done one year ago. 

We have been in correspondence with the Grand Chapter 
of Israel, and I recommend that this Grand Chapter recognize the 
Grand Chapter of Israel and that we exchange representatives. 

I made a ruling which I felt was very timely. 

There is no difference between the exemplification of any of 
our Degrees and the conferring of any of our Degrees. Our 


present Constitution makes it quite clear that no Chapter can 
confer a Degree outside of our territorial Jurisdiction. When the 
Degrees are being exemplified, I feel that the Candidates upon 
whom the Degree work is bing given, should be members of 
some Chapter in our own Jurisdiction. I have seen one of our 
Chapters put on the Royal Arch Degree on two Americans. Until 
the Committee on our Ritual makes some change so as to differ- 
entiate conferring and exemplifying, I think that it is not right that 
the Candidates should be other than our own members. 

It is with great regret that I am handing over the sceptre of 
this Grand Chapter to my successor at this particular time. I am 
acting under rather strict doctors' orders. From my health point 
of view, the last half of 1969 was anything but enjoyable, but my 
medical advisors tell me that if I follow their rather stringent 
orders until the fall, I am good for another 20 years. It is not that 
I haven't tasted of some of the good and some of the bad of a 
lifetime, but I am curious enough to see what this old world is 
going to look like in another 15 or 20 years, so I am going to follow 
their orders for that purpose. To have our Grand Chapter with a 
leader who is grounded until fall isn't in its best interest so I feel 
that I should make room for more capable hands for what would 
ordinarily be my second year. 

I have left a lot of work undone, but I know that my successor 
will see that it is done in a very capable manner. I must express 
my deep appreciation for the assistance which I have received 
from all the members of the Advisory Committee and the Officers 
of Grand Chapter, with soecial emphasis on Most Excellent Com- 
panion Stanley Portch. He has been a tower of strength and has 
given me some very valuable assistance. 

Sincerely and fraternally, 




Grand Z. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. Welham, seconded by R. Ex. Comp Gent — 
Resolved — That the address of the Most Excellent, the Grand Z. be 

referred to the Committee on the Grand Z.'s address to report thereon 

to the present Convocation of Grand Chapter. 



No. 31 — Prince Edward Chapter, Picton 
No. 234 — Halton, Georgetown 


1—133 St. Francis Chapter, Smith Falls— 1st June, 1969. 
2—195 Peel Chapter, Brampton— 19th October, 1969. 
3 — 215 Mimico, Mimico — 9th November, 1969. 
4_47 Wellington, Chatham— 19th aOctober, 1969. 
5—116 Maple, Carleton Place— 28th September, 1969. 
6 — 257 Espanola, Espanola — 21st September, 1969. 
7 — 67 Enterprise, Palmerston — 25th October, 1969. 
8—259 Quetico, Atikokan— 2nd November, 1969. 


The following Chapters requested changes in their By-Laws: 

Chapter No. Chapter No. 

St. John's 3 St. Francis 133 

Wawanosh 15 St. John's _ 148 

Guelph 40 Couchiching 198 

Excelsior 45 University 241 

St. Clair 75 Hiawatha 252 

Lebanon 84 

After study by M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon, these were approv- 
ed by him, his signature affixed and the Chapters notified. 

Fifty Years a Royal Arch Mason: 

Ancient Frontenac & Cataraqui Chapter No. 1 — R. Ex. Comp. L. N. 

St. Andrew & St. John Chapter No. 4— Comp. S. B. Brant, Comp. S. Y. 

Meredith, Ex. Comp. Silas S. Salter. 
St. John's Chapter No. 6— Comps. R. L. Cooke, R. H. Dotzenrod, A. V. 

Farley, J. E. R. Fletcher, C. R. Haun, Wm. G. Hinks, M. F. Ireland, 

A. J. Rundle, T. J. Summers. 
Carleton Chapter No. 16 — Comp. Hilton C. Hogarth, Comp. Chas. Asher 

Philpott, Comp. S. Stratton. 
Mount Moriah hapter No. 19 — Comp. C. Berry, Comp. F. C. Douglas, 

V. Ex. Comp. H. McKay, Comp. A. E. Turner, Ex. Comp. F. D. 

Ezra Chapter No. 23— Ex. Comp. C. S. Ryerse. 
St. Mark's Chapter No. 26— V. Ex. Comp. A. W. Kinnear. 
Manitou Chapter No. 27 — Ex. Comp. A. J. Chapman. 
Pentalpha Chapter No. 28— Ex. Comp. R. F. Bennett, Comp. H. H. Power, 

V. Ex. Comp. D. Ross, Comp. H. E. Saunders. 


Signet Chapter No. 34 — Comp. Alex Sim, Comp. Chas. E. Hurst, Comp. 

Ed. R. Knightley. 
Guelph Chapter No. 40 — Comp. A. McGurn, Ex. Comp. C. Lamont, Comp. 

E. G. Patton. 
St. James Chapter No. 46— Ex. Comp. H. W. Maxwell. 
Wellington Chapter No. 47— R. Ex. Comp. W. J. Haydon, Comp. Geo. H. 

York Chapter No. 62— Comp. John H. Tallamy. 
Enterprise Chapter No. 67 — Comp. J. E. Hodgins, Comp. W. B. McGee, 

Comp. C. E. Shaw. 
Grimsby Chapter No. 69 — Comp. R. M. Asselstine. 
Erie Chapter No. 73 — Comp. E. R. Youngs. 
Beaver Chapter No. 74 — Comp. B. Gray. 
Ark Chapter No. 80— Comp. F. W. MacLeod. 
Shuniah Chapter No. 82 — Comp. Wm. Banks, R. Ex. Comp. G. Blanchard, 

Comp. J. W. Maunder, V. Ex. Comp. V. E. Morton, Comp. Wm. A. 

McKinnon, Comp. E. Seppala, R. Ex. Comp. H. Stanworth, Ex. Comp. 

H. Lovelady. 
Lebanon Chapter No. 84 — Comps. A. K. Copeland, E. Harrison, R. H. 

King, F. Marshall, W. J. Moore. 
MacNabb Chapter No. 88— R. Ex. Comp. R. R. Dusten. 
Golden Chapter No. 90 — Comp. Fred Berry, Comp. W. McCannon, R. Ex. 
Comp. H. S. Cade, Comp. H. L. McMillan. 
Toronto-Antiquity Chapter No. 91 — Comp. C. H. Appleton, Comp. H. C. 

Bliss, V. Ex. Comp. A. A. Kitchen, Comp. A. Lay, Comp. C. V. Weir. 
Tuscan Chapter, No. 95 — Comp C. Bibby, Comp. R. McMillan Asselstine, 

Comp. Wm. Ellis, Comp. Thos. Vickers, Comp. H. H. Power, R. Ex. 

Comp. Geo. Shute. 
Algonquin Chapter No. 102 — Comp. Robt. Walker. 
Maple Chapter No. 116— Comps. E. D. Mcintosh, R. J. McLaren, A. P. 

King Cyrus Chapter No. 119 — Comp. E. J. Atkin, Comp. E. R. Bee, Comp. 

J. M. Campbell, R. Ex. Comp. A. S. H. Cree, Comp. Geo. W. Hall. 

Succoth hapter No. 135 — Comp. A. R. Knight. 

Fort William Chapter No. 140 — Comp. John MacPhail. 

Glengarry Chapter No. 143 — V. Ex. Comp. Roderich A. Stewart. 

The St. Patrick Chapter No. 145— Comp. R. A. Bamford, Comp. L. J. 

Cudbird, Ex. Comp. S. Crealock, Comp. C. A. Jones, Comp. L. H. 

Law, Comp. W. M. Murdock, Comp. Wm. Nevin, Comp. W. F. Newell. 
Bernard hapter No. 146 — Comps. J. M. Erskine, W. Nevin, J. A. Schin- 

Atwood Chapter No. 149— V. Ex. Comp. G. Gruchy. 
Sombra Chapter No. 153 — Ex. Comp. G. S. Dean, Ex. Comp. F. Mann, 

Ex. Comp. A. J. Ronson. 
Ancaster Chapter No. 155 — Comps. H. Buttrum, R. Farmer, H. Haste. 
Kichikewana Chapter No. 167 — Comps. W. Leslie Brown, C. J. White. 
Ionic Chapter No. 168 — Comp. J. A. Lain. 
Mount Sinai Chapter No. 212 — Comps. H. R. Fox, N. Rosenberg, Geo. 

Mimico Chapter No. 215 — Comps. Wm. Aymer, R. Tait. 
St. Alban's Chapter No. 217— V. Ex. Comp. Fred Clinckett. 


60 Year R.A.M. Bar to 50 Year R.A.M. Jewel— 1969: 

The Hiram Chapter No. 2 — Comp. M. M. Hastings. 
Occident Chapter No. 77— Comp. J. C. Eccles. 
Lebanon Chapter No. 220 — R. Ex. Comp. Joseph A. Evans. 
Wellington Chapter No. 47 — Comp. Harold English. 
Ezra Chapter No. 23 — Comp. John Rutherford. 

For Twenty-five Years Installed First Principal: 

St. John's Chapter No. 3— V. Ex. Comp. W. E. Bradt. 

The Moira Chapter No. 7— V. Ex. Comp. H. E. Payne. 

Wawanosh Chapter No. 15 — Ex. Comp. Wm. T. Crisp. 

Carleton Chapter No. 16 — Ex. Comp. L. J. Burney. 

Ezra Chapter No. 23— V. Ex. Comp. 0. P. Richardson. 

Tecumseh Chapter No. 24— Ex. Comp. R. W. Powell. 

Pentalpha Chapter No. 28— Ex. Comp. E. F. Coppin. 

Prince Edward Chapter No. 31 — V. Ex. Comp. H. McCartney, Ex. Comp. 
John B. LeHeup. 

Corinthian Chapter No. 36— Ex. Comp. W. D. Taylor, Ex. Comp. S. Y. 

St. James Chapter No. 46— Ex. Comp. G. W. Muma. 

York Chapter No. 62— V. Ex. Comp. S. K. Clark, R. Ex. Comp. Wm. J. 

Shuniah Chapter No. 82— R. Ex. Comp. Geo. Neill. 

Lebanon Chapter No. 84 — Ex. Comp. W. A. Crawford. 

Midland Chapter No. 94 — Ex. Comps. R. C. Wansborough, W. L. Rich- 
man, E. P. McLennan. 

Covenant Chapter No. 113 — Ex. Comp. A. L. Farnsworth. 

Elliot Chapter No. 129— Ex. Comps. R. B. Gillrie, Wm. Aberhart, E. J. 
Hingst, J. K. Taylor. 

Amabel Chapter No. 131— Ex. Comp. H. E. McNaughton. 

King Darius Chapter No. 134 — V. Ex. Comp. F. Hinchley. 

Lucknow Chapter No. 147 — Ex. Comps. V. A. Mowbray, T. J. Salkeld. 

Atwood Chapter No. 149 — Ex. Comp. M. McNeill. 

The Hamilton Chapter No. 175— R. Ex. Comp. J. T. Broadbent, V. Ex. 
Comp. Wm. Mitchell. 

Mount Sinai Chapter No. 212 — Ex. Comp. Joseph S. Taube. 

Vimy Chapter No. 214— Ex. Comp. P. R. Urie. 

Ottawa Chapter No. 222— R. Ex. Comp. H. T. C. Humphries. 

Aurora Chapter No. 235 — Ex. Comp. H. W. Moorby. 

St. Paul's Chapter No. 242— Ex. Comp. O. Dale. 

Dochert Chapter No. 248— V. Ex. Comp. Geo. R. Clarke. 

Thomas Peter's Chapter No. 250— Ex. Comp. A. F. Blair. 

50 Year Bar to 25 Year Past Principal's Jewel: 

Atwood Chapter No. 149 — Ex. Comp. M. McNeill. 



R. Ex. Comp Hugh F. Mills 

To have been elected Grand Superintendent of St. Clair District has 
certainly been an honour and for the privilege, I wish to convey my 
sincere appreciation to all the Principals and Past Principals of the 
district not only for their support at Grand Chapter but for their willing 
assistance and guidance through my year in office. I also express my 
thanks to Most Excellent Companion G. Harold Shannon for his con- 
firmation of my election. 

Immediately following my election I had the pleasure of appointing 
Ex. Comp. Donald Robinson as District Secretary and for his faithful 
and loyal co-operation I will be eternally grateful. 

On all my Official visits, I was received with dignity befitting the 
office of representative of the Grand First Principal. The Spring 
Divine Service was sponsored by Prince of Wales Chapter, Essex, and 
our Fall Service was conducted from Wellington Chapter, Chatham, both 
were well attended. The work in the various Degrees, both on my 
official visits and on all subsequent fraternal visits to the several 
Chapters has been done in a very efficient manner. The Officers of all 
the Chapters are to be congratulated. 

During my term in office, I had the pleasure of presenting three 
members of King Cyrus Chapter, Leamington, namely, Rt. Ex. Comp. 
A. S. Cree, Comp. J. M. Campbell and Comp. E. R. Bee with their fifty 
year jewels. Two other Companions of the same Chapter also received 
their fifty year jewels, but these had to either be sent or delivered to 
their homes. I was also able to present Companion W. A. McKinnon, a 
member of Shuniah Chapter, Thunder Bay, who is now living in this 
area with a fifty year jewel, and I was honoured indeed to be able to 
present Comp. Harold English of Wellington Chapter, Chatham, with 
his sixty year bar. On Monday, March 2nd I shall be pleased to present 
Comp's. Grant Dean, Frank Mann and Allison Ronson of Sombra Chap- 
ter, Wallaceburg, with their fifty year jewels. 

I had the honour of being present at the dedication of Halton 
Chapter in Georgetown, in November, 1969. 

I have been able to attend and take part in the installation cere- 
monies of each Chapter in the District, and I believe each Chapter has 
a very good slate of Officers for the year 1970, although there are one 
or two Chapters that are going to have to work a bit harder to survive. 

On February 4th, 1970, we are holding a Past Grand Chapter 
Officers night in the new Temple Building, Blenheim Chapter, Blenheim, 
at which time the Holy Royal Arch Degree will be conferred on two of 
their candidates by several past Rt. Ex. and V. Comps. from within, this 

In closing, I would again like to thank the Principals and Com- 
panions for their support and encouragement during my year, also those 
who accompanied me on my visits. To my successor I pledge my support, 
and may his year be as rewarding to him as this year has been to me. 

R. Ex. Comp. Ray E. Moore 

Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

May I first extend my thanks to the Officers and Past Principals of 
my own Chapter, Aylmer Chapter No. 81, for sponsoring me for the 


Office of Grand Superintendent, to the Principals and Past Principals 
of London District No. 2, for electing me to this high office, and to the 
Most Excellent the Grand Z. for confirming my election. 

It is with sincere pleasure and privilege as representative of our 
Grand First Principal, in London District No. 2, to submit my report. 
My first official duty was to appoint Ex. Companion Lewis A. Matlack 
as my Secretary, a very outstanding and hard working Ex. Companion. 
It was also a pleasure to appoint Rt. Ex. Companion J. Hessey as Chair- 
man of Scholarships and Bursaries for the District. 

The Chapter of Instruction was held in Strathroy, and was well 
attended. The District Chairman on Masonic Education and Instruction, 
V. Ex. Companion F. Longthorne, assisted by Ex. Companion Roy West, 
and Ex. Companion L. Simpson formed a knowledgeable panel with the 
Grand Superintendent acting as moderator. All phases of Ritual Work 
and Administration were broached, and the concensus of opinion seems 
to indicate that this type of instruction is very popular and readily 
acceptable to those taking part. We are indebted to the host Chapter, 
Beaver No. 74, for their kindness in making the necessary arrangements 
for our accommodation and refreshment. 

On my official visits and inspections throughout the District, I was 
received in a cordial and dignified manner, and the degree work was 
well done. Several Chapters had the support of organ music adding 
much to the degree. 

I am happy to report that two of our Chapters are showing improve- 
ment. They have become more active in District Activities, and are 
attracting new members and larger attendance. 

The Social Activities in our District have once again been heavy. 
These have included visitations both locally and to such centres as 
Mount Clemens and Detroit, and visits from Belleville and Detroit to the 
District. The District Divine Service was fairly well attended. The 
Annual Royal Arch Ball, several Ladies' Nights, and other related 
functions were also held. At many of these events, we were blessed by 
the presence of many Grand Chapter Officers, in particular the members 
of Grand Council, and we are grateful for their support, interest, and 

In conclusion, may I express my thanks to the Most Excellent, the 
Grand Z., and to those worthy Companions of the District who assisted 
me so well, and were instrumental in making my tenure of office both 
beneficial and rewarding. Notable among the many were Rt. Ex. Comps. 
L. C. Ewener, Hallet Banks, Ernie Moran, Joe Hessey, and Art Ayres. 
A special thanks to our Grand Third Principal Rt. Ex. Comp. Leo J. 
Gent, and to Rt. Ex. Comp. Hugh Fackrell. 

R. Ex. Comp. Bruce E. Reid 

In presenting my report I would first like to convey my thanks to 
the Officers, Past Principals and Companions of Regal Chapter No. 153 
Port Dover, for sponsoring me for the Office of Grand Superintendent. 

I would also like to express my appreciation to the Principals and 
Past Principals of Wilson District No. 3 in electing me to this Honorable 
Office and my sincere thanks to the Grand First Principal Most Ex. 
Companion G. Harold Shannon for his confirmation of my election. 

It was my good fortune to have the company of Ex. Comp. Andrew 
C. Lowe as my secretary for my term of office and his support and 
assistance has been appreciated. I found him to be very efficient and 
his guidance on various occasions was invaluable. 


I have visited all Chapters on one fraternal visit and some Chapters 
several times which has made the past year one of pleasure and of learn- 
ing. As an individual I can truthfully say that the past months have 
been rich and rewarding and will always be considered as the highlights 
of my Masonic career. 

I feel that I must report that some of the Chapters in Wilson District 
have not had very many candidates while others have done very well. 
Generally speaking the overall picture of the District is not one of 
dejection, and although we have experienced a great number of deaths 
this past year, I believe the situation is about normal with past years. 
I have tried to express the importance of attendance, membership cam- 
paigns and Masonic education on each of my visits, but I now find that 
my time was too limited to be of great personal assistance where needed. 

However, I sincerely believe that most Chapters in Wilson District 
are trying to create new interest and if the newly installed Officers for 
the coming year will apply themselves to their duties, labouring to 
complete their alloted tasks, then Royal Arch Masonry in Wilson District 
will forge ahead. I would strongly recommend that inter-chapter visits 
is one of the best ways to keep all members active and to stimulate 
their interest. 

I have set the date of the second Sunday in April for our Annual 
Divine Service at St. Paul's Church in Port Dover and trust that it will 
be well attended from the District. 

In conclusion, I would like to again thank the Principals and Com- 
panions of Wilson District for their support, and extend best wishes 
and pledge my support to my successor and trust that his year in office 
will be as rewarding to him as this past year has been to me. 

R. Ex. Comp. Roy E. Robinson 

In presenting my report on the condition of Royal Arch Masonry in 
Wellington District No. 4, may I take this opportunity to thank the 
Principals and Past Principals for the great Honour which they con- 
ferred on me by electing me to the office of Grand Superintendent and 
to the Most Excellent Companion Harold Shannon for confirming my 

As my first official duty I appointed Excellent Companion Forrest 
Inch as District Secretary. He accompanied me on all my official visits. 
I sincerely thank him for the effort he has put in his work on my behalf. 

On all my official visits I was properly and cordially received as the 
representative of The Most Excellent Grand First Principal. The Chap- 
ters are in good shape. The Scribe E.'s records are well kept. All 
degrees confirmed were ably executed in a creditable manner and there 
was a warm feeling of friendship in all chapters. In Wellington District 
No. 4 there was an increase of ten members over the previous year and 
we look with confidence to the future of Royal Arch Masonry. 

Inter visitations by the visiting Chapters were not too well repre- 
sented. There should be more effort in encouraging Companions to 
visit with the neighbouring Chapters. This is the life of our Chapters. 
One extra car load of Companions can change a poor meeting into a 
successful meeting. 

My first presentation of fifty year jewels on behalf of Most Excel- 
lent Comp. Harold Shannon were to Companions J. E. Hodgins and C. E. 
Shaw and W. G. McGee of Enterprise Chapter No. 67 Palmerston, Ont. 
I am sorry to report that the first two companions who were Brothers- 
in-Laws passed away this year within two weeks of each other. I also 


presented a fifty year Jewel to Comp. E. G. Potton and the Immediate 
Past Principal's Jewel to Ex. Comp. John C. Boswell of Guelph Chapter 
No. 40. 

Wellington District No. 4 instituted the travelling Keystone for 
the promotion of visitations among- chapters. Credits go to Right 
Excellent Companion Oliver Flint who came up with the idea and Very 
Excellent Companion Garfield Weber who made the Keystone and case. 
This Travelling Keystone was presented to me. On my first official 
visit I presented it to the ruling First Principal, who in turn must attend 
my next official visit and present it to the First Principal, etc. I must 
say that this really worked for promoting visitations. The Keystone 
must be brought to Grand Chapter for presentation to the Incoming 
Grand Superinendent. Also in the case is quite a collection of pennies 
from various Chapters. 

My intentions to visit as many installations as possible were not 
realized. I attended three and was then hospitalized for several weeks. 
However before my term of office is ended I shall have visited all Chap- 
ters twice and some three times. 

The highlights of the year were the Dedication of Halton Chapter 
at Georgetown on Saturday, Nov. 29th, 1969, with a fine representation 
of Grand Chapter Officers and visiting Companions. I took a small part 
in introducing the Grand Chapter Officers. On Tuesday, Feb. 24th, we 
witnessed what can be done with forethought and effort. Under the 
able direction of Rt. Ex. Comp. Gordon Braby, a degree team of Ruling 
Grand Superintendents and Past Principals was formed. The Mark 
Master Masons Degree was conferred on Bro. Donovan Roberts of 
Preston Chapter No. 245, in a most impressive manner. Present was 
our Grand Third Principal Rt. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, eight ruling 
Grand Superintendents and many Grand Chapter Officers and Com- 
panions. I can say that we went away inspired. Our candidate must 
have been impressed by such an array of officials and he will long 
remember his first degree in Royal Arch masonry. 

Divine service was held Sunday, Oct. 26th at Palmerston United 
Church at 11 a.m. There was a good turnout with the majority of the 
Chapters represented. I read the Scriptures. Rev. G. G. Wagner ably 
conducted the Service. 

My term in office has been very rewarding by the co-operation and 
friendship extended to me by the officers and members of all Chapters. 
I have tried to discharge my duties to the best of my ability. I sincerely 
hope my efforts have met with the approval of the Companions in the 

To my successor, may I extend congratulations on his appointment. 
May he receive the warm welcome, co-operation and support which was 
so sincerely extended to me. 

R. Ex. Comp. Alex Wilson 

In submitting my report, may I say it has been an honour and a 
privilege to serve as the Grand Superintendent of the Hamilton District 
No. 5, Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. To 
all the Companions of the District, I would like to offer my sincere 
thanks for the support and co-operation which I have received in all my 
visits to the various Chapters. 

My first pleasant duty as Grand Superintendent was to select Ex. 
Comp. George Oswald as my Secretary. He has certainly filled his 


obligations. The assistance he has given me has made my work much 

During my term of office, I made an official visit to each of the 
Chapters in the District and I was received with dignity and cordiality. 
The work in all of the Chapters was well done and the officers were 
congratulated on behalf of the Grand First Principal. 

The Scribes of each Chapter had their books in very good shape. 

On September 28, 1969, I arranged a Divine Service in Southgate 
Presbyterian Church in Hamilton. It was well attended by the various 
Chapters, and I would point out that Rt. Ex. Comp. Fred Welham, Rt. 
Ex. Comp. Fred Scott, and Most Ex. Comp. Stan Portch took part in 
the Service. 

I also attended each election of Officers in the Chapters of the 
District and their installations in January. 

At the installation of The Hiram Chapter No. 2, I was privileged 
to conduct the installation with a team of Grand Chapter Officers. This 
also was made into a Ladies' Night and the turnout was such a huge 
success that I strongly recommend we should have more nights through- 
out the year with our ladies to generate more interest in our Chapters. 
In the coming twelve months, The Hiram Chapter No. 2 are celebrating 
their Sesqui-Centennial Year and have a number of special nights 
arranged and we are looking forward to some very interesting evenings 
throughout the year. 

I also was invited to Dedications of Chapters in Picton, Ontario and 
Georgetown, Ontario and took part in both of these with other Grand 
Chapter Officers. 

I was privileged to present four fifty year Jewels to members of 
St. John's Chapter No. 6 and another fifty year Jewel to a member of 
Ancaster Chapter No. 155. In March, I will be presenting four more 
fifty year Jewels to members of St. John's Chapter. 

In the past twelve months we have realized a slight gain in Com- 
panions for District No. 5 although it is not as many as we would like 
to report. 

In closing, I would once again like to extend my sincere thanks to 
all of the Grand Chapter Officers, the Comps. of the various Chapters, 
and especially to Rt. Ex. Comp. Fred Scott who have made my term of 
Office a very profitable and most enjoyable experience. It is an ex- 
perience that I will always remember. 

To my successor, I would offer him my congratulations and will 
assist him in any way I can and hope the Chapters show him the same 
co-operation which has been accorded me. 

R. Ex. Comp. George A. Stewart 

It is with a deep sense of duty and great pleasure that I submit my 
report concerning Royal Arch Masonry in Huron District No. 6. 

I appointed Excellent Companion Clarence O. Bridge of Havelock 
Chapter, Kincardine, Ontario, as District Secretary. He accompanied 
me on all of my visits both official and non-official. In the performance 
of his secretarial duties, he was outstanding, until death intervened, 
Saturday, February 7th, 1970. The demise of Excellent Companion 
Bridge was indeed a severe loss to Masonry and to his loved ones, and 

I visited all of the Chapters once, and some of the Chapters three 
times. I was received not only as Grand Superintendent, but, as a 


Companion. In this respect, I am indebted to Very Excellent Companion 
Harold J. Norman who gave freely of his time and loyalty during my 

I shall always remember the help that was given to me by Past 
Grand Superintendents, and the kindness and co-operation that I received 
from all Companions within the District. 

The "Committee of Instruction" consisted of Right Excellent Com- 
panion Elmer Johnston, Bernard Chapter, Listowel; Right Excellent 
Companion James Mair, Lebanon Chapter, Wingham, and Very Excellent 
Companion John Gee, Bernard Chapter, Listowel. With the assistance 
of the Principals Association they exemplified the Royal Arch Mason 
degree in November, 1969, at Huron Chapter No. 30, Goderich. Two 
Companions from each Chapter took a part in the degree. Most Excel- 
lent Companion Stanley Portch, Right Excellent Companion E. M. 
Marshall, and Right Excellent Companion George A. Stewart acted as 
instructors. The evening commenced with a banquet. Most Excellent 
Companion Stanley Portch was the guest of honor. Excellent Companion 
Leonard Boyce acted as First Principal. 

The "Committee of Instruction" is planning for another night of 
instruction in April, at Tecumseh Chapter, Stratford, Ontario. 

Divine Service was held at Clarke United Church, Sunday, Septem- 
ber 21st, 1969, with a good attendance. The service was conducted by 
Reverend George Ball, assisted by Right Excellent Companion Reverend 
J. C. Britton. After the service the United Church Women of Clarke 
provided a delightful luncheon. 

As the representative of Grand First Principal it was my pleasure 
to welcome Very Excellent Companion Henry Barker to his appointment 
of Grand Steward. 

When visiting the various Chapters I have tried to impress upon 
all Companions the importance of our "Bursary Fund" and the need for 
whole-hearted support of this venture. Donations of Five Dollars ($5.00) 
or over may be claimed as an Income Tax exemption. 

After the sudden passing of Excellent Companion Clarence 0. 
Bridge, Excellent Companion John A. Reynolds was appointed to this 

Each Chapter in the District — with one exception — conferred 
one of the degrees during my Official visit. I am pleased to report that 
all of the work was performed with diligence. Some of the Chapters 
are experiencing a scarcity of Junior Officers. Past Grand Superin- 
tendents are promoting the work, faithfully. They give able guidance 
to their respective Chapter. 

It has been my profound pleasure to represent the Grand Z. Most 
Excellent Companion G. Harold Shannon, in the presentation of jewels 
to many worthy Companions. In this regard, I now submit the following 
record: May 20th, 1969 — 50 year jewel — Companion Edward Harrison, 
Lebanon Chapter, Wingham — at the Wingham Nursing Home; Septem- 
ber 2nd, 1969 — 50 year jewel — Companion James Erskine, Bernard 
Chapter, Listowel; September 2nd, 1969 — 50 year jewel — Companion J. 
A. Chinbein, Bernard Chapter, Listowel; June 17th, 1969 — 25 year Past 
Principal's Jewel — Excellent Companion Dr. W. A. Crawford, Bernard 
Chapter, Listowel; October 14th, 1969 — 25 year Past Principal's jewel — 
Excellent Companion L. Salkeld, Lucknow Chapter, Lucknow; November 
4th, 1969 — 25 year jewel — Excellent Companion Wm. Aberhart, Excellent 
Companion R. Bruce Gillrie, Excellent Companion Edwin J. Hingst, 
Excellent Companion J. Keith Taylor, all members of Elliott Chapter, 


In closing, I desire to express my best wishes and encouragement 
to my successor in the coming year, and offer to him my willing assist- 
ance at all times. To one and all of you I give my sincere thanks and 
appreciation. It has been a great privilege and honour to act on your 
behalf as Grand Superintendent of Huron District No. 6. 

R. Ex. Comp. J. C. L. McKeand 

May I express my sincere thanks to all Companions of Niagara 
District No. 7 R.A.M. for electing me to this high and distinguished 
office and to the Grand First Principal M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon 
for confirming my election. 

I have been most fortunate in appointing Ex. Comp. B. D. Penwarden 
of Willson Chapter No. 64 as my Secretary. He is a sincere and dedi- 
cated Companion. 

My official visits were carried out on schedule. I was received 
with respect and dignity befitting the representative of the Grand First 
Principal. However, there is throughout the Distric a lack of visiing 
between Chapters. This I have tried to point out as very important. 

The District Divine Church Service was held at Wesley United 
Church, Welland, on October 26, 1969, and was well attended. The 
sermon was preached by Wor. Bro. B. Martin, who is an Ordained 
Deacon of the Anglican Church and a past P.M. of Copestone Lodge. 
R.W. Bro. Les Thorton and his quartet of Brothers from Merritt and 
Copestone Lodges supplied special music. 

A well attended Chapter of Instruction was held in Welland at 
Willson Chapter Rooms on October 15, 1969. All Chapters attended 
except Mount Moriah. Rt. Ex. Comp. R. H. Dilamarter, Chairman of 
Instruction, and myself conducted the meeting. All phases of the Work 
was covered with particular attention being stressed on floor work, etc., 
also parts of the Constitution were covered and a question and answer 
period was held. 

A successful M.M. night was held at McCallum Chapter No. 29, 
Dunnville, with M. Ex. Comp. S. Portch as guest speaker. There were 
also in attendance Rt. Ex. Comp. A. Wilson, D. G. Supt. No. 5, and 
several P.D.G. Supts. There was a large attendance and McCallum 
Chapter obtained four candidates. 

I have had the privilege of attending 50 odd various Masonic 
functions throughout this last year. I would say some of the highlights 
are as follows: 

Presentation of 5 - 50 year R. A. Jewels at Mount Moriah Chapter 
No. 19, St. Catharines. Preparation is now being arranged for a 50 
year Jewel at Grimsby Chapter No. 69 Grimsby. Attended the dedica- 
tion ceremonies of Halton Chapter, No. 234, Georgetown. We also 
attended the Installation of Hiram Chapter No. 2, Burlington, and plan 
to take the J. D. Chair for the M.M.M. degree at Preston Chapter No. 
245 on February 24, 1970. 

During my visitations throughout the District I have talked on the 
Grand Chapter Bursary Fund. This has been very well received and all 
Chapters seem interested. Most of them have a Bursary Committee. 
Those that have not are taking steps to form one. They are all proud 
of the Bursary programme. This I think covers R. A. Masonry conditions 
throughout Niagara No. 7, and I submit the same for your consideration 
and approval. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. R. Harold Foote 

In submitting my report on capitular masonry in Toronto East 
District No. 8, I would first like to thank the Companions who elected 
me to this very important office in Grand Chapter and also my appre- 
ciation to Most Ex. Comp. Shannon for his confirmation of same. 

One of my first duties was to appoint my secretary, Ex. Comp. John 
Hepple, who has carried out his duties in this capacity in an excellent 

In accordance with Grand Chapter requirements, I submit a list of 
the Chapters to which I made an official visit (in order of visitations): 
York Chapter No. 62, Aurora Chapter No. 235, Orient Chapter No. 79, 
The Scarborough Chapter No. 263, Tyrian Chapter, No. 258, St. Andrews 
& St. John Chapter No. 4, University Chapter No. 241, Beaver Chapter 
No. 225, Succoth Chapter No. 135, The St. Patrick's Chapter No. 145, 
King Solomon's Chapter No. 8, St. Albans Chapter No. 217, St. Paul's 
Chapter No. 65, Victoria Chapter No. 205. 

The average attendance of the Chapters in the District this year 
was an increase of between 10% and 15%. Unfortunately the overall 
membership in the District was down a slight number over last year. 
This was mainly due to suspensions, representing the largest figure in 
loss of membership, even more than withdrawals or deaths. 

The work in the District was done quite well, but unfortunately 
there was the odd occasion where the quality of the work was a little 
below average. In these cases, we felt that there was not quite enough 
effort or preparation made in preparing for the office or for that matter 
the degree which was worked that evening. 

Most meetings which we attended were handled quite well, and we 
would like to mention about some of the pamphlets printed by Grand 
Chapter and the value that the officers gained from their use, in parti- 
cular the "Manual of Instruction for Chapter Officers" and also the 
"Manual of Instruction". 

Throughout the District the Chapters are quite aware of and in- 
terested in benevolence not only at the Chapter level but at Grand 
Chapter level. We feel that if Grand Chapter were to have mimeo- 
graphed copies of some of the letters of thanks that have been received 
by them from some of the recipients and have them sent to the Chapters 
to be read, we believe it might help to increase interest and enthusiasm. 

The fellowship in the Chapters throughout District 8, and I might 
add, any Chapter which we had the privilege of visiting or of participat- 
ing in the work in, is of the nature that could not help but make one 
proud of being a member of such a wonderful organization. 

One final remark which we would like to finish on is that more 
visiting amongst the Chapters should be done. 

In conclusion, we would like to thank all those who have so kindly 
assisted whenever we seeked help, not only from the members in the 
District, but from the Grand Chapter. 

R. Ex. Comp. Wm. Sproule 

It is with a great sense of pride and responsibility that I wish to 
express my sincere heartfelt thanks to the Principals and Past Principals 
of Toronto West District 8A for electing me to District Superintendent 
as the representative of the Grand First Principal. Also for the confi- 


dence and support given to me by my own Companions of Peel Chapter 
No. 195 Brampton. 

At this time I wish to express my gratitude to Most Ex. Comp. 
Harold Shannon for confirming my election. 

My first official announcement following my election was to appoint 
Ex. Comp. Fred Kline as District Secretary. He has attended all of my 
official visits as well as many of the installations and official Grand 
Chapter functions in and out of the district. 

On May 4, 1969, a meeting of all the ruling Principals of District 
8A was held in the Masonic Temple in Weston. A schedule of official 
visits and the dates for the two schools of instruction was formulated. 
It was at this time and by consent of the Grand Chapter Masonic In- 
struction Committee that I had the pleasure of appointing Ex. Comp. 
Clifford Rich of Shekinah Chapter No. 138 as the Chairman of the 
District Masonic Education Committee, who in turn selected as members 
to assist him, V. Ex. Comp. Len Stroud, V. Ex. Comp. Fred Wratten. 

During the first week of May, I met with Rt. Ex. Comp. Harold 
Foote, Grand Supt. of Toronto East District No. 8 and with the assistance 
of Rt. Ex. Comp. Fred Welham, Grand Second Principal, we made 
arrangements to hold the Toronto Districts Nos. 8 and 8A Divine Ser- 
vice at York Memorial Presbyterian Church, Oct. 19th, at 7p.m., Dr. 
Rev. Ross K. Cameron, Minister. It was very pleasing to see ninety 
Companions and their wives attend the service. 

I had the privilege and honour on behalf of the Grand First Prin- 
cipal, to present a 60 year Royal Arch Mason's Bar to Rt. Ex. Comp. Dr. 
Austin Evans of Lebanon Chapter, and a 50 year Royal Arch Mason's 
Jewel to Comp. Bob Tait and Ex. Comp. Bill Aymer of Mimico Chapter. 

I enjoyed a most happy evening in Mimico Chapter on Nov. 5, 1969, 
on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary night, also I attended their 
Divine Service at the Church of the Atonement in Alderwood on Sunday, 
Nov. 9, 1969. Port Credit Chapter held a Grand Chapter night on 
Sat., Sept. 27, 1969 under the capable leadership of Rt. Ex. Comp. Hoga- 
boom. The HRA Degree was exemplified by the Grand Chapter Officers. 

I attended the dedication of Prince Edward Chapter No. 31, held 
at Picton, Ontario, Nov. 15, 1969, and the dedication of Halton Chapter 
No. 234 at Georgetown on Nov. 29, 1969. 

I attended a reception at Aurora Chapter on Sept. 22, 1969, when 
Rt. Ex. Comp. Harold Foote, Grand Superintendent of Toronto East 
District No. 8 was received and honoured, and at a reception on Sept. 
30, 1969, Peel Chapter No. 195 Brampton received and honoured Most 
Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch with an Honorary Membership Certificate 
and paid tribute to myself. 

My report on the status of Royal Arch Masonry in Toronto West 
District No. 8A is good. I am well satisfied with the ritual work iri each 
Chapter and find that the Officers and Members are becoming more pro- 
ficient and I do like to see the Companions on the sides taking an active 
part in the degree work. All the reports received by me from all the 
Chapters in Toronto West District No. 8A indicate that our membership 
is increasing each year. The average attendance per meeting was 40. 
The finances and prospects of the various Chapters are very encouraging. 

More clearly than ever before we should be a living example to 
craft Masonry as well as to our Church and all mankind. 

My Companions, visiting is very much a privilege and an integral 
part of every Chapter. I do know that this will continue in Toronto 
West District No. 8A and that you will continue to give the same won- 
derful support to my Successor and to Royal Arch Masonry in general. 


In conclusion, I wish to extend my appreciation and thanks to all the 
Grand Chapter Officers, present and past, who have given me guidance 
and inspiration over a period of many years. 

R. Ex. Comp. Edwin J. Myers 

It is with much pleasure that I submit to you my report on Capitular 
Masonry in Georgian District No. 9. 

It has been an honour and a privilege and a distinct pleasure to 
have served as Grand Secretary of Georgian District No. 9. I sincerely 
thank all those who were responsible for my nomination and support at 
Grand Chapter and Most Ex. Comp. Harold Shannon for his confirmation 
of my appointment. 

Following my election I appointed Ex. Comp. John M. Lindsay of 
Signet Chapter No. 34 Barrie as my Secretary, and am most grateful 
for his co-operation and efficient and untiring efforts during the past 

At a district meeting held at Manitou Chapter, Collingwood, on 
May 28th, 1969, the dates of my official visits were determined, starting 
with Parry Sound on June 4th, and ending with the visit to Manitou 
Chapter, Collingwood, on January 28th. 

All Chapters were visited and on every inspection night, but one, a 
degree was conferred. Generally, I found that the work was performed 
with a high degree of skill and the banquet hour a most enjoyable 
experience. On two of my official visits the banquet hour preceded the 
Convocation and I can recommend this practice as it establishes a 
friendly and fraternal atmosphere in which to conduct the work of the 

On the occasion of my Official visit to Chantry Chapter No. 130, 
Southampton on November 4th, 1969, it was an honour to present an 
apron, sash, and collar to V. Ex. Comp. Lome Avis, who had been 
appointed Grand Sword Bearer. 

During the year 50 year jewels were presented to Companions Ed. 
R. Kightley, Alex Sim and Charles E. Hurst, all of Signet Chapter No. 
34, Barrie. The jewels were presented to the first two in open Chapter 
and the last at his home in Toronto. 

A 50 year Jewel will be presented to Ex. Comp. A. J. Chapman at 
Manitou Chapter, Collingwood, on March 25th, 1970. 

A highlight of the year was the Centennial Celebration of Signet 
Chapter No. 34 at Barrie. Many distinguished visitors were present 
and we were most honoured to have with us on this great occasion 
Most Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon, who gave a most inspired address 
to those assembled. We were also honoured with the presence of Rt. 
Ex. Comp. L. J. Gent and his gracious wife. Much credit is due to First 
Principal of Signet Chapter, David Watson, and the Officers and Com- 
panions who were responsible for the success of the celebration. 

In closing I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all those 
who assisted me during my term as Grand Superintendent and parti- 
cularly my secretary, Ex. Comp. John M. Lindsay, and those five or six 
Companions of Signet Chapter who found time to go with me on my 
official visits. 

R. Ex. Comp. John Hayman Roy 

It is with great pleasure that I submit my report as Grand Super- 
intendent of Ontario District No. 10 to the Most Excellent, the Grand 


First Principal, Officers and Members of the Grand Chapter of Royal 
Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

May I first express my sincere thanks to the Companions of Victoria 
Chapter No. 37 in particular, and to the Ontario District Companions 
in general for electing me to this high office. Also, to Most Excellent 
Companion Shannon, for his generous confirmation. 

My first duty was to appoint Ex. Companion W. H. Rowden, of 
my own Chapter, as my Secretary and I thank him for his co-operation, 
advice and assistance. He accompanied me on all my visits throughout 
the District. 

All the Chapters conferred or exemplified Degrees on my official 
visits. I was pleased to find the books of the Scribes E. of all Chapters 
in good order and generally up to date. 

During my visitations, I was received with the dignity befitting 
the representative of the Grand First Principal. The Travelling Key- 
stone accompanied me on all my official visits and was returned to my 
keeping by Ex. Comp. Trew of Victoria Chapter No. 37. 

A summary of the reports received from the Chapters in the 
district is again indicative of a loss of membership for 1969. We have 
some flourishing Chapters in our District but I would be less than truth- 
ful if I failed to report that we also have some struggling Chapters 
whose future outlook is not good. Considering today's economy and 
spiralling costs, Most Excellent Shannon's suggestion in his inaugural 
speech that we consider amalgamation of Chapters to rejuvenate our 
order is most apt. 

In conclusion, I would like to extend my thanks to the Officers and 
Companions in the District for the courtesies extended to me. The past 
year is one I will long remember because it has afforded me the oppor- 
tunity of renewing many old friendships and making many new ones. 

To my successor I extend my heartiest congratulations and trust 
that to him may be directed the full support and co-operation of the 
Companions that I have enjoyed. 

R. Ex. Comp. Angus McDonald 

In submitting my report, may I say that it has been an honour, a 
privilege and a pleasure to serve as Grand Superintendent of Prince 
Edward District No. 11. 

To the Principals, past and present, my sincere thanks and appre- 
ciation for the honour they conferred upon me, and through me on St. 
Mark's Chapter No. 26 in elevating me to the office of Grand Superin- 
tendent. I also convey my humble thanks to Most Excellent Companion 
G. Harold Shannon in confirming my election. 

It was my pleasant duty to appoint Excellent Companion John Birch 
as my Secretary. He has been most efficient in his Services and has 
extended loyal support and co-operation throughout the year. I owe 
him my sincere thanks for making my task so enjoyable. 

May 2nd — On my return from Grand Chapter, it was my pleasure 
to be present at Kaystone Chapter No. 72, Stirling, when the Royal Arch 
Degree was conferred by the Past Grand Superintendent of the District. 
An inspiring Degree by dedicated Masons. 

May 12th — On the invitation of the Principals Association I was 
given the opportunity to pass on the instructions as given at Grand 
Chapter. District business was discussed, and from the good repre- 
sentation of all the Chapters of the District, it afforded us an interesting 
and informative evening. 


Official visits were scheduled and carried out in all Chapters. I 
was promptly received on all occasions, and with cordiality and dignity 
as befits the representative of the Most Excellent First Principal. My 
Secretary reports the books and records of the Chapters were well kept 
and up-to-date. Following each inspection, I gave a short talk on some 
portion of the Degree that was presented. Each Chapter has been 
visited two or three times to-date. 

I must report that some Chapters in the District have had few can- 
didates. This makes it most difficult to maintain interest and enthusiasm 
among the Officers and Companions. I believe the answer to this is a 
well earned reputation for doing good work, of rendering the beautiful 
ritual of the Chapter in a dignified and impressive manner, elimination 
of any semblance of levity in our presentation of the work. 

The Chapter that adheres to these will have no trouble with 
attendance, their candidates will be truly exalted, and will be willing and 
anxious to share their experience with their blue lodge brethren. 

A series of inter-Chapter visits have been arranged commencing on 
the 23rd Feb. and ending on the 21st April. 

A Chapter of instruction will be held during the month of March at 
St. Mark's Chapter No. 26, Trenton, Ont. 

Visitations outside my own Chapter and District included a visit to 
St. Georges Chapter No. 5, London, Ont., Oct. 21st June when St. 
George Chapter were hosts to Quinte Friendship Chapter, No. 227, Belle- 
ville, Ont. 

October 18th — Keystone Chapter No. 72, Stirling, held their Ladies' 
Night banquet. I was most happy to be a guest on this occasion. Rt. 
Ex. Comp. F. W. D. Welham was the Guest Speaker for the evening. 
More such nights are needed in our organization. 

November 2nd — Sunday was our annual District Divine Service 
which was held in the Masonic Temple, Belleville. A good attendance 
of the Companions and their families were present. The message was 
given by Rt. Ex. Comp. Rev. J. R. Payton. Assistant Grand Chaplain. 
Our guests on this occasion, included Most Excellent Companion Bruce 
H. Smith and Rt. Ex. Comp. Fred D. Welham. 

November 15th — Another outstanding occasion when the Grand 
First Principal, with other Grand Chapter Officers dedicated the new 
Temple of Prince Edward Chapter, No. 31, Picton, Ont. My congratula- 
tions to the Officers and Companions of Prince Edward Chapter No. 31 
for their foresight, to include the Ladies on this historic occasion. 

November 29th — Halton Chapter No. 234, Georgetown, Wellington 
District No. 4. We attended the very impressive dedication of this 
Chapter, conducted under the very capable hands of Most Excellent 
Companion Stanley Portch and other Grand Chapter Officers. 

Other highlights of my year, included a visit to Occident Chapter 
No. 77, on the 7th February, when the installation ceremony was con- 
ducted by Rt. Ex. Comp. Hogaboom. 

February 17 — St. Mark's Chapter No. 26, Trenton. It was my 
pleasant duty to confer the Royal Arch Degree on two available candi- 
dates, assisted by Past and Present Grand Chapter Officers of the 
District. I believe that such events give the newly elected Officers the 
opportunity to witness the type of degree work expected of them by our 
Grand Chapter. 

In conclusion, may I again thank all the Companions of the District 
for their wholehearted support and co-operation tendered me during my 
term of Office. To my successor I extend heartiest congratulations and 


trust that to him may be directed the many acts of kindness, the full 
support and the generosity of the Companions that I have enjoyed. 

R. Ex. Comp. H. Trueman 

In presenting my report on the condition of Royal Arch Masonry 
in St. Lawrence District No. 12, may I take this opportunity to thank 
all the Companions of St. Lawrence District for the high honour they 
have conferred on me, by electing me to the office of Grand Superin- 
tendent, and to the Most Excellent Companion G. Harold Shannon the 
First Grand Principal, for confirming my election. 

It was my pleasure to appoint Excellent Companion Frederick H. 
Sceviour as my secretary, and I am most grateful to him, for the efficient 
and capable manner in which he carried out his duties. 

Official visits were made to the seven chapters in the district, 
between Sept. 19th, 1969 and Nov. 3rd, 1969, and on all occasions I was 
received with dignity and respect. Degrees were conferred on all but 
one occasion, and I am pleased to report, that the Companions in office 
were proficient in the ritual, and performed their duties in a very 
efficient and capable manner, which appeared to impress the candidate. 

Attendance at the Chapter convocations leaves something to be 
desired, but with what appears to be an influx of applications received, 
perhaps this situation will correct itself in the near future. 

I was greatly impressed by the amount of benevolent work done by 
some of the Chapters in this district, also by the fellowship and co- 
operation that exists between the Chapter Members and Companions in 
office. St. Lawrence District is very fortunate in having a strong and 
dedicated Committee on Masonic Instruction, under the chairmanship 
of Rt. Ex. Comp. William Gummer. On the evening of Dec. 11th, 1969, 
at the regular convocation of Maitland Chapter No. 68, a question and 
answer period on Capitular Masonry was conducted. The members of 
the Masonic Instruction Committee, acting as a panel, answered ques- 
tions, put to them by the Companions from the floor. This proved both 
educational and interesting, to all in attendance. It was the opinion of 
all present, that more such nights, would be beneficial to the district. 

I appointed Excellent Companion Orval Francis as the Chairman of 
a district committee, of Scholarships and Bursaries, who in conjunction 
with other committee members in the persons of Excellent Companion 
Jack Cameron, and Excellent Companion, Carl Laushway, visited many 
of the Chapters in the district, and brought to the attention of the 
Companions, the great work done by the Grand Chapter Committee on 
Scholarships and Bursaries, and the importance of them becoming in- 
volved, by donations. 

It was my pleasure, on the evening of Dec. 19th, 1969, on behalf of 
the Grand First Principal, and Grand Chapter, to present a 50 year 
Royal Arch Masonic Jewel, to Rt. Excellent Companion L. N. Armstrong 
a worthy Companion of Ancient Frontenac & Cataraque Chapter No. 1, 

Sussex St. Lawrence Chapter No. 59, Brockville, will host a Chapter 
of Instruction, on the evening of Feb. 14th, 1970. The M.E.M. degree will 
be communicated in part by Officers and Companions of Sussex St. 
Lawrence Chapter No. 59, and Leeds Chapter, No. 132, Gananoque. Rt. 
Excellent Comp. William H. Gummer, and Committee members have 
made arrangements to have Most Excellent Companion Stanley Portch, 
P.G.Z. present on this occasion. 


May I once again express to the Companions of St. Lawrence 
District No. 12 my sincere appreciation, for their loyalty and support, 
and to the Officers and Scribe E.'s, for their co-operation, during my 
term of office. 

To my successor I pledge my support and assistance, and wish for 
him the same loyalty and support that was given to me. 

R. Ex. Comp. Wm. L. Byers 

It is a pleasure to submit my report on the condition of Capitular 
Masonry in Ottawa District No. 13. 

May I first express my thanks to the Principals of Ottawa District 
for the honour they conferred upon me and through me, on Bonnechere 
Chapter No. 114, in electing me to the office of Grand Superintendent. 
I also extend my sincere thanks to Most Excellent Companion G. Harold 
Shannon in confirming my election. 

My first duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. J. R. New as my secretary. 
In this capacity he accompanied me on all my Official Visits and I thank 
him for his efficient and capable assistance throughout the year. 

A district meeting was held on May 28 in Dochert Chapter rooms, 

It was a pleasure to attend Bonnechere Chapter No. 114 on May 10 
and take part in the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of this Chapter, 
at which the Past Principals of Bonnechere Chapter conferred a Royal 
Arch Degree. 

On Sunday, June 1, I attended Divine Service with the Companions 
of St. Francis Chapter No. 133 at First Baptist Church, Smith Falls. 

I had the privilege of attending Divine Service with the Companions 
of Maple Chapter, Carleton Place at St. James Anglican Church on 
September 28. 

To begin the fall activities the Past and Present Grand Chapter 
Officers of the Ottawa District conferred a Mark Master Mason degree 
in Maple Chapter, Carleton Place. This was a well attended and an en- 
joyable evening. 

The dates of my official visits were as follows: Laurentian No. 151, 
Pembroke, September 18; Glengarry No. 143, Maxville, September 22; 
St. John's No. 148, Vanleek Hill, September 25; Kitchener No. 210, Rus- 
sell, October 1; Dochert No. 248, Arnprior, October 22; Granite No. 61, 
Almonte, October 9; Carleton No. 16, Ottawa, October 15; St. Francis 
No. 133, Smith Falls, October 16; Bonnechere No. 114, Renfrew, October 
20; Maple No. 116, Carleton Place, November 5; Prince of Wales No. 226, 
Perth, November 25; Ottawa No. 222, Ottawa, November 27. 

On all these official visits I was received in most cordial manner as 
the representative of the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal. 

Degrees were conferred or exemplified at all official visits and the 
officers and others taking part were sincere and enthusiastic, with the 
work being presented in a manner which could not help but impress the 

The books, records and regalia of the Chapters in the district are 
well kept and a credit to Royal Arch Masonry. The lack of attendance 
is a problem throughout the district with no ready solution in view. This, 
however is not peculiar to the Ottawa District alone. 

On my official visit to Dochert Chapter, Arnprior, I had the privilege 
of presenting, on behalf of Grand Chapter and the Most Excellent the 
Grand First Principal a Twenty-five Year Past Principal Jewel to V. 


Ex. Comp. Geo. Clark. On February 4 I visited Maple Chapter and 
presented Ex. Comp. Robert P. McLaren with a Fifty Year Membership 
Jewel. A Fifty Year Royal Arch Mason Jewel is to be presented on 
February 23 to V. Ex. Comp. Roderick A. Stewart of Glengarry 

The overall picture of Capitular Masonry in the Ottawa District is 
good, with all chapter officers, past and present, taking an active part 
in all Chapter activities. 

In conclusion, may I express my appreciation to the Companions 
throughout the district, past and present Grand Chapter Officers and 
the Companions of Bonnechere Chapter for their loyal support during 
my term of office and solicit for my successor the same loyal support. 

Finally, to Most Excellent Companion G. Harold Shannon I extend 
my appreciation for the privilege of serving as his representative in the 
Ottawa district. I trust that his counsel and assistance will be available 
to our Grand Chapter for many years to come. 

R. Ex. Comp. Gordon E. Karle 

It is with sincere pleasure and a privilege as the representative of 
our Grand First Principal, re Algoma District No. 14, to submit my 
report for the year 1969. I would first thank all those Companions 
responsible for my election and to the Most Excellent Grand First 
Principal Harold Shannon in confirming my election. 

My first duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. George Pape as my Secre- 
tary which position he handled in his usual fine manner. Ex. Comp. 
Pape was also appointed District Chairman for the Busary Fund, which 
I am pleased to report has had another successful year in our District. 
Each Chapter is now participating enthusiastically in this project. I 
also appointed Ex. Comp. Lome Foster as Chairman for Masonic Educa- 
tion for Algamo District. I would like to thank Rt. Ex. Comp. Bill 
Shaver, Past Grand Superintendent of our District, for his help and 
guidance over the past year. It is through the efforts of these three 
Companions that has helped me to perform the duties of Grand Super- 
intendent in a manner befitting this office. I have tried to serve to the 
best of my ability, whether I was able to inspire any of the Companions 
to put forward a stronger effort for Capitular Masonry in the future, 
time alone will tell. 

The general condition of Royal Arch Masonry in our District so far 
as my personal opinion is concerned is fairly good. Wherever degrees 
were conferred they were handled in a most proficient manner. The 
main complaint so far as most Chapters are concerned is the lack of 
attendance at convocations. In my address to each Chapter that I 
visited my text was "Is your Chapter interesting or are your Candidates 
really not interested?" We are all aware of the constant pressure on 
our modern society for good men's time and talents. Can one expect 
members to attend meetings just to hear the reading of the minutes, pass 
a few bills, and listen to a couple of short notes from distant Companions 
when they send in their dues. I strongly believe that more pep must 
be put into our meetings with guest speakers, good short entertaining 
films, seriously prepared repasts, and stimulating announcements of 
future social activities. I honestly believe that there is a job for every 
Companion in his Chapter and that this should be the responsibility of 
every First Principal to see that his Members are all active. Not every 
Companion is a born ritualist but he may be just the person you are 
looking for to chair a Father and Son Banquet or run a Mixed Curling 
Night with our ladies. I strongly recommend that each Officer take 


the responsibility of providing the program for at least one Chapter 
meeting a year. We must seriously face up to the fact that this is the 
"Jet Age" and in order to fill our Chapter Hall on meeting nights we 
must put some life into our Chapter meetings. The second part of 
my text, "Are your Candidates not really interested", bears serious 
thought. Is there too much emphasis on numbers and not enough on 
sincerity. If a man has little or no interest in his Blue Lodge, how can 
he possibly make a contribution or benefit from becoming a member of 
the Royal Arch. A man joins the Royal Craft because he wishes to seek 
"further light in Masonry". He should join for no other reason. I 
strongly recommend that we consider very seriously the men we propose 
for Royal Arch Masonry. 

During my term as Grand Superintendent I have tried to stimulate 
the possibility of our District hosting the Convocation of Grand Chapter 
within the next decade. This would be beneficial to our District not 
only for the challenge that it would present but also by the tremendous 
boost it would give Royal Arch Masonry in North Western Ontario. 

To my successor I offer my sincere support and co-operation and 
wish him every success in this most interesting and gratifying office of 
Capitular Masonry. 

R. Ex. Comp. Richard W. King 

I have the honour to submit my report of the condition of Capitular 
Masonry in New Ontario District No." 15 for the past year. 

New Ontario District extends from North Bay on the east to Sault 
Ste. Marie on the west, a distance of nearly 300 miles. It contains four 
Chapters: St. John's No. 103, North Bay; Tuscan No. 95, Sudbury; 
Espanola No. 257, Espanola, and Algonquin No. 102, Sault Ste. Marie. 
These Chapters are considerable distances apart and this makes inter- 
Chapter visits rather difficult. 

Algonquin Chapter No. 102 was visited on September 12th, where I 
was cordially received. No degree was conferred here. The work of 
Ex. Comp. Harry O'Hara and his officers was done in a very dignified 
and competent manner. 

Espanola Chapter No. 257 was visited September 16th. I was 
accompanied by Ex. Comp. E. E. McWilliams and Rt. Ex. Comp. E. C. 
Price. We were reecived very cordially by Ex. Comp. A. B. Wood and 
his officers. The M.E.M. degree was conferred on five candidates in a 
most dignified and impressive manner, after which a splendid lunch 
was served in the banquet hall. 

St. John's Chapter No. 103, North Bay, was visited October 2nd. 
I was accompanied by Ex. Comp. E. E. McWilliams and Rt. Ex. Comp. 
E. C. Price. We were received in a very dignified and friendly manner. 
The degree of M.E.M. was conferred on four fine candidates in a very 
impressive manner, a lunch being provided after the degree. The hos- 
pitality was something to remember. 

Tuscan R. A. Chapter No. 95, Sudbury, was visited by me November 
11th, accompanied by Ex. Comp. E. E. McWilliams and Rt. Ex. Comp. 
E. C. Price. Business meeting conducted in Royal Arch after which 
M.E.M. degree was conferred on seven candidates. The work of the 
officers was very efficient. 

The highlight of my year as Grand Superintendent was a Lodge of 
Instruction held in Espanola Saturday afternoon, 20 September, 1969, in 
the Masonic Temple. Most Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch accompanied by 
Grand Chapter Officers were received with grand honours, and proceeded 
to confer the Holy Royal Arch degree in a most dignified and impres- 
sive manner on four candidates. After the degree a question and answer 
period for an hour. 


Sunday morning a Church service was attended by the Companions 
in full regalia. Part of the service was taken by Most Ex. Comp. Stanley 
Portch, Rt. Ex. Comp. F. W. D. Welham, Rt. Ex. Comp. H. W. Walker. 
The Church service was most impressive and the Church was filled to 

I had the honour, during my term of office, to present a 50 year 
jewel on behalf of the Most Ex. Comp. the Grand Z. to Companion R. 
Walker, of my own Chapter. 

I desire to express my thanks to my Companions in the District for 
giving me the privilege of serving them as Grand Superintendent for the 
past year, and to the Most Ex. the Grand Z for confirming their choice. 
I also wish to express my thanks to Ex. Comp. E. E. McWilliams of 
Algonquin Chapter who has acted as my Secretary during my term o«f 

The good fellowship, harmony and co-operation displayed in the 
District have rendered my year of office a happy and memorable one 
for me. 

The overall picture of Capitular Masonry in this District is reason- 
ably good. Espanola Chapter has had a splendid year — nine candidates. 

I congratulate my successor and wish him the same support and 
co-operation which I received in my term of office. 

R. Ex. Comp. Horace A. Jones 

It is with much pleasure I submit my report on Royal Arch Masonry 
in Temiskaming District No. 16. 

One of my first duties was to appoint Ex. Comp. Wallace Layte, an 
accountant, as my secretary, and he accompanied me on all official 
visits. I found him to be very efficient. 

During the month of June we were pleased to have the Grand 2nd 
Principal R. Ex. Comp. Fred Welham holidaying in our district, and he 
visited the following Chapters: June 12th — Temiskaming Chapter No. 
169. This was a memorable event. The R.A.M. Degree was conferred 
by candlelight in a most efficient and unusual manner. June 18th — 
Northern Lights and Abitibi Chapters had a joint convocation in his 
honour. This was a very enjoyable and friendly convocation. June 25th — 
Kirkland Chapter entertained him. 

On my official visits of inspection throughout this district I was 
received with dignity which becomes a representative of the Grand First 
Principal. The work in the various degrees was conferred in a very 
efficient manner. My secretary examined the books and reported on 
the work carried out by the Scribe E.'s. The Scribe E.'s are to be con- 
gratulated for the manner in which the records were kept. My thanks 
are also extended to Abitibi Chapter's First Principal, R. Ex. ' Comp. 
Howard Beaton for his guidance and support. 

On October 9th, I made my first official visit to Temiskaming 
Chapter No. 169, Haileybury. 

October 15th was my official visit to Northern Lights Chapter No. 
213, Timmins. 

October 22nd was my official visit to Kirkland Chapter No. 251, 
Kirkland Lake. 

October 29th, my last official visit, was to Abitibi Chapter, No. 223, 
my mother Chapter. No degree was conferred. 

I would like to extend my grateful thanks to the Members of all the 
Chapters in this district for electing me to this very high office, and 
for the courtesy shown me and my secretary during our visits to the 
respective Chapters. 



To the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons 
of Canada, in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Excellent Grand "Z." and Companions: 

I submit herewith Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for the 
period March 1, 1969, to February 28, 1970: 



Balance— February 28, 1969 $ 6,358.10 

Received from Grand Scribe "E." 36.579.45 

■ $42,937.55 


Cheques No. 1 to 196 $39,846.26 

Balance— February 28, 1970 3,091.29 




Balance— February 28, 1969 $4,847.52 

Received from Grand Scribe "E." 4,604.94 

$ 9,452.46 


Transfers to General Account, No Expense $ 827.00 

Balance— February 28, 1970 8,625.46 

$ 9,452.46 



Balance— February 28, 1969 $3,918.66 

Received from Grand Scribe "E." 2,214.92 

$ 6,133.58 


Various $1,811.10 

Balance— February 28, 1970 4,322.48 

$ 6,133.58 



Balance— February 28, 1969 $185.83 

Received from Grand Scrib "E." 5.96 

(P 1Q1 rjQ 


Various $ 34.50 

Balance— February 28, 1970 157.29 

$ 191.79 



Balance— February 28, 1969 $6,706.79 

Received from Grand Scribe "E." 4,643.18 



Various $3,965.70 

Balance— February 28, 1970 7,384.27 


Respectfully submitted, 


Grand Treasurer. 

Examined and verified — 

JOHN D. LEWARS, C.A., Auditor 



To the M. Ex. the Grand Z., Officers, and members of the Grand 

Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Below is the financial standing of each Chapter of the Jurisdiction 

as of the audit of March 1, by Bro. John A. Lewars, C.A. 

No. Name of Chapter Charges Dr. Cr. 

1 Ancient Frontenac & Cataraqui .... $230.50 $10.45 

2 The Hiram 173.65 10.40 

3 St. John's, London 157.30 $10.05 

4 The St. Andrew and St. John 139.55 .35 

5 St. George's 157.60 21.10 

6 St. John's, Hamilton 147.50 .65 

7 The Moira 245.05 13.30 

8 King Solomon's 298.25 135.60 

15 Wawanosh 190.95 1.95 

16 Carleton 594.85 .65 

18 Oxford 231.55 3.15 

19 Mount Moriah 265.65 13.95 

20 Mount Horeb 83.75 5.60 

22 Grenville 89.90 38.40 

23 Ezra 154.95 15.70 

24 Tecumseh 258.05 1.45 

26 St. Mark's 156.20 .30 

27 Manitou 140.30 

28 Pentalpha 299.85 2.75 

29 McCallum 155.65 8.35 

30 Huron 187.35 2.45 

31 Prince Edward 190.80 4.55 

32 Waterloo 213.80 5.30 

34 Signet 168.65 

35 Keystone, Whitby 106.85 1.25 

36 Corinthian 565.40 2.85 

37 Victoria, Port Hope 127.80 1.30 

40 Guelph 213.50 87.25 

41 Harris 129.65 13.30 

44 Mount Sinai, Napanee 144.65 70.80 

45 Excelsior 70.10 

46 St. James 75.75 5.20 

47 Wellington 141.65 .15 

48 St. John's, Cobourg 92.30 48.30 

53 Bruce 58.50 2.60 

54 Palestine, St. Thomas 498.30 21.50 

55 Niagara 102.75 11.40 

56 Georgian 100.50 - 1.00 

57 King Hiram 143.50 6.65 

59 Sussex-St. Lawrence 311.45 11.55 

61 Granite 91.35 18.65 

62 York 148.55 64.35 

63 Havelock 87.10 6.50 

64 Willson 118.95 .65 

65 St. Paul's, Toronto 82.15 17.65 

66 The Malloch 75.40 1.80 

67 Enterprise 111.10 1.95 

68 Maitland 128.55 8.35 

69 Grimsby 100.00 1.30 

71 Prince of Wales, Essex 172.20 23.00 

72 Keystone, Stirling 99.40 2.60 

73 Erie 159.75 2.80 


No. Name of Chapter Charges Dr. Cr. 

74 Beaver, Strathroy 110.55 16.55 

75 St. Clair, Milton 122.65 3.55 

76 Mount Nebo 99.85 42.40 

77 Occident 237.65 9.60 

78 Minnewawa 130.00 11.70 

79 Orient 110.65 9.05 

80 Ark 253.95 6.50 

81 Aylmer 110.70 .65 

82 Shuniah 336.30 .55 

83 Ionic, Orangeville 129.60 9.10 

84 Lebanon, Wingham 82.05 1.30 

88 MacNabb 99.15 1.80 

90 Golden 259.20 5.20 

91 Toronto-Antiquity 166.30 2.20 

94 Midland 82.90 4.45 

95 Tuscan 493.40 1.45 

102 Algonquin 311.70 8.55 

103 St. John's, North Bay 173.05 22.55 

104 White Oak 190.30 82.05 

110 Warkworth 66.30 5.35 

112 St. John's, Morrisburg 113.10 14.85 

113 Covenant 296.30 1.95 

114 Bonnechere 136.35 8.70 

115 Brant 110.35 10.45 

116 Maple 111.80 3.90 

117 Kitchener 210.50 11.70 

119 King Cyrus, Leamington 164.60 2.25 

129 Elliott 109.00 

130 Chantry 88.15 1.95 

131 Amabel 155.05 

132 Leeds 106.50 3.30 

133 St. Francis 266.65 1.75 

134 King Darius 79.45 1.35 

135 Succoth 78.40 6.00 

138 Shekinah 402.25 2.40 

140 Fort William 192.55 60.55 

143 Glengarry 84.50 1.55 

144 Presqu'ile 64.55 .65 

145 The St. Patrick 181.05 2.90 

146 Bernard 140.00 3.25 

147 Lucknow 95.30 .65 

148 St. John's, Vankleek Hill 87.10 1.30 

149 Atwood 51.05 3.25 

150 London 127.00 4.55 

151 Laurentian 227.50 21.85 

152 Alberton 214.80 10.75 

153 Sombra 117.85 3.65 

155 Ancaster 112.35 7.15 

161 Madoc 128.55 

163 The Beaches 

1 64 Lome 

167 Kichikewana 205.95 82.55 

168 Ionic, Campbellford 137.60 1.95 

169 Temiskaming 114.70 46.00 

175 The Hamilton 124.65 1.00 

184 Hugh Murray 112.35 7.45 

195 Peel 205.95 101.40 

198 Couchiching 165.10 4.95 


No. Name of Chapter Charges Dr. Cr. 

205 Victoria, Thornhill 206.50 16.65 

210 Kitchener, Russell 95.80 4.30 

212 Mount Sinai, Toronto 545.40 11.30 

213 Northern Lights 154.00 19.30 

214 Vimy 65.00 2.20 

215 Mimico 248.50 4.55 

217 St. Alban's 132.90 

218 Prince Edward, Shelburne 64.90 .65 

219 Ulster 74.25 144.95 

220 Lebanon, Lambton Mills 215.30 .65 

221 Durham 102.60 17.65 

222 Ottawa 404.40 7.45 

223 Abitibi 92.20 3.00 

224 Keystone, Hamilton 124.65 .50 

225 Beaver, Toronto 120.15 51.35 

226 Prince of Wales, Perth 192.45 6.50 

227 Quinte Friendship 349.20 164.85 

230 Port Credit 119.65 27.15 

231 The St. Clair, Toronto 224.65 31.05 

232 King Cyrus, Toronto 141.35 4.70 

233 Oakwood 110.65 1.15 

234 Halton 180.45 16.80 

235 Aurora 152.65 4.35 

236 Caledonia 99.50 .65 

238 The St. Andrew 169.45 13.55 

239 Blenheim 115.80 5.00 

240 Smithville 48.15 21.45 

241 University 100.50 2.60 

242 St. Paul's, Lambeth 93.50 2.00 

243 McKay 97.50 24.75 

245 Preston 92.40 4.30 

246 Humber 204.90 15.65 

247 Nilestown 187.85 15.35 

248 Dochert 64.90 .85 

249 Palestine, Bowmanville 121.25 12.30 

250 Thomas Peter's 200.90 11.30 

251 Kirkland 151.60 .50 

252 Hiawatha 230.50 26.10 

253 Regal 104.40 12.45 

254 Golden Star 295.60 6.50 

255 Tillsonburg 130.80 19.75 

257 Espanola 161.90 .65 

258 Tyrian 113.30 1.95 

259 Quetico 77.95 

260 Centennial 125.00 .65 

261 Seguin 74.25 .65 

262 King David 106.30 4.70 

263 The Scarborough 217.25 1.60 

300-1 Alberta G.C 100.00 

300-2 British Columbia G.C 300.00 100.00 

300-3 Manitoba G.C 62.50 1.25 

300-4 New Brunswick G.C 49.80 

300-7 Saskatchewan G.C. 125.00 

$26,214.30 $1,341.75 $929.40 


For the Year Ended February 28th, 1970 

Receipts from Chapter $26,615.92 

Grand Convocation and Executive Committee Receipts 3,240.44 

Transfer from Life Membership Fund 2,371.10 

Transfer from Chapters' Life Membership Fund 34.50 

Transfer from Scholarships and Bursary Fund 961.09 

Transfer from Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund 275.75 

Interest on Investments 2,377.50 

Receipts from other Grand Chapters 647.30 

Sale Histories 55.85 


Examined and Verified — 


You have in your hand the printed financial report of our Jurisdic- 
tion. I note that there are decreases in enrolments due to withdrawals, 
suspensions and deaths. Under withdrawals and suspensions, it would 
seem that some chapters are removing from their rolls the names of 
Companions who have lost an active interest in our Craft. To me, this 
apparent loss of interest is a challenge to the rest of us Companions to 
contact those Companions on our rolls who are not active, share our 
enthusiasm and awaken this dormant interest. Surely it must have been 
there at one time. 

With this in mind, I am accepting the work as Grand Scribe E. May 
we be of service to you to assist you in your endeavours. May we 
move forward in quality of work, enthusiasm for the Craft and spread 
this to others. May we show this characteristic by our actions, in our 
communications with others, our attendance at and work in our chapters 
as well as our contacts between convocations with those Companions 
who may need our encouragement. 

As Temple Building, our home for many years on Richmond Street 
West, is to be demolished to make way for a new building, it became 
necessary to move our office to our new location. Our new office is a 
decided improvement on our former location and does make for better 
working conditions. Work can be accomplished more easily and more 
efficiently. Tremendous credit for the set up of the new office and its 
efficient planning goes to M. Ex. Comp. Charles Emmett. He devoted 
many days and evenings to accomplish the task assigned to him by our 

I would like to express my appreciation to our Scribes E. of the 
various chapters of the Jurisdiction for their patience and understanding 
of the new encumbent in the Grand Chapter office. It has been most 
interesting and invigorating mentally to start into an office in which 
my experience in its details were meagre. My secretary started four 
weeks before me and hence has had much to learn as well. I do appre- 
ciate the energy and interest she has expended for the welfare of our 
organization. She shows a genuine interest in and planning for the 
year's work ahead. 

May we move into the 1970-71 year of activities with enthusiasm 
and may our efforts be fruitful. 

QJreaerick C. Coaley, 

Acting Grand Scribe E. 

Moved by V. Ex. Comp. F. C. Conley, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
Welham and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Acting Grand Scribe E. be received 
and adopted. 

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|CMC0CMTf< l t- cm in cm cm •* as co m th r-< co co as cm co ^f ^ co 



To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 
of Ontario, 1969-70. 
Your committee reports the following investments: 


Province of Ontario, 3%, Oct. 15, 1977 $ 4,000.00 

Hydro Electric Power Comm., 4%, July 15, 1974 6,000.00 

Hydro Electric Power Comm., 3M>%, Oct. 15, 1979 28,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 4V 2 %, Sept. 1, 1983 17,500.00 

City of Metro Toronto, 3V2%, May 2, 1975 3,000.00 

Can. Perm. Trust Co., 7 1 / 4 9 / c, Oct. 18, 1971 2,000.00 

TOTAL $60,500.00 

Province of Ontario, 3%, Oct. 15, 1977 $ 1,000.00 

Hydro Electric Power Comm., 3 J / 2 %, Oct. 18, 1979 2,000.00 

National Trust Co. Ltd. G.I.C., 6%, Nov. 16, 1970 9,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 4V 2 %, Sept. 1, 1983 11,700.00 

Royal Trust Co. G.G.I.R., 6V 2 %, Nov. 30, 1971 3,000.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7%%, June 14, 1971 8,000.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., lV 2 c /c, July 15, 1971 1,000.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7V 2 %, Aug. 15, 1971 21,000.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7%, Nov. 1, 1971 6,500.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7%, Nov. 27, 1971 2,000.00 

Canada Perm. Mortg. Corp., 7V 2 %, Jan. 9, 1972 3,000.00 

TOTAL $68,200.00 

City of Metro Toronto, 3V 2 %, May 2, 1975 $22,000.00 


Province of Ontario, 3%, Oct. 15, 1977 $ 7,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 4%%, Sept. 1, 1983 3,300.00 

State of Israel Savings Bonds, Dec. 1, 1976, Face Value 300.00 

(Maturity Value— $480.00.) 

TOTAL $10,600.00 

The items listed in this report are exactly the same as those in the 
last previous report, as no changes have been reported to me, and no 
investments have reached maturity. 

At the time of writing the uncertainty of the adoption of Mr. Ben- 
son's white paper on taxation hangs like a threatening cloud over the 
investment income, not only of the Grand Chapter but of all fraternal 
organizations in the country. 

I acknowledge with grateful thanks the assistance of the Grand 
Council, the Grand Scribes E. and the Grand Treasurer. 

Fraternally submitted, 

R. Ex. Comp. FRED SCOTT, 


Moved by R. Ex. Comp. F. Scott, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. Welham 
and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Investments be 
received and adopted. 



Most Excellent Companion, G. Harold Shannon, Grand First Principal 

Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of 

Most Excellent Sir: 

I have made my regular examination of the books of account and 
supporting records of the Grand Scribe E. and the Grand Treasurer of 
the Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 
of Ontario for the fiscal year ended February 28, 1970. From this 
examination, I have prepared the statements listed below and I now 
present them together with my comments thereon: 

Exhibit "A"— Balance Sheet as at February 28, 1970. 

Exhibit "B" — Comparative Revenue and Expenditure Account for 
the year ended February 28, 1970. 

Schedule "1" — The Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund as at 
February 28, 1970. 

Schedule "2" — The Commuted Membership Fund — Grand Chapter as 
at February 28, 1970. 

Schedule "3" — The Chapters' Life Membership Fund as at February 
28, 1970. 

Schedule "4" — The Scholarships and Bursaries Fund as at February 
28, 1970. 


The Petty Cash Fund was counted at the time of my examination 
and found to be in order. Vouchers were examined in support of all 
disbursements from this Fund. The several bank balances, shown in 
Exhibit "A" and Schedules "1", "2", "3" and "4" were verified as at 
February 28, 1970 and all the bank transactions in the several Funds 
for the year then ended were examined in detail. 

The Accounts Receivable from the various Chapters were reviewed 
in detail and appear to be proper charges. I note that Chapter No. 219 
is still in arrears and would continue to recommend that every effort 
be made to collect this amount. 

The charge against the Commuted Membership Fund of Grand 
Chapter for life membership dues for 1969 has been computed on the 
same basis as in the preceding year. I recommend that the balances 
owing from one Fund to another as at February 28, 1970 be cleared as 
soon as possible. 

The computation of the accrued interest in the several Funds was 
checked and found to be in order. 

The inventories of Supplies for Resale and Jewels were furnished to 
me by your Grand Scribe E. and my verification has been limited to 
checking the clerical accuracy of the inventory sheets presented to me 
and the pricing shown thereon. 

The investments of the several Funds are set out in detail in Exhibit 
"A" and Schedules "1", "2" and "4". These investments were held in a 
safe deposit box in the City Hall Branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank 
of Commerce in the joint custody of any two of the Grand Scribe E., the 
Grand Treasurer, the Grand First Principal and the President of the 
Executive Committee. These investments were counted on February 17, 
1970 and found to be in order. Inasmuch as the office of Grand 
Chapter has moved since the date that the bonds were counted, and 
banking facilities have been established in the Eglinton and Mount 
Pleasant Branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, I recom- 
mend that these securities be placed in a safe deposit box in the custody 
of the same officials as previously. 


Throughout the year and in the process of changing offices, a con- 
siderable amount of additional furniture, fixtures and equipment were 
purchased and have been set up as assets of Grand Chapter. I would 
recommend that the fire insurance coverage on this asset be reviewed 
to determine its adequacy. In addition I would recommend that the 
employees of Grand Chapter be covered by Workmen's Compensation in 
order to avoid responsibility for an extensive liability in the event of 
an accident by these employees while in the employment of Grand 

So far as I was able to ascertain, from due inquiry of the officials 
concerned and from the information presently available, all known 
liabilities of the various Funds were taken up in the books of account as 
at February 28, 1970 and are reflected in the attached statements. 

Details of operations of the General Fund for the fiscal year ended 
February 28, 1970, as shown by the books of account of the Grand Scribe 
E., are set out in Exhibit "B" and compared with the budget for the 
fiscal year under review as approved by Grand Chapter. I notice that 
the year ended with a net expenditure of $8,615.20. This factor of 
increasing operationg costs together with a relatively fixed income 
situation and the fact that once your current liabilities as at February 
28, 1970 are paid, there will be very little money left in the bank account 
to meet the expenditures for the next six months which will include the 
cost of convocation and the costs of paying for the liability insurance so 
that I foresee a time when Grand Chapter must either borrow money 
from the bank to meet its obligations or dispose of some of its invest- 
ments. Disposal of any of the General Fund investments at the current 
market values for the classes of investments held will of course result 
in a considerable discount or loss. Under these circumstances I strongly 
recommend that Grand Chapter give consideration to further increasing 
the annual dues. 

The commutation fee for life memberships or commuted member- 
ships is $20.00 and if it earns an average of 3% per annum it is expected 
to produce $1.00 per annum. I realize that the Fund in general is now 
earning in excess of this rate, however I would also point out that the 
average life expectancy of your members has probably increased in 
accordance with national averages, which would mean that members 
may be outliving their contributions to the Fund. I would also point 
out, again, that the creation of a life membership status means that 
Grand Chaper and also the constituent Chapters, if they adhere to 
Section 246 of the Constitution, are committing themselves to a fixed 
annual income from these members in the face of steadily and rapidly 
rising costs and consequently rising dues. I recommend that the Com- 
muted Membership Fund be reviewed by a competent Actuary to deter- 
mine whether or not it is in sound financial position. I would also 
recommend, again, that consideration be given to deletion or reduction 
of the life membership category, both in so far as the individual Chapters 
and Grand Chapter are concerned. 

As in preceding years, interim examinations were made of the 
books of account of the Grand Scribe E. and Grand Treasurer and tenta- 
tive interim reports were submitted as of August 31, 1969 and November 
30, 1969. 

My examination included a general review of the accounting proce- 
dures and such tests of the accounting records and other supporting 
evidence as I considered necessary under the circumstances. I have 
obtained all the information and explanations which I have required. 


In my opinion, subject to the foregoing comments, the attached 
Balance Sheet and related Statements are drawn up so as to exhibit a 
true and correct view of the state of the financial affairs of the Grand 
Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario 
as at February 28, 1970 and the results of its operations for the year 
then ended, according to the best of my information and the explanations 
afforded to me and as shown by the books of the Grand Chapter. 

All of which is fraternally submitted, 



To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Members of 
the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 
of Ontario. 

Your Committee on Printing has received the expenditures for the 
year ending February 28th, 1970, and submits the following analysis in 
support thereof: 

Printing Proceedings $2,434.61 

Printing, General 329.74 


It is respectfully requested that the following monies be placed at 
the disposal of the Printing Committee for the fiscal year 1970-71: 

Printing Proceedings $2,500.00 

Printing, General 650.00 

Printing for Resale 1,200.00 


Fraternally submitted, 

R. Ex. Comp. W. H. Sproule, Chairman. 

R. Ex. Comp. R. E. Robinson 

R. Ex. Comp. W. L. Byers 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. W. H. Sproule, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
F. Welham, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Printing Committee be received 
and adopted. 



Exhibit "A" 

Petty Cash Fund $ 200.00 

Cash in Bank 3,091.29 


Accounts Receivable: 

Chapters $412.35 

The Victory Thanksgiving 

Benevolent Fund 976.06 

The Commuted Membership 

Fund 94.83 


Accrued Interest on Investments 932.50 

Inventories (Cost as at Feb. 28, 1970): 

Supplies for Resale $2,872.13 

Jewels (estimated replacement 

cost) 1,022.62 


Canada Permanent— 7%%— Oct. 18, 1971 $ 2,000.00 

H.E.P.C. of Ontario— 4%— July 15, 1974 6,000.00 

Metropolitan Toronto— 3 V 2 %— May 2, 1975... 3,000.00 

Province of Ontario— 3 %— Oct. 15, 1977 4,000.00 

H.E.P.C. of Ontario— 3 V 2 %— Oct. 15, 1979 .... 28,000.00 

Government of Canada— 4 V2 % , Sept. 1, 1983 17,500.00 

$ 9,601.78 

Less: Unamortized Discount 11.49 


Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment 

(Cost) $14,071.45 

Less: Allowance for 

Depreciation 14,056.83 


Grand Chapter Library 250.00 

Grand Chapter Regalia 75.00 



The Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund 

(Schedule "1") $76,348.44 

The Commuted Membership Fund 

(Schedule "2") 25,824.32 

The Chapters' Life Membership Fund 

(Schedule "3") 157.29 

The Scholarships and Bursaries Fund 

(Schedule "4") 18,263.53 





Accounts Payable $2,686.24 

Due to Scholarships and Bursaries Fund 30.26 

$ 2,716.50 

Reserve for Special Funds 120,593.58 


Balance— March 1, 1969 $76,328.61 

Less: Excess of Expenditure over Revenue 

(Exhibit "B") 8,615.20 




Exhibit "B" 
For The Year Ended February 28, 1970 

REVENUE Balance 

Estimated Actual Over 

Revenue Revenue *or Under 

Fees $ 1,700.00 $ 1,345.10 $354.90 

Dues 23,000.00 22,686.40 313.60 

Life Membership Dues 1,600.00 1,513.50 86.50 

Dispensations and Warrants 150.00 144.00 6.00 

Sale of Supplies 2,100.00 1,908.55 191.45 

Interest on Investments 2,400.00 2,380.01 19.99 

TOTAL REVENUE $30,950.00 $29,977.56 $ 972.44 

TOTAL EXPENDITURE $31,188.00 $38,592.76 *$7,404.76 

Estimated Deficit for the year 

ended February 28, 1970 $ 238.00 

Excess of Expenditure over Revenue 

for the year ended February 28, 1970 $ 8,615.20 *$8,377.20 


Estimated Over 

Expenditure Actual Expenditure *or Under 

Compensation $ 6,100.00 $6,488.94 *$ 388.94 

Office Assistants 4,500.00 5,441.36 * 941.36 

Rent 2,688.00 2,688.00 

Miscellaneous (Telephone, 

Postage, etc.) 1,200.00 2,758.64 * 1,558.64 

Annuity 500.00 500.00 

Canada Pension Plan 150.00 164.49 * 14.49 

$15,138.00 $18,041.43 

Foreign Correspondence 

(Reviewer) 300.00 300.00 

Audit 600.00 600.00 


Proceedings $2,250.00 $2,434.61 * 184.61 

General 550.00 329.74 220.26 

$2,800.00 $2,764.35 


Grand Z 2,000.00 2,000.00 

General _ 200.00 174.95 25.05 

2.200.00 2,174.95 


Convocation 4,000.00 4,279.02 * 279.02 

Executive Committee .... 2 ,100.00 2 ,045.80 54.20 

6,100.00 " 6,324.82 


Jewels and Engraving 600.00 1,318.44 * 718.44 

Grant to Masonic 

Library 125.00 125.00 

Liability Insurance 950.00 947.13 2.87 

Education & Instruction 200.00 87.30 112.70 

Supplies for Resale 1,500.00 2,390.52 * 890.52 

Regalia Repairs 75.00 75.00 

Grand Z.— Regalia 250.00 483.50 * 233.50 

Grand Z.— Testimonial .. 350.00 350.00 

Purchase of Equipment . 2,327.07 * 2,327.07 

Moving Expenses 358.25 * 358.25 

4,050.00 8,387.21 

TOTAL EXPENDITURE .... $31,188.00 $38,592.76 *$7,404.76 


Schedule "1" 
As At February 28, 1970 

Capital $67,185.78 

Unexpended Income 6,317.82 



Donations 17.00 

Interest on Investments 4,427.44 

Amortization of Bond Discount 60.96 

Bank Interest 142.32 



Benevolence 1,800.00 

Sundry Expenses 2.88 



Capital 67,185.78 

Unexpended Income 9,162.66 



Cash in Bank $ 8,625.46 

Accrued Interest 839.12 

$ 9,464.58 


National Trust— 6%— November 16, 1970 $ 9,000.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgage — 7%% — 

June 14, 1971 8,000.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgage — 7%% — 

July 15, 1971 1,000.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgage — 7%% — 

August 15, 1971 21,000.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgages — 7% — 

November 1, 1971 6,500.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgages — 7% — 

November 27, 1971 2,000.00 

Royal Trust— 6V 2 %— November 30, 1971 3,000.00 

Canada Permanent Mortgage — 7%% — 

January 9, 1972 3,000.00 

Province of Ontario— 3 %— October 15, 1977.... 1,000.00 

H.E.P.C. of Ontario— 3 V 2 % — October 18, 1979 2,000.00 

Government of Canada— 4%%— Sept. 1, 1983 200.00 

Government of Canada— 4%%— Sept. 1, 1983 11,500.00 

Deduct — Unamortized Discount 322.08 



Due to General Fund 976.06 

Due to Scholarships and Bursaries Fund 18.00 


BALANCE— FERBRUARY 28, 1970 $76,348.44 


Schedule "2" 
As At February 28, 1970 

Balance— March 1, 1969 $25,382.90 


Interest on Investments $ 770.00 

Bank Interest 124.92 

Commuted Memberships and Honorary 

Memberships Issued 1,060.00 


Deduct — Commuted Memberships Due 1,513.50 

Balance— February 28, 1970 $25,824.32 



Cash in Bank $4,322.48 

Accrued Interest on Investments 256.67 



Metropolitan Toronto— 3 V 2 %— May 2, 1975 22,000.00 


Due to General Fund $ 94.83 

Deposits received from Chapters re Honorary 
or Commuted Memberships to be accepted 
when provisions of the Constitution have 
been adhered to 660.00 



Schedule "3" 


As At February 28, 1970 

Balance— March 1, 1969 $185.83 

Add— Bank Interest 5.96 

Deduct — 1969 Dues Transferrable to General Account for 

Credit to the Chapters' Account $ 34.50 

Balance— February 28, 1970 $157.29 

Cash in Bank $157.29 


Schedule "4" 
As At February 28, 1970 

Balance— March 1, 1969 $17,394.25 


Donations $4,316.74 

Interest on Investments 376.50 

Bank Interest 168.03 



Bursaries and Scholarships 3,800.00 

Sundry Expenses 191.99 


Balance— February 28, 1970 $18,263.53 


Cash in Bank $7,384.27 

Accrued Interest 231.00 

Due from Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund 18.00 

Due from General Fund 30.26 

$ 7,663.53 


State of Israel— December 1, 1976 $ 300.00 

Province of Ontario— 3 %— October 15, 1977. ... 7,000.00 
Government of Canada— 4 V 2 %— Sept. 1, 1983 3,300.00 





To the Most Excellent the Grand Z,. Officers and Companions of the 

Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada, in the Province of 

Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

We beg to report, that there has been no requests submitted to this 
Committee for our consideration. 

Sincerely and fraternally submitted, 

RT. EX. COMP. H. TRUEMAN, Chairman 

Moved by Rt. Ex. Comp. H. Trueman, seconded by Rt. Ex. Comp. 
R. W. King, and— 

Resolved — That the report on Warrants and Dispensations be re- 
ceived and adopted. 


To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Companions 

of Grand Chapter. 
Most Excellent Sirs and Companions: 

It is a distinct pleasure again to have the privilege of reporting 
that your Committee on Grievances and Appeals has had no cases of 
such brought to our attention, so it is considered that peace, harmony 
and happiness prevail throughout our Grand Jurisdiction and in these 
troubled and upset times, this should be thought of as an auspicious 

Fraternally and respectfully submitted, 

M. EX. COMP. BRUCE D. SMITH, Chairman 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. Smith, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. Gent 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Grievances and 

Appeals be received and adopted. 


To the Officers and Companions of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 

Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

We join with our Grand Z. in his concern over the condition of the 
world to-day, and agree with his suggestion that maybe if we start 
"Being a Mason" instead of just belonging to the "Masonic Fraternity" 
our influence would be felt in the world and our Ideals of Friendship 
and Brotherly Love would once again return among Peoples and between 

We join with our Grand First Principal in expressing the pleasure 
it gives the Companions of this Grand Chapter in having Distinguished 
Visitors from other Grand Jurisdictions with us. His Welcome to them 
meets with our approval. 

We approve of his special reference to the representatives of the 
Most Worshipful, The Grand Master of Ancient Free and Accepted 
Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 


Again we concur with the Grand Z. in his praise to the Companions 
of Districts 8 and 8A for their work in co-ordinating the many details 
that are necessary in the smooth running of our Grand Chapter Sessions. 

We agree with our Grand Z. when he states that we have suffered 
two "set-backs" this year — having to vacate our old office in the Temple 
Building on Richmond Street and the resignation of Rt. Ex. Companion 
Robt. J. Hamilton as Grand Scribe E. 

We approve the Credit he gives to Most Ex. Companion Chas. 
Emmett in his untiring efforts in locating a new Grand Chapter Office 
for us, and agree with him that a debt of gratitude is due Most Ex. 
Companion J. Girven, Rt. Ex. Companion Lloyd Gillespie and the late Rt. 
Ex. Companion Allan Mason for their work in carrying on the duties 
of the Grand Scribe E.'s office until the appointment of V. Ex. Companion 
Fred C. Conley as Acting Grand Scribe E. was made, whose work to 
date, in that capacity is deserving of our commendation. 

We realize that the heavy load our Grand Z. undertook to revise the 
Constitution didn't give him much time to travel around the Grand 
Jurisdiction, and we commend him for transferring much of his visita- 
tion to his Grand "H." and Grand "J.". 

We agree with him that they are deserving of much appreciation 
for discharging those duties with Honor and Dignity. 

We approve the action of our Grand Z. in presenting our Flag to 
the Grand Chapter of Ohio and commend him for visiting other Grand 
Jurisdictions, and extend to him the appreciation of this Grand Chapter 
for his efforts in cementing the ties of Friendship between the various 
Grand Chapters. 

Our Grand Z.'s intentions to help, as he says, sluggish Chapters, is to 
be commended, and his endeavors with the few are to his credit. We are 
in accord with the views of our Grand Z. that if Chapters would take 
some worthwhile project, with membership participation, greater interest 
would be created and better attendance would result. 

We regret that we cannot concur with our Grand First Principal's 
suggestion of the Amalgamation of Branches of the Craft in order to 
reduce the number of meetings, etc. We agree that attendance is a 
condition that calls for a great deal of consideration and research by 
the Committee on Assistance of Chapters. 

We agree with the suggestions of the Grand Z. that the Scribes of 
the Constituent Chapters should be given advice and assistance at District 
Level. We respectfully suggest this could be accomplished through the 
Masonic Instruction Committee. 

We feel that this should be one of the duties of Grand Superin- 
tendents to see that Scribe E.'s conform to regulations. 

We approve the Grand Z.'s recommendation that we exchange repre- 
sentatives with the Grand Chapter of Israel. 

We must concur with the Ruling of the Grand Z., regarding Candi- 
dates used when Royal Arch Degree is being conferred or exemplified, 
until this is clarified by the Committee on the "Study of Work", making 
a definite rule covering same. 

We receive with regret, the news that our Grand Z. must surrender 
the Sceptre to his successor at this time due to health reasons. 

The disappointment felt by the Membership is somewhat softened 
when we realize, that by following professional advice now, we may not 
be deprived of his physical presence among us, but we will be assured of 
his Wisdom and Guidance for a long time to come. 


His regrets at leaving so much for his successor to do can be 
answered in these words: 

"Still we believe and still we hope 
That in this work of larger scope 
What he had faithfully begun 
Will be completed — not undone." 
His appreciation of assistance rendered during his term, from Com- 
mittees and Individuals is noted by this Committee and meets with its 

Likewise the Committee wishes to express its gratitude to Most Ex. 
Companion G. H. Shannon for his past work on behalf of our Royal Craft 
and join with all our Companions in wishing him many years of service 
as a Past Grand Z. 

Respectfully submitted, 

F. HAY, 

B. H. SMITH, Chairman. 
Moved by M. Ex. Comp. B. H. Smith, seconded by M. Ex. Comp. C. 
W. Emmett, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on the Grand Z.'s 
Address be received and adopted. 


To the M. Ex. the Grand First Principal, Officers and Companions of the 

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of 

M. Ex. Sir and Companions: 

There has been no material additions to the Archives since the last 
Convocation and the Report of the Committee at this time is therefore 
contained to observation and recommendation. Initial observation would 
indicate that if this Grand Chapter is to maintain and continue a worthy 
collection of its history for future reference, then we strongly recommend 
that restoration and preservation of records at hand be undertaken in 
stages and that positive steps towards this objective be instituted at an 
early date. It has been previously noted that some rebinding of old 
ledgers is needed and it is suggested that this matter receive early con- 
sideration, to correct the conditions prevailing of loose pages which may 
become lost. In addition some form of study should be instituted towards 
preserving valuable records of which the paper condition in many in- 
stances is brittle through aging from use and time. 

It is further observed that a considerable number of books and 
records, representing old history, are presently contained within wooden 
cupboards. These would be more adequately protected with proper fire 
proof storage, although this would no doubt be an expensive proposition 
within the Grand Chapter office itself. However, many of the records 
in the aforementioned category are not referred to and providing reason- 
able rates were available a suggested alternative is that the rental of 
outside fire proof facilities be contemplated. 

It is fully appreciated that to undertake a full and comprehensive 
programme at any one time would represent a costly factor, and it is 
further appreciated that limited funds must of need receive certain 
priorities, however it is strongly recommended that a least nominal 


amounts be allocated on an annual basis and allowed to accumulate if 
necessary to ensure a continued programme of preservation in progres- 
sive stages. 

This report is respectfully and fraternally submitted for the con- 
sideration of this Grand Chapter. 


JOHN E. RICHARDSON (Toronto), Chairman. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson, Chairman, seconded by 
V. Ex. Comp. Frederick C. Conley, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Archives Committee be received 
and adopted. 


To the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members of the Grand Chapter 
Royal Arch Masons of Canada, in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Excellent Sir, and Companions: 

Since the inception of the Masonic Instruction Committee several 
years ago, during the tenure of office of Most Excellent Companion 
Charles W. Emmett, the chairman in his report has called on the con- 
stituent Chapters to make use of the facilities, and manpower of this 
important, and well conceived Committee. 

Advertising people tell us that it takes twenty impressions to make 
an impact on the mind of any individual. With this thought foremost 
in our thinking, it would appear that it will take us another eight to 
ten years to bring the Masonic Instruction Committee to the attention of 
our Constituent Chapters, and have the Chapters utilize the Committee 
for the purpose it was originally formed. 

As chairman of this Committee, we want to impress upon our mem- 
bership that the Committee wants to help, not only in the presentation 
of our ritual work, but in other ways as well. 

By working together we can prepare material, and methods to assist 
in interesting new members. The Committee feels this is an extremely 
important part of their work, and in view of declining membership in 
many areas it must be of prime importance to our constituent Chapters 
as well. 

We must confess there was an area of confusion in the appointment 
of the District Chairmanships this past year, and we hasten to assure 
you this matter has now been corrected. 

In all Districts this year the newly appointed chairman of the 
District Masonic Instruction Committee will be the Immediate Past 
Grand Superintendents. 

These Companions will be well aware of the areas of concern in 
each District, and will be in a position to work closely with their suc- 
cessors ;who will in turn become chairmen of their districts one year 
hence. With this type of continuity in the District Committee we antici- 
pate, and will expect much closer liaison with our Chapters than has 
existed heretofore. 

So much for organization plans; but before we report on activities 
for the 1969-1970 year, let me again assure our Companions of the 
Committees desire to be of help to our Chapters. Be aware that we do 
not consider ourselves the group from Grand Chapter that have all the 
answers. Rather, we feel that each District has its specific challenges, 
and that by working together as Companions dedicated to the cause of 
Royal Arch Masonry, we can, and will find the answers to our difficulties. 


It is by working together that we find the true value of men and 
their methods, and thus arrive at new horizons of understanding, and 

The Grand Chapter Committee sincerely hopes you will give us the 
opportunity of labouring together for our beloved Royal Arch this year, 
and thus help us lay the foundation for a strong, and active Committee 
for the future. 

This year Chapters of Instructionn were held in Huron District No. 6 
on two occasions, one in the winter season at Goderich, which in spite of 
very inclement weather was well attended; and the second at Stratford 
on April 16th, where over eighty members and Companions from the 
District attended. In both cases remarkably well organized meetings 
were enthusiastically received, and much interest was generated through- 
out the District. 

On February 14th Sussex-St. Lawrence Chapter was host to the 
Principals Association of District No. 12, and a Lodge of Instruction was 
held on the M.E.M. Degree. Companions from all Chapters in the District 
were present, and an exceptionally fine M.E.M. Degree was presented. 
A thoroughly enjoyable evening was the concensus of all present. 

Lodges, and Chapters of Instruction were held in several other 
areas, but unfortunately at the time of writing all reports from the 
District Chairmen had not been received. 

We would, however, like to mention the combined Lodge and Chapter 
Instructions at Beaver Chapter, Strathroy, on June 11th when the 
working of all three degrees was presented, and discussed. We want 
to commend Very Excellent Companion Fred Longthorne, Chairman of 
Masonic Instruction in London District No. 2 for his untiring efforts on 
behalf of your Committee. 

On October 15th, 1960, Niagara District No. 7 held a meeting at 
which all but one of their Chapters was present. A resume of the ritual 
in all three Degrees was discussed as well as pertinent facts from the 
Book of Constitution. The Grand Superintendent worked with the 
Chairman of the District on Masonic Instruction in the preparation and 
presentation of this interesting evening. Our thanks to Rt. Ex. Companion 
McKeand, and Rt. Ex. Companion Diiamarter for their efforts. 

Rt. Ex. Companion G. 0. Smith was very active as chairman for 
Georgian District No. 9 and worked with the District Superintendent Rt. 
Ex. Companion Myers throughout the entire year. We appreciate his 
efforts on our behalf. 

One of the most stalwart members of our Committee, Rt. Ex. 
Companion H. T. C. Humphries, reports a very successful year in District 
No. 13. It is unfortunate that under our new program for appointing 
District Chairmen Rt. Ex. Companion Humphries will become a casualty. 
We are however going to recommend to the new chairman that Rt. Ex. 
Companion Humphries continue on the Committee as an Honorary Mem- 

We would be very remiss if we did not extend a heartfelt thanks to 
him, and all the other District Chairmen for their efforts this past year. 

Our most sincere thanks also to Rt. Ex. Companion Fred Conley, our 
new Grand Scribe "E." Although heavily burdened with all the duties 
pertaining to the Annual Grand Convocation, Rt. Ex. Companion Conley 
never hesitated to give assistance when called upon to do so. Without 
his help this Committee would have been hard pressed to gather the 
material required for their part in our Grand Convocation. 

By way of thanks may we wish Rt. Ex. Companion Conley many 
years sojourn in the office of Grand Scribe "E." Our time honoured 


institution will certainly benefit from his keen appreciation of his duties, 
and his cheerful manner in carrying them out. 

Once more Companions let me reiterate, the Grand Chapter Masonic 
Instruction Committee is here to serve you in your Chapter. We ad- 
monish you to use its facilities whenever assistance is required. 

All of which is respectfully submitted. 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
Fred W. D. Welham, and— 

Resolved — That the report of the Masonic Instruction Committee be 
received and adopted. 


M. Ex. Comp. Shannon reported to Grand Chapter that much work 
and due consideration had been done on the Constitiution Revision. It 
had not been completed as soon as he would have desired but that a 
draft copy had been completed and two copies sent to the Scribe E. of 
each Chapter for their due study, consideration and suggestions back to 
Grand Chapter. He would now file with the Grand Scribe E. a copy 
of this draft copy, with any notes appended, and would leave further 
direction of this important work under the very capable direction of our 
new Grand Z. 


Moved by M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon, seconded by R.E. Comp. 
Leo. J. Gent — and 

Resolved — That this report of the Committee on Constitution 
Revision be received and adopted. 


To the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 

of the Grand Chapter of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Ex. Sir and Companions: 

Your Committee appointed in 1968 to study our Grand Chapter Con- 
vocation submitted a report to Grand Chapter last year. It was received 
and accepted as a progress report. 

The report pointed out that our annual Grand Convocation had been 
held in the City of Toronto for some twenty years. The main reasons 
for this being that during the early 1950's it was difficult to find hotel 
accommodation with sufficient facilities to meet our needs, also the City 
of Toronto was considered to be the centre of our Grand Jurisdiction. 
Hotel accommodation has however changed considerably during the past 
few years and there are now a number of locations with adequate 

Your Committee has carried on further studies this year and believe 
it would be in the best interests of Royal Arch Masonry to hold our 
annual Convocations in various districts of our Grand Jurisdiction. We 
believe this would give a real boost to the Constituent Chapters in the 
Districts. We are convinced there are many Companions who would 
attend Grand Chapter who have never had an opportunity to attend in 
the past or if they have attended, may not have attended now for many 
years. We have been trying many ways to stimulate the Constituent 
Chapters and we believe this could be one of the most important we have 

Your Committee has also given consideration to changing the days 
on which our Convocation is held and have come to the conclusion we 
should try a new set of dates having our Grand Executive meet on 
Friday and Saturday and close by Sunday noon. 

Our studies have indicated that if we change our locations we may 
be able to reduce our expenses for our Grand Convocation from $400. to 


$500. for some locations while others may run about the same as Toronto. 

This year we have received invitations from Ottawa and Toronto 
8 and 8A Districts. 

In view of our need to create and stimulate greater interest in 
Royal Arch Masonry your Committee recommended to this Grand 
Chapter that we again give approval to hold our Grand Convocations in 
various Districts where facilities are adequate and that we approve 
holding our 1971 Convocation in Ottawa. I note in the report from our 
Reviewer today that he states we must have closer contact with Grand 
Chapter and the Companions of the Constituent Chapter and this is one 
way this can be accomplished. 

Grand Chapter will of course decide the location by ballot. 

In the meantime we have had to make a temporary reservation at 
the Chateau Laurier for Friday, April 30th through May 2nd, 1971. 

All of which is respectively submitted, 



M. EX. COMP. JAMES E. GIRVEN, Chairman. 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. J. E. Girven, seconded by M. Ex. Comp. B. 
H. Smith, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Study of Grand Chapter Convoca- 
tion be received and adopted. 


It was regretted by your Committee that funds were not available 
for production of any issues of The Keystone during this past year. 
Favourable comments had indicated that Companions throughout the 
Jurisdiction had enjoyed reading it, and looked forward to its continu- 
ance. We can only express the hope that some way will be found to 
achieve its reinstatement. 

In this situation we decided to depend on communications to Chap- 
ters, and we can only hope that these were not simply "received and 
filed". We are convinced that were these suggestions followed they 
would be productive, to the good of the Chapters. 

"Public Relations" means simply communicating in such a way that 
the public gets to know and appreciate the product — or the person — or, 
in our case, the Order. We urge, therefore, the establishment of a 
publicity chairman in each Chapter. He should ensure that every time 
there is a special function — be it Grand Chapter visitation, an important 
speaker, or a Ladies' Night — the local press be invited to visit, at a 
convenient time, to take pictures, and report the event. It should be 
remembered that the local reporter is a busy man, and should not be kept 
waiting. People reading the local press — apart from big cities — like 
to read that one they know is the new First Principal of his Chapter. 
They like to read news of local organizations. It will stimulate interest 
in the Craft. Chapter news will arouse the interest of the Craft Mason, 
who will feel this is a live body! 

In the longer view, this can bring new members, who will be exposed 
to the teaching and principles of Capitular Masonry. More people in the 
community embracing those principles means a better community. All 
other aims are unimportant and unprofitable beside this primary aim. 

An outstanding example of good public relations is the work done by 
the Welfare Committee of Mt. Sinai Chapter, Toronto. A recent feature 
article in the Toronto Daily Star outlined the magnificent programme of 
this Chapter under the leadership of Mike Mitchell. This is a body of 
men which long ago learned that "Charity" has the approbation of 
Heaven and of earth, and, like its sister "Mercy", blesses him that gives 


as well as him that receives. 

In addition, the work of our Grand Chapter Bursary Committee, as 
it becomes known, will build good public relations in the communities 
where its benefits are received. This programme, if publicized, ought 
also to attract Craft Masons to our ranks. 

In essence, then, Public Relations involves us all, primarily by exem- 
plification of the Principles of Royal Arch Masonry in our communities. 
The work of this committee is everybody's job! 

Respectfully submitted, 

W. S. THOMSON, Chairman. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. W. S. Thomson, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
F. W. D. Welham, and— 

Resolved — That the report of the Grand Chapter Committee on 
Public Relations be received and adopted. 


To the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal and Grand Chapter of 
Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 
Dear Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Attached you will find a detailed statement of the disbursements 
of your Mileage and Per Diem Committee for the 112th Convocation 
of our Grand Jurisdiction, held at the Roval York Hotel, Toronto, on 
the 27th, 28th and 29th of April, 1970. 

It is noted with regret that three of our Past Grand First Principals, 
in the persons of Most Excellent Companions Burden, Dean and Brad- 
shaw were unable to be present at this Grand Convocation. Also H. 
(Bert) S. Biggs, an appointed member of the Grand Executive Commit- 
tee was unable to be present due to illness. The Grand Registrar, Rt. 
Ex. Comp. Richard L. Carr, apparently did not attend any of the sessions 
although diligent enquiry was made as to whether he had been seen in 
the hotel. 

We know that E. W. Mitchell of London, Ont., was in attendance 
for one day. He was an appointed member of the Grand Executive Com- 
mittee. However he got away without his mileage and per diem allow- 
ance and we suggest he be sent a cheque from Grand Chapter office for 
$19.60, being $9.60 for mileage and one day's allowance. His envelope 
has already been turned back to the Grand Scribe E. 

At the conclusion of the convocation, cash was turned in to the 
Grand Scribe E. in the amount of $169.60 made up as follows: 

Envelope of E. W. Mitchell returned $ 39.60 

Envelope of Richard L. Carr returned 30.00 

Deducted from Harold Foote, 1 day allowance 10.00 

Deducted from John Hayman Roy, 2 days allowance 20.00 

Deducted from Horace A. Jones, 1 day allowance 10.00 

Deducted from Grodon E. Karle, 1 day allowance 10.00 

Deducted from Ray E. Moore, - day allowance 10.00 

Deducted from Bruce E. Reid, 1 day allowance 10.00 

Deducetd from G. A. Stewart, 1 day allowance 10.00 

Deducted from A. J. Wilson, 1 day allowance 10.00 

My cheque in the amount of $132.80 is enclosed. This amount, 

together with the cash returned to the Grand Scribe E. of $169.60 and 

the amounts disbursed, $1,642.85, make up the total of $1,945.25 estimated 

and requested by your Committee. 

We express to Most Excellent Comp. G. Harold Shannon our thanks 

and appreciation for his confidence in us. It was also a pleasure working 

with our new Grand Scribe E. 

Respectfully submitted, LLOYD B. GILLESPIE, Chairman. 



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Moved by R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd B. Gillespie, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
Fred W. D. Welham, and— 

Resolved — that the report of the Mileage and Per Diem Committee 
be received and accepted. — Carried. 


The following are members of the Committee on Benevolence for 
1970 and are members of the Executive Committee of Grand Chapter 
for the respective years: 

M. Ex. Comp. F. W. Dean — retires 1971. 
M. Ex. Comp. B. H. Smith— retires 1972. 
R. Ex. Comp. Carl Ackert— retires 1973. 
To the Most Excellent Grand "Z.", Officers and Companions of the 
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 
of Ontario. 
Most Excellent Grand "Z." and Companions: 

Your Committee on Benevolence has considered the Applications for 
Relief submitted by the various Chapters and we recommend that Grants 
be authorized from the Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund, to the 
following, for the present Grand Chapter year: 
Chapter Grant in Favour of Amount 

5 Widow of M. Ex. Comp. E. S. '. $ 250.00 

8 Widow of Companion J. L 250.00 

8 Companion R. E. L 250.00 

16 Companion J. D. B 250.00 

18 Ex. Comp. C. F. B 250.00 

102 Companion M. S. D 400.00 

175 Companion H. D. H 250.00 


We further recommend that an amount of $800.00 be provided for 
Interim Relief, if it be needed before the next Annual Convocation of 
Grand Chapter. 

We further recommend that the Executive Committee authorize the 
investment of cash available in the V.T.B. Fund. 

The attention of all Chapters is directed to the "Rules Respecting 
Grants for Benevolence, as set forth in our Constitution. One of the 
basic principles of Freemasonry is dispensing of Relief and Assistance 
in case of need and the First Principal of every Chapter is charged 
with the responsibility of seeing that the requirements of the Constitu- 
tion are complied with in every case, including the necessity of a new 
Application each year, to be in the hands of the Grand Scribe "E." not 
later than January 31. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

B. H. SMITH, P.G.Z. 

F. W. D. WELHAM, G.J., 

F. W. DEAN, P.G.Z., Chairman. 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
F. W. D. Welham, and— 

Resolved — That the report on Benevolence be received and adopted — 


To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch of Masons of Canada, in the 
Province of Ontario. 

Most Excellent Sirs and Companions: 

Your committee, charged with the responsibility of moving the office 


of the Grand Scribe E. are pleased to make the following report. 

We in Grand Chapter have been aware for the past few years that, 
eventually, we were going to have to move from our location in the 
Temple Building. 

Upon the expiration of our lease last December 31, 1969, we were 
advised by the owners of the Temple Building that the building had 
been sold and was slated to be torn down this summer. Under these 
conditions, they could only extend to our Grand Chapter a new lease on 
a month to month basis. 

Early in February, we were advised that they could not guarantee 
Grand Chapter accommodation in the Temple Building after April 1, 

Realizing it would be physically impossible to move during the month 
of April, your committee immediately proceeded to inspect some 35 
locations. With the co-operation of our Acting Grand Scribe E. and our 
Grand Second Principal, they concurred in the Chairman's recommenda- 
tion that a location at 240 Eglinton Avenue East be presented to the 
advisory committee for approval. 

We are pleased to report that at a special meeting, called by our 
Grand First Principal, the committee's recommendation was adopted, 
and we were authorized to finalize the necessary arrangements. 

These arrangements were finalized on Monday morning, February 
16, 1970, and with the utmost co-operation of our landlord, we were able 
to move into our new accommodation the following weekend and have 
our office open for business on Monday morning, February 23, 1970. 

On behalf of our Grand Chapter, may we record at this time, our 
appreciation for the tremendous amount of help we received from Very 
Ex. Comp. Conley throughout the entire period. To Ex. Comp. T. Tomp- 
kins and Rt. Ex. Comp. E. K. Hogaboon whose assistance in packing the 
equipment for moving was so helpful and appreciated. 

We trust the new accommodation will not only meet the approval 
of all of our Companions, but particularly the chairmen of the various 
committees of Grand Chapter that they will make use of the new 
meeting room facilities. 

Finally, may we record our sincere appreciation to the various 
suppliers and tradesmen who participated in the moving, for, without 
their co-operation and financial consideration, your committee could not 
have accomplished all that has been done and stay within the frame- 
work of the estimated budget of $2,000.00. 

The total amount expended was $2,143.38. We regret the amount 
exceeded the $2,000.00 mark but this was due in a great measure to 
the overtime spent by the mover, the direct result of the elevator break- 
ing down during moving in the old premises. 

All of which is respectfully and fraternally submitted. 


Moved by M. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
F. W. D. Welham, and— 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee for Moving our Office 
be received and adopted. 


To the Grand First Principal of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons 
of Canada in the Province of Ontario, greetings, this is the Report 
of the Bursary Committee of the Grand Chapter. 
Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Again it is the privilege of your Bursary Committee to submit its 
report of its activities during the past year since our annual Convoca- 
tion in April last. 


This again has been a year of achievements and we have established 
more concrete proof of the worthwhileness of this Grand Chapter project 
than in any previous year. Your Committee is exceptionally gratified 
to be able to report that there seems to be a greater enthusiasm for the 
bursary programme in the constituent Chapters. This is perhaps the 
primary reason for your Committee being able to report such a success- 
ful year. However, we caution all Companions against a feeling of 
complacency or lessening efforts because of the success attained this 

Indeed, your Committee, through its activities in the field of Bursary 
has become exceedingly well-known in the fields of higher education, 
and is perhaps significant that recently we received a brochure from 
the University Scholarships of Canada, an agency interested in the field 
of bursaries, and we quote from this brochure: — "In the next twenty 
years our nation's expanding population and new technology will create 
the greatest job demand for University graduates in Canadian history. 
Critical shortage already exist in medical, chemistry, teaching, 
electronics, data processing and other professions. The years ahead 
are certainly rich in opportunity and challenge for your children if 
they have a higher education. Government research shows that it now 
costs parents approximately $2,000 each year their child attends Uni- 
versity. Financial hardship has always prevented many children from 
going to University. As the cost of the University education continues 
to rise even higher income families may be hard pressed to keep paying 
the bills." 

This, we believe, is a most significant observation and surely should 
dispel any thoughts which seem to exist among some of the Companions 
in our jurisdiction, that such a project as the bursary one is not needed. 
Your Committee has an abundance of proof that the Grand Chapter 
Bursary Fund has been able to do so much for students who otherwise 
would not have been able to commence or continue with higher education 
other than because of the financial aid granted by this Grand Chapter 
Bursary Fund. We would again remind all Companions that it is im- 
portant to remember that our bursaries are granted only to children 
and wives of Royal Arch Masons, and also, of course, to Royal Arch 
Masons. So far your committee has not had shall we say the pleasure 
of dealing with an application from a Royal Arch Mason, although this 
of course is quite possible in the future, and the committee would be 
most grateful at such an opportunity to be able to assist a Royal Arch 
Mason financially during his period at a College or University of higher 

Your Committee is pleased to report that it has strictly adhered 
to the policy adopted namely, that no child of a Royal Arch Mason, will 
be denied higher education because of financial need. However, here- 
tofore the Chapters have not been able to, in some instances, give us 
the information that is required in order to properly make awards. 
Consequently your Committee has prepared a new application form 
which, if completed in accordance with the requirements of the commit- 
tee, will give all necessary information which will enable the committee 
to make awards where the financial need exists. These new application 
forms will be sent to Chapters with a covering letter shortly after the 
completion of this Grand Chapter Convocation. 

Your bursary committee has given careful consideration to the rules 
and regulations and terms of reference which created your Bursary Com- 
mittee. Among these is a provision that one member of the Committee 
retires each year. However, your Committee is now of the opinion that 
this is not good administrative practice in that you lose the services of 
a member of the Committee who, because of service given, has become 
exceedingly well acquainted with all phases of the bursary administra- 


tion, and, consequently the committee is losing a very valuable man year 
by year. This Committee is desirous of retaining the continuity of 
knowledge of this body and therefore recommends that all retiring or 
retired members of the Bursary Committee shall remain as ex-officio and 
non-voting members of this Committee, unless that person indicates he 
does not wish to do so. At the conclusion of this Convocation, Most Ex. 
Comp. Chas. W. Emmett will have concluded five years of service on the 
Bursary Committee. His wisdom and sage advice have been of great 
value. He would have been a serious loss to future bursary committees, 
however, if the foregoing recommendation is approved we will be most 
fortunate to have the continued benefit of his counsel. The Committee 
expresses its deep appreciation and thanks to M. Ex. Comp. Emmett for 
his assistance and direction during the formative years. 

We further recommend that V. Ex. Comp. Edward Shunk be appoint- 
ed as a member of this Bursary Committee for the ensuing five year 
period. V. Ex. Comp. Shunk is well qualified by reason of his long 
service in the educational system of our Province and his interest in the 
welfare of students. 

It may not be generally known in Grand Chapter that the chairman 
of this important Committee, M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, was 
admitted to a hospital in July of last year and remained under treat- 
ment for a long period of time, which, unfortunately, included the am- 
putation of his right leg above the knee, thus his services to the Com- 
mittee were lessened considerably and, consequently, the chairman 
wishes to advise Grand Chapter that the Committee, under the direction 
of Ex. Comp. Aube Weisman, the Vice-Chairman, has rendered outstand- 
ing service, and the success attained during the year, which will be shown 
by statistics and financial reports, will bear out the statement that this 
Grand Chapter is indebted to those members of the Committee who car- 
ried on so efficiently and effectively. I, as the Chairman of the Com- 
mittee, would be most negligent if I did not express my deep sense of 
gratitude and commendation to Ex. Comp. Aube Weisman and the other 
members of the Committee who, during the past year, have rendered 
such outstanding service to Grand Chapter in their capacity as members 
of the Bursary Committee. 

Likewise, your Committee desires to express its commendation to 
those Grand Superintendents who have diligently supported the Bursary 
Committee during their term of office. Your Committee is glad to observe 
that many have appointed District Chairmen who are also deserving of 
the gratitude of the Bursary Committee and Grand Chapter, and we 
commend them accordingly. 

However, your Committee desires to emphasize that without the 
whole-hearted support of constituent Chapters the Bursary Fund will 
not be able to carry out its policies and particularly make sure that no 
child of a Royal Arch Mason is denied the opportunity of higher educa- 
tion because of a financial need. We therefore hope that during the 
forthcoming year we will concentrate particularly on those Chapters who 
have heretofore failed to recognize what we believe to be a responsibility 
to do their share, no matter how small or large, so that we may be 
assured that, at no time, will there be reason to make extraordinary 
pleas to Chapters or any others, perhaps because your Committee finds 
itself in the unfortunate position of having to deny any worthy applica- 
tion because it is not in a financial position so to do. 

Your Committee has found its work most satisfying and rewarding, 
it has received numerous letters from students, awards officers, and 
other officials of Universities and other Institutions of a higher learning, 
congratulating and commending its work in the field of bursaries. Your 
Committee feels that it is bound to again say that the stature of the 
Grand Chapter and its prestige has grown considerably in these spheres 


because of its efforts to bring about financial need where it is required. 
In proof of this we quote herewith from some letters received from 
students and they are as follows: 

Would you kindly convey to the members of your committee 
and through your committee, to all Royal Arch Masons who 
contribute their support to this worthwhile project, my profound 
and sincere appreciation. 

Without your bursary it would have been difficult to con- 
tinue in this next term, and therefore I am joined by my parents 
in thanking you for your assistance once more. 

I am enjoying my studies more extensively and find them 
demanding and challenging. This has been made possible to a 
large extent through your gracious assistance in the form of two 

May it be gratifying to know that through your bursaries 
to young people like myself, you are investing in the future of 
our great country of Canada by helping them prepare themselves 
to take their places in our rapidly changing world. The dividends 
thus achieved will most assuredly reflect honour upon your great 
fraternal organization. 


Total $4,150.00. This was distributed among six male and nine 
female students. The awards went to: 

1 — 5th year student 

1 — 4th year student 

2 — 3rd year students 

4 — 2nd year students 

7 — 1st year students 

These students are attending ten Universities. To date the Bursary 
Committee has made 46 awards to students for a total value of 

Surely my Companions, the foregoing is sufficient proof of the 
worthwhileness of the Grand Chapter Bursary programme. Surely no 
Companion can read these without a feeling of pride in the accomplish- 
ment of Grand Chapter in the field of Bursaries. 

We therefore hope that you will take back to your Chapters much 
of the information we have endeavoured to bring to you in this report 
and, consequently, stimulate them and encourage them to greater efforts, 
which, of course, can only be brought about by further financial contri- 
bution to the Grand Chapter Bursary Fund. 

M. A. SEARLE, Chairman. 
Mr. Michael Mitchell, 
2515 Bathurst Street, 
Apartment 312, 
Toronto 19, Ontario. 

November 7th, 1969 
Dear Mr. Mitchell: 

After you and Mr. Leo Goldman left Lorimer Lodge this afternoon, 
I sat at my desk for quite a while reviewing in my thoughts the many 
wonderful ways in which the Welfare Committee assist our girls and 
the staff at the Lodge. 

I recalled my own initial shock as the newly appointed director on 
touring the residence in autumn 1967 to find it so shabbily equipped 
and so run-down. The staff, too, had been handicapped for so long in 



their attempts to give good service on a 'shoestring' budget. Morale 
was low indeed. 

Although I was determined to strive to bring about essential im- 
provement as quickly as possible, I was equally aware that it would 
almost require an Act of God to provide the bright, happy environment 
that my staff and I so desperately wanted for our girls. 

And then the continuing miracle of the wonderfully varied and 
intensive services of the Welfare Committee of the Mount Sinai Chapter, 
Royal Arch Masons started to brighten all our lives at Lorimer Lodge — 
and kept on brightening them. 

Yesterday, a former director and social worker had supper at the 
Lodge with our graduates and trainees. Both of these former staff 
members commented on the vast improvements and the totally changed 
atmosphere in the residence. 

So much has been accomplished in so many ways owing to the great 
interest and generous support of you wonderful friends that I found 
myself thinking I won't just sit here feeling full of grateful and happy 
emotion on behalf of our girls, I'll write to Mr. Mike Mitchell and once 
again try to let him know something of what we feel. 

I realize, of course, that I never will be really able to adequately 
express the warmth of feeling and the high degree of esteem with which 
my staff and I regard 'our' Arch Masons. 

God Bless you all. 



Director, Lorimer Lodge. 


Ancient Frontenac and Cataraqui 

Chapter No. 1 
The Hiram Chapter No. 2 
St. George's Chapter No. 5 
St. John's Chapter No. 6 
The Moira Chapter No. 7 
King Solomon's Chapter No. 8 
Wawanosh Chapter No. 15 
Carleton Chapter No. 16 
Oxford Chapter No. 18 
Mount Moriah Chapter No. 19 
Ezra Chapter No. 23 
Tecumseh Chapter No. 24 
Manitou Chapter No. 27 
Pentalpha Chapter No. 28 
Prince Edward Chapter No. 31 
Waterloo Chapter No. 32 
Signet Chapter No. 34 
Keystone Chapter No. 35 
Corinthian Chapter No. 36 
Victoria Chapter No. 37 
Wellington Chapter No. 47 
Bruce Chapter No. 53 
Georgian Chapter No. 56 
King Hiram Chapter No. 57 
Maitland Chapter No. 68 
Grimsby Chapter No. 69 
Keytsone Chapter No. 72 
Orient Chapter No. 79 
Aylmer Chapter No. 81 


Shuniah Chapter No. 82 
Lebanon Chapter No. 84 
Toronto-Antiquity Chapter No. 91 
Midland Chapter No. 94 
Covenant Chapter No. 113 
Maple Chapter No. 116 
Kitchener Chapter No. 117 
King Cyrus Chapter No. 119 
Chantry Chapter No. 130 
St. Francis Chapter No. 13 
King Darius Chapter No. 134 
Succoth Chapter No. 135 
Shekinah Chapter No. 138 - 
Glengarry Chapter No. 143 
The St. Patrick Chapter No. 145 
Madoc Chapter No. 161 
Kichikewana Chapter No. 167 
Ionic Chapter No. 168 
Hugh Murray Chapter No. 184 
Peel Chapter No. 195 
Couchiching Chapter No. 198 
Victoria Chapter No. 205 
Kitchener Chapter No. 210 
Mount Sinai Chapter No. 212 
Mimico Chapter No. 215 
Prince Edward Chapter No. 218 
Lebanon Chapter No. 220 
Ottawa Chapter No. 222 
Beaver Chapter No. 225 
Quinte Friendship Chapter No. 227 


Oakwood Chapter No. 233 Thomas Peters Chapter No. 250 

University Chapter No. 241 Tyrian Chapter No. 258 

Nilestown Chapter No. 247 Centennial Chapter No. 260 

Dochert Chapter No. 248 King David Chapter No. 262 

Palestine Chapter No. 249 The Scarborough Chapter No. 263 


District No. 1 Toronto Districts' Welfare 

District No. 5 Committee 

District No. 13 The Freemason 

Mount Sinai Chapter Welfare Ruling Principals' Association 

Committee Hamilton Principals' Association 

Dr. Weber 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. F. 
W. D. Welham, and— 

Resolved — That the Report of the Bursary Committee be received 
and adopted. 



To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Members of 

the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 

of Ontario. 
Dear Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Your Committee on Distinguished Service Awards is most happy to 
make the following report. 

During the past year, your Committee received the following appli- 
cations for a Distinguished Service Award. 
Comp. Alfred Cooper, Quinte Friendship Chapter No. 227, Belleville, 

Comp. John A. Walker, Fort William Chapter No. 140, Fort William. 

Comp. James Harold Stanzell, Maple Chapter No. 116, Carleton Place, 

Comp. W. J. Carmichael, St. John Chapter No. 103, North Bay, Ontario. 
Comp. Harold English, Wellington Chapter No. 47, Chatham, Ontario. 
Comp. Harold Draper Mann, Hiawatha Chapter No. 252, Sarnia, Ontario. 
Comp. Walter Lamb, The St. Patricks Chapter, No. 145, Toronto, Ontario. 

Your Committee reviewed the applications respectfully, and in every 
case, found that they complied with the Consttiutional requirements and 
as the result your Committee were unanimous in their decision that the 
Companions in question have the Distinguished Service Jewel awarded 
to them. 

Accordingly, our Grand Scribe E. was advised and we have been 
notified that the Companions in question have now received their jewels. 



Most Excellent Sir, may we take this opportunity of expressing our 

appreciation for the confidence you have shown in the Members of this 

Committee, by our appointment, and we are indeed indebted to you. Sir, 

for the privilege of serving Grand Chapter on this important Committee. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted, 

Moved by M. Ex. Comp. Hay, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. Welham, 
and — 

Resolved — That the report on Distinguished Service Awards be 



To the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal of the Grand Chapter 

Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

On behalf of the Committee on the Condition of Capitular Masonry, 
it is an honour and privilege for me as Chairman to present this report 
at this the 112th Annual Convocation of Grand Chapter. Your Com- 
mittee will endeavour to review in this report the conditions of Capitular 
Masonry throughout the Province of Ontario. Much of the information 
in this report is compiled from the Superintendents' reports, however, 
some of the information comes from personal visitations throughout the 

The Grand Superintendents report that they were received in a 
most gracious manner as the representative of the Grand First Principal. 
These Royal Arch Masons are the personal link between Grand Chapter 
and the various Chapters. Their visitations give the leadership and 
guidance to the Constituent Chapters. Their reports indicate good 
attendance at their official visits. 

The Committee was very sorry to learn of the poor health which 
befell Most Excellent Companion G. Harold Shannon and to further 
learn that his Doctors recommended he give up his esteemed office at 
mid-term. We are glad to learn, however, that Most Excellent Com- 
panion G. Harold Shannon is now on the mend and we wish him many 
healthful years ahead. 

We of the Committee know that continued new members are a 
necessity to keep our numbers growing or at least even with our grand 
total membership. We sometimes wonder that in our struggle for new 
members whether or not we forget the present members or our old 
members whichever you prefer. It is the opinion that possibly we 
should put more effort forward to make our meetings more interesting 
to bring out our present members and they in turn will recommend more 
members for Capitular Masonry 

Conferring degrees is essentially the most important part and 
occupies the greater portion of our time at Chapter, however, some 
Chapters have incorporated other activities after the conferring degrees, 
such as inviting the ladies to partake of cards or slides while their hus- 
bands are in the Chapter and have a social get-together after. This in 
some cases has increased attendance and interest greatly. 

During the year the Grand Superintendents were called upon to 
present a number of 25 year Past Principal Jewels and 50 year Grand 
Chapter Jewels. They were happy to perform these pleasant task on 
behalf of the Grand Z. The recipients were pleased to receive these 

Congratulations go out to those who have moved into new Temples 
and those who are endeavouring to do so either at the planning or under 
construction stage. Seeing these new Temples being erected shows the 
continuing faith in our great institution. 

Those Chapters who had very low dues and exhaltation fees are 
gradually making the necessary changes in updating their annual dues 
and fees in line with the economic needs to meet present day costs. 

Once again Royal Arch Masonry suffered a net loss of 338 important 
members, this compares with a net loss of one year ago of 420. This, 
Companions, is very encouraging and through our continued efforts we 
can report in the not too distant future where Royal Arch Masonry has 
had a gain over the year before. Losses by death are inevitable but we 
must continue our efforts to replace these losses. Our losses by death 
represented 498 as against 288 of last year. A very discouraging factor 


in our losses is that of suspensions which was 250 against 192 last year, 
an increase of 58 due mainly to non-payment of dues. Companions, this 
represents our most drastic loss. It has been drawn to our attention that 
some Chapters pay the dues of some of the less fortunate Companions 
from their benevolent fund rather than have suspensions occur. We feel 
that this is truly putting this fund to work in a most worthwhile manner. 

For your added information, our membership stands at 19,186 as of 
December 31, 1969. 

Masonic Education is steadily on the increase, however, we still have 
some districts where no special effort has been put forward in this re- 
gard. May we respectfully remind the Chapters that this is a very 
important aspect and a necessity in a good functioning Chapter. In 
view of the recent losses by fire in some Chapters, all Chapters would 
be well advised to be sure their regalia and property is adequately cov- 
ered by insurance. To replace this property and regalia at today's prices 
would be prohibitive in most cases. 

In conclusion, your Committee wishes to thank the Grand Scribe E. 
for his assistance and to you Most Excellent Sir for the privilege of 
serving this Grand Chapter. 





Moved by Rt. Ex. Comp. Donald L. Attridge, seconded by Rt. Ex. 
Comp. Horace A. Jones, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on the Conditions of 
Capitular Masonry be received and adopted. 


To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Members of 

the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 

of Ontario. 

The Committee of Finance submits the following report for the year 
ending February 28, 1970. 

The reports of the Grand Treasurer, the Auditor and the Grand 
Scribe E. for the year ending February 28, 1970 have been received by 
the Committee and are now being submitted to Grand Chapter for con- 

We find these reports fully and accurately set details and trans- 
actions of the financial position of this Grand Chapter for the fiscal 
year. All items of receipts and disbursements in respect of the General 
Fund, the Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund, the Life Membership 
Fund, the Chapter's Life Membership Fund and the Scholarship and 
Bursaries Fund are properly detailed and these reports contain sche- 
dules of the securities in which these funds are now invested. 

Exhibit "A" is a balance sheet showing all the assets and liabilities 
of Grand Chapter. It includes the funds entrusted to and over which 
Grand Chapter has control. 

The securities have been examined by the Auditor, they are held in 
a place and custody authorized by Grand Chapter. The present par 
value of all securities is $161,000.00. The Committee on Investments 
will present a detailed report on our securities. 

The amount owing by the Constituent Chapters is $412.35, this is 
considerably lower than a year ago. Let us strive to erase this account 
from our report of next year. Your Committee notes that we are re- 
porting a net loss of membership of 338 Companions. Here again we 
show an improvement, however, during the past two years our member- 
ship loss totals 758 Companions. If we look at this in a monetary vein 


this represents a loss of approximately $1,000.00, we must look at it in a 
more personal way, that of the loss of 758 Royal Arch Companions, so it 
behooves us to work harder in the quarries in search for more material 
for the Temple. 

The amounts owing by the Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund 
and the Commuted Life Membership Fund have since been transferred 
to the General Account. 

Last year we budgeted for a deficit of $238.00. Due to a decrease of 
revenue of $972.00 and an overall increase in expenses we regret to report 
a deficit of $8,615.20. Expenses in the office of the Grand Scribe E. for 
the Grand Scribe E.'s compensation and for the office assistants exceeded 
the budget by $1,330.00. This was due to the change of personel in the 
office of the Grand Scribe E. and the extra help required during the 
change of the location of the Grand Chapter office. Miscellaneous expense 
exceeded the budget by $1,558.00, included in this amount is the cost of 
the draft resume of the revised Constitution plus the postage for mailing 
same in an amount of $60.00. This is a non-recurring expense and should 
be treated as a capital cost expense. Further our postage cost for mail- 
ing Constitutions, etc., has greatly increased since the last change in 
postal rates. Jewels and engraving, plus supplies for resale exceeded 
the budget by $1,600.00, these costs however are offset by our inventory 
of these items which totalled $3,894.00 at our year end. 

As you are aware we were forced to seek new quarters for our 
Grand Chapter office, in this connection our moving expenses plus new 
equipment totalled $2,685.00. This is a non recurring expense and 
should be treated as a capital cost expense. The other items over our 
budget estimates can be attributed to the present day trend of increased 

In presenting our budget for the 1970-71 year we are again present- 
ing a deficit budget in an amount of $3,850.00, of this amount $2,037.00 
can be attributed to the increased yearly rental for our new office. The 
balance of the estimated deficit is due to the lesser income due in part 
to our decrease in membership and the generally higher operating costs. 

The Auditor in his report states — that he strongly recommends to 
Grand Chapter that consideration be given to increaseing the annual 
dues. Your Finance Committee Chairman concurs in the Auditor's 
recommendation and recommends to the incoming Grand Council that 
steps be taken in this regard. 

Your Committee wishes to thank the Grand Treasurer and the Grand 
Scribe E. for their assistance and the Grand First Principal for his 
guidance during the year. 

All of which is fraternally and respectively submitted by the Com- 

F. C. ACKERT, Chairman. 

FEBRUARY 28, 1970 



Registration Fees $ 1,700.00 

Dues— Per Capita 23,000.00 

Dues— Life Membership 1,600.00 

Dispensations 150.00 

Sale of Supplies 2,100.00 

Interest On Investments 2,400.00 

Total Income $30,950.00 





$ 1,345.10 

$ 1,350.00 















Grand Chapter Office: 
Grand Scribe E. 

Compensation $ 6,100.00 $ 6,488.94 $ 6,500.00 

Grand Scribe E. Annuity .... 500.00 500.00 

Office Assistants 4,500.00 5,441.36 4,680.00 

Rent 2,688.00 2,688.00 4,725.00 

Miscellaneous, Telephone, 

Postage, Supplies 1,200.00 2,758.64 1,450.00 

Canada Pension Fund 150.00 104.49 170.00 

$15,138.00 $18,041.43 $17,525.00 

Foreign Correspondence Reviewer 300.00 300.00 300.00 

Audit 600.00 600.00 600.00 


Proceedings $ 2,250.00 $ 2,434.61 $ 2,500.00 

General 500.00 329.74 350.00 

$.2,800.00 $2,764.35 $2,850.00 

Grand Z $ 2,000.00 $ 2,000.00 $ 2,000.00 

General 200.00 174.95 200.00 

$ 2,200.00 $ 2,174.95 $ 2,200.00 

Convocation $ 4,000.00 $ 4,279.02 $ 4,300.00 

Executive Committee 2,100.00 2,045.80 2,000.00 

$ 6,100.00 $ 6,324.82 $ 6,300.00 
Expenses — Other : 

Jewels and Engraving _. $ 600.00 $ 1,318.44 $ 600.00 

Grant— Masonic Library ...... 125.00 125.00 125.00 

Liability Insurance 950.00 947.13 950.00 

Education and instruction .... 200.00 87.30 150.00 

Supplies For Sale 1,500.00 2,390.52 1,250.00 

Regalia Repairs _. 75.00 75.00 

Grand Z. Regalia 250.00 483.50 475.00 

Grand Z. Testimonial 350.00 350.00 350.00 

Purchase New Equipment .... 2,327.07 

Moving Expenses 358.25 

$ 4,050.00 $ 8,387.21 $ 3,975.00 

Total Expenditures $31,388.00 $38,592.76 $33,705.00 

DEFICIT $ 238.00 $ 8,615.20 $ 3,850.00 


Registration Fees $ 1,350.00 

Dues— Per Capita 22,500.00 

Dues — Life Membership 1,500.00 

Dispensations 150.00 

Sale of Supplies 2,000.00 

Interest on Investments 2,400.00 

Total Income $29,900.00 



Grand Chapter Office: 

Grand Scribe E. Compensation 

Office Assistants 


$ 6,500.00 

Miscellaneous, Telephone, 



Canada Pension Fund .... 




Foreign Correspondence Revi 




$ 2,500.00 



Grand Z 

$ 2,000.00 






Executive Committee .... 

$ 4,300.00 



Expenses — Other : 

Jewels and Engraving $ 600.00 

Grant — Masonic Library 125.00 

Liability Insurance 950.00 

Education and Instruction 150.00 

Supplies For Resale 1,250.00 

Regalia Repairs 75.00 

Grand Z. Regalia 475.00 

Grand Z. Testimonial 350.00 


Total Expenditures $33,750.00 


Moved by R. Ex. Comp. F. C. Ackert, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 

F. W. D. Welham, and— 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Finance be received 

and adopted. — Carried. 


Grand Chapter was "Called Off" at 4:35 p.m. to permit the dele- 
gates to select their Grand Superintendents and elect the Officers of 
Grand Chapter for the ensuing year and the next place of meeting. 

Grand Chapter was "Called On" at 9:35 a.m. 
At the One Hundred and Twelfth Annual Convocation of the 
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of 
Ontario, held in the Royal York Hotel, City of Toronto, Ontario, on 
April 27th, 28th, 29th, 1970, the following Officers and Committees were 
elected and appointed: 
M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham Grand Z. 

60 Stewart Smith Dr., Toronto 385, Ontario 
R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent Grand H. I Grand 

Box 78, 21 Catharine St. E., Dorchester, Ontario 
R. Ex. Comp, William S. Thomson Grand J. 

1329 Cumnock Cres., Oakville, Ont. 



R. Ex. Comp. Gideon J. Purcell Grand Chaplain 

Oxford Station, Ontario. 
M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. Dean Grand Treasurer 

244 Holton Ave. S., Hamilton 
R. Ex. Comp. Frederick C. Conley Grand Scribe E. 

Suite 205, 240 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto 12, Ontario. 
R. Ex. Comp. Maxwell Clark Grand Scribe N. 

580 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto 10, Ontario. 
R. Ex. Comp. Melville G. Spiers Grand Principal Sojourner 

Box 702, Waterdown, Hamilton. 
R. Ex. Comp. William B. Chalcroft Grand Registrar 

747 Quebec St., London 25, Ontario. 


R. Ex. Comp. William H. Sproule, 4 Elizabeth St. S., Brampton, Ontario. 

R. Ex. Comp. Leslie C. Ewener, 961 Toro St., Sarnia, Ontario. 

R. Ex. Comp. Frederick Scott, 41 Fairfield Ave. N., Hamilton, Ontario. 

R. Ex. Comp. Morley H. Hancock, 195 John Street, Belleville, Ontario 

R. Ex. Comp. William H. Cheetham, 374 Morse St., Port Arthur, Ontario. 


St. Clair District No. 1 R. Ex. Comp. Thomas E. Weaver, 

60 Alice St. N., Essex, Ontario 

London District No. 2 R. Ex. Comp. Samuel M. Ellenor, 

203 Belmont Dr., London, Ontario 

Wilson District No. 3 R. Ex. Comp. Mervin A. L. Hicks, 

R.R. #7, Tillsonburg, Ontario 

Wellington District No. 4 R. Ex. Comp. Richard H. French 

R.R. #5, Orangeville, Ontario 

Hamilton District No. 5 R. Ex. Comp. Russell A. Brown, 

R.R. #1, Ancaster, Ontario 

Huron District No. 6 R. Ex. Comp. George Wm. Evans, 

R.R. #3, Wingham, Ontario 

Niagara District No. 7 R. Ex. Comp. Leslie T. Vail, 

R.R. #2, Beamsville, Ontario 

Toronto East No. 8 R. Ex. Comp. Harold Ince, 

82 Spruce Ave., Thornhill, Ontario 

Toronto West District No. 8A R. Ex. Comp. Maarten van Wamelen, 

1177 Bloor St. East, Apt. 206, Mississauga, Ont. 

Georgian District No. 9 R. Ex. Comp. Mancel Nixon, 

Box 430, Wiarton, Ontario 

Ontario District No. 10 R. Ex. Comp. Wilbert E. McKinstry, 

264 Kaiser Cres., Oshawa, Ontario 

Prince Edward District No. 11 R. Ex. Comp. Ralph Bell, 

Brighton, Ontario 

St. Lawrence District No. 12 R. Ex. Comp. Robert H. Seymour, 

3 Third Ave., Kingston, Ontario 

Ottawa District No. 13 R. Ex. Comp. Edmund Molson, 

431 Trafalgar Rd., Pembroke, Ontario 

Algoma District No. 14 R. Ex. Comp. John B. Fraser, 

Box 97, Atikokan, Ontario 

New Ontario District No. 15 R. Ex. Comp. Raymond C. Schmeler, 

463 Angus Ave., North Bay, Ont. 

Temiskaming District No. 16 R. Ex. Comp. John W. Smith, 

524 Ferguson Ave., Box 907, Haileybury, Ont. 



By Special Resolution of Grand Chapter the One Hundred and 
Thirteenth Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario will be held in the City of 
Ottawa, Ontario. Place and time to be announced later. 


After the Grand Z. for 1970, M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. D. Welham, 
was invested and installed in his office, the following Officers and Com- 
mittees remained in office or were appointed: 


R. Ex. Comp. F. Carl Ackert, 1 Lincoln Ave., Gait, Ontario. 
R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd B. Gillespie, 410 Eden Ave., Ottawa, Ontario. 
R. Ex. Comp. James W. Woodland, Apt. 1501, 111 Raglan Ave., Toronto 
10, Ontario. 


R. Ex. Comp. Milton Gottlieb, 4415 Bathurst St., Apt. 311, Downsview, 


R. Ex. Comp. Donald L. Attridge, 4 Alexander Ave., Gait, Ontario. 

R. Ex. Comp. George E. Turner, M.D., 2281 Victoria Ave., Windsor, 


R. Ex. Comp. William H. Gummer, 242 Westdale Ave., Kingston, Ontario. 

R. Ex. Comp. Bert S. Biggs, 463 Hillsdale Ave. E., Toronto 7, Ontario. 


(Members of the Executive Committee by Virtue of Office) 
M. Ex. Comp. Frederick W. Dean, 244 Holton Ave. S., Hamilton, Ont. 
M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith, 169 Dufferin Ave., Belleville, Ontario. 
R. Ex. Comp. Carl Ackert, 1 Lincoln Ave., Gait, Ontario. 


M. Ex. Comp. Charles W. Emmett Grand Lecturer 

27 Colwood Rd., Islington, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. William B. Murphy Ass't Grand Chaplain 

104 Blair Rd., Gait, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Aube Weisman Grand Sr. Sojourner 

141 Cedarvale Ave., Toronto 13, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Ivan D. Parkinson Grand Jr. Sojourner 

Ridout Towers, 100 Ridout St. S., London, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. W. Checkley Grand Sword Bearer 

487 Brittania St., Hamilton, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Harry C. May Grand Master 4th Veil 

1140 Woodbine Ave., Toronto 365, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Tak Nishino Grand Master 3rd Veil 

34 Haileybury Dr., Scarborough, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Dr. W. P. Gruer Grand Master 2nd Veil 

347 Glengarry Ave., Toronto 12, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. V. W. Newman Grand Master 1st Veil 

154 Thomas St., Streetsville, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. R. W. Bygrove Grand Standard Bearer 

Petrolia, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Garfield Anthony Grand Dr. of Ceremonies 

17 Westbank Cres., Weston, Toronto 15, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. E. Ray Best „ Ass't Dr. of Ceremonies 

264 Lacroix St., Chatham, Ontario. 


V. Ex. Comp. William G. Connor Grand Organist 

240 Pinnacle St., Belleville, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. A. A. Shaw Grand Pursuivant 

10 Hibernia St., Stratford, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. D. A. Robinson Grand Steward 

62 Oak St. W., Leamington, Ontario. 

V. Ex. Comp. L. A. Matlack Grand Steward 

Box 952, Aylmer, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. A. C. Lowe Grand Steward 

611 Main St., Port Dover, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. F. A. Inch Grand Steward 

Palmerston, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. G. E. S. Oswald Grand Steward 

535 Oneida Dr., Burlington, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. J. A. Reynolds Grand Steward 

Box 352, Kincardine, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. B. D. Penwarden Grand Steward 

216 River Rd., Welland, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. John Hepple Grand Steward 

63 Larmont St., Aurora, Ontario. 

V. Ex. Comp. C. F. Kline Grand Steward 

40 David St., Brampton, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. J. M. Lindsay Grand Steward 

17 Oak St., Barrie, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Chas. Stafford Grand Steward 

208 Green St., Whitby, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. W. H. Rowden Grand Steward 

R.R. 3, Port Hope, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. J. M. Birch Grand Steward 

61 McGill St., Trenton, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. F. H. Sceviour Grand Steward 

Box 853 — 164 Main St., Gananoque, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. J. R. New Grand Steward 

Haley, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. George Pape Grand Steward 

512 Mary St. E., Thunder Bay, S., Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Earl E. McWilliams Grand Steward 

10 Lansdowne, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. Wallace F. G. Layte Grand Steward 

Iroquois Falls, Ontario. 
V. Ex. Comp. R. S. Woodward Grand Outer Guard 

387 Glengarry Ave., Toronto 12, Ontario. 



R. Ex. Comp's. Leslie C. Ewener (Chairman), William H. Sproule, 

William H. Cheetham, Donald Attridge. 


R. Ex. Comp. Harold Ince, R. Ex. Comp. Maarten van Wamelen 


R. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson (Chairman), Grand Council, Past 

Grand Z's., Grand Treasurer, Chairman of Investments and 

Grand Scribe E. 


R. Ex. Comp's. Fred Scott (Chairman), John E. Richardson, 

Grand Scribe E. 


M. Ex. Comp. Bruce S. Smith (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp, Morley H. 

Hancock, R. Ex. Comp. William H. Gummer. 



M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. F. Carl 

Ackert, R. Ex. Comp. Samuel M. Ellenor. 


R. Ex. Comp. Leslie C. Ewener (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Donald L. 

Attridge, R. Ex. Comp. George E. Turner. 


R. Ex. Comp. G. J. Purcell (Chairman), V. Ex. Comp. William B. Murphv. 


R. Ex. Comp. Harold Foote. 



M. Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch, all Grand Z's. 


R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd B. Gillespie (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Edmund 

Molson, R. Ex. Comp. Robert H. Seymour. 


M. Ex. Comp's. Fraser Hay, M.D. (Chairman), Alexander G. N. 

Bradshaw, Charles W. Emmett. 


R. Ex. Comp. John Richardson (Chairman) — (to be assisted by the 

Grand Scribe E. 


M. Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp's. Edward M. 

Marshall, John E. Richardson, Milton Gottlieb, 

V. Ex. Comp. Edward Shunk. 


M. Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. Reginald A. Willett, 

M. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, Ex. Comp's. J. R. Brown, Aube Wiseman. 


R. Ex. Comp's. William S. Thomson (Chairman), Milton H. Gottlieb, 

Bert S. Biggs. 


R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent (Chairman), M. Ex. Comp's. G. Harold 

Shannon, Maurice A. Searle, John M. Burden. 


M. Ex. Comp. J. E. Girven (Chairman), all ruling Grand Superintendents. 


M. Ex. Comp. Chas. W. Emmett, R. Ex. Comp, Geo. E. Turner, M.D., 

R. Ex. Comp. Maarten van Wamelen, V. Ex. Comp. Lance Morrison. 


Letters were received conveying greetings and expressing regrets 
for non-attendance from: 

Most Excellent Companion Thomas F. Isbister, Grand First Principal. 

Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Emmett B. Baker 

Most Excellent Companion Arthur M. Burke, Past Grand High Priest 

Most Excellent Grand High Priest, V. Rev. E. B. N. Cochran 

Illustrious Brother Donald L. Witter (Acting) Sovereign Grand 


Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Anton L. Marek 



To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 

of the Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of Canada, in the Province 

of Ontario. 
Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

The privilege of presenting the report of this Committee for the 
year 1969-70, is much enhanced by acknowledging the fact that the 
great and monumental amount of work performed in such year by the 
Special Constitution Review Committee has considerably narrowed down 
the work of this Committee. 

During such year sets of Amendments to By-laws of eleven Chapters 
in our Grand Jurisdiction, were received and approved by our Grand 
First Principal for St. John's No. 3, Wawanosh No. 15, Guelph No. 40, 
Excelsior No. 45, St. Clair No. 75, Lebanon No. 84, St. Francis No. 133, 
St. John's No. 148, Couchiching No. 198, University No. 241 and Hia- 
watha No. 252. 

The opportunity of serving on this Committee is greatly appreciated 
and my Report respectfully submitted. 
Dated April 27, 1970. 


Moved by V. Ex. Comp. E. W. Mitchell, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
F. W. D. Welham, and— 

Resolved — That the report of the Sommittee on Constitution, Laws 
and Jurisprudence be received and adopted. 


Moved by R. Ex. Comp. Welham, seconded by R. Ex. Comp Gent, 
that the specific days of the week for holding Grand Chapter Convoca- 
tion according to the Constitution be waived for 1970-71. 

— Carried. 

M. Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle questioned the holding of any Convoca- 
tion of Grand Chapter on a Sunday. It was pointed out that Constituent 
Chapters were directed to not so do and, hence, Grand could do no less 
in its own actions. He was supported in this by the majority of Com- 
panions present. 


Having made a thorough study of our expenses in the Grand Chapter 
Office and the general operating of the Grand Chapter, and having 
discussed same with our Grand Scribe E. and our Chairman of Finance, 
I give notice that at our next annual convocation I will move or caused to 
be moved that an increase in the per capita tax be made in the sum of 
30c (thirty cents). 



It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. Gent, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
Welham — 

— that the thanks of Grand Chapter be extended to and carried 

— the Credentials Committee, under the direction of R. Ex. Comp. 
J. W. Woodland, for the most efficient manner in which they carried out 
their duties. 

— the Scrutineers, under the direction of V. Ex. Comp. E. Jenkins, for 
their services in taking charge of the Election of Officers. 

— General Chairman of Convocation Arrangements, Ex. Comp. John 
Prentice, and his various Committees, who looked after arrangements 


for this Convocation and their untiring and efficient work on details 
including the reception and entertainment of the delegates and their 

— to R. Ex. Comp William Thomson, as Grand Organist, whose skill 
at the keyboard made all ceremonies more impressive. 

— to our Grand Outer Guard, V. Ex. Comp. D. S. MacLachlan, for his 
efficient work at the Portals. 

— to the Installing Board, under the direction of M. Ex. Comp. M. 
A. Searle and the Past Grand Z's. who assisted. 

— to all Companions not named who in any way contributed to the 
success of this our One Hundred and Twelfth Annual Convocation. 


M. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon expressed his thanks and those of 
the Companions present for the work done by the various Committees to 
make this the smoothest running Grand Chapter Convocation he has 

He then called on M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle to install and 
invest the Officers of Grand Chapter including the Grand Superinten- 
dents for the year 1970. This was done under his usual most capable 
direction and they were proclaimed and saluted according to Ancient 

Most Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon congratulated the Officers of 
Grand Chapter for 1970, and wished them every success in the most 
important work which lay ahead in their term of office. 


It is respectfully recommended that $1,000 in addition to the $2,000 
authorized by this Grand Chapter at our last annual Convocation be 
authorized and the total sum of $3,000 be credited to the General Fund 
from the Capital Fund for the following purposes: 

A. To pay the expenses of the moving and setting up of the Grand 
Chapter office. 

B. To purchase one new electric typewriter (old standard model now 
now in the office to be traded in) during the time of the moving we 
had the present electric typewriter checked over and on the recom- 
mendation of the manufacturer we were advised that it would be 
economically unsound to spend the amount of money necessary to 
put the electric typewriter in first-class condition. 

C. To purchase two arborite covers to provide a working counter over 
the steel cabinets in the Grand Scribe E.'s office, and to have 
framed and hung in the reception room as many pictures as possible 
that the balance of the money would allow of our past Grand First 
Principals and miscellaneous historical documents. 

Moved by Most Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by Most Ex. 
Comp. James E. Girven, and — 

Resolved — That this recommendation be received and adopted. 


Most Excellent Sir, Distinguished Guests and My Companions: 

Permit me to express to you my sincere thanks for the confidence 
you have placed in me by placing me in the highest office in Capitular 
Masonry. Naturally I feel proud to have been selected to assume the 
duties and the responsibilities as your leader, yet it is with humility to 
that exalted office that I approach the coming year of 1970-71. 

No one can be more aware of my limitations and shortcomings than 
I, yet surrounded with the Past Z.s, the Grand Chapter Officers, and the 
very talented Committee Members which it is going to be my privilege 



to work with, I have every confidence that we will have a most successful 
year. During my sojourn in masonry I have come to the conclusion that 
what men want today is not talent alone, but a purpose, not the power 
alone to achieve, but the will to labour, for without labour nothing 
prospers. It shall be my purpose during my term of office to labour for 
you, and I shall endeavour to reach excellence. 

With the assistance of our Grand Chapter Officers, the Officers of 
our Chapters, with all of you my Companions, with the wisdom and 
guidance of our distinguished Past Grand Z.s, but above all with the 
help of the Most High I pray that together we shall be most successful. 

An institution, as a nation, is judged by the work it accomplishes. 
We must stand or fall not by what we say, but by what we do. 

If we are true to the sacred teachings of our order, we will stand 
forth as worthy examples and play a part, and that not a mean one, in 
the great work that needs to be done. 

The principles are there, beautiful and true, the practice is for us. 
Let us be faithful to the best that Capitular Masonry teaches. If we 
are, our noble Craft will be exalted, we ourselves will have lived up to 
the best of what is in us, and the citizens of the future will rise up and 
call us blessed. 


Grand First Principal. 

The labours of the Annual Convocation being 
ended, Grand Chapter was closed in Ample 
Form at 12:40 p.m., Toronto, Ontario, Wed- 
nesday, April 29, 1970. 

CJrederick C. Con/e|/ 

Grand Scribe E. 



4 — Walter Hibbins; 5 — Peter Fisher; 16 — Bruce F. Cummings, John 
R. Mathews; 24 — Clarence Heiden; 30 — John Thorpe; 34 — Cornelius 
Blundell, John W. Shepherd; 35— Lloyd F. Campbell; 46— Bruce Subject; 
54 — Jack R. Wood; 61 — John B. Langford, James R. McMullan, Cyril 
Pierce, Milton J. Symington, James M. Brown; 82 — George A. McEwen; 
90— James B. Davis; 102— Wilbert W. Evans, Howard J. Olsen; 103— 
Gordon F. Wield; 117— Stanley W. Price; 138— Thomas Murphy, John C. 
Rogers; 140— William Barclay; 144 — Wade H. Morrow; 146— Ralph P. 
Simpson; 152 — George H. Chambers, George Black; 155 — John S. 
Howard; 210— Arnold A. Sullivan; 214— Walter N. Putt; 222— Thomas 
C. Gillingham, Donald W. Robertson; 227— W. A. Newman; 243— Leslie 
A. Spittal; 252— William R. Laird. 


1 — Donald M. Sloan, Wm. H. Munroe, Orville A. Brown, Kenneth 

C. Alexander; 2 — John Jarvie, Harry J. MacDougall, Alexander Baillie; 
3— Kenneth C. Boyce, Gwilym H. Griffith, Gordon E. Boucher, Fred 
Adams; 4 — Douglas G. Cooper, Robert McDonald; 5 — George C. Camp- 
bell, James E. Brown, Campbell F. Taylor, Victor P. Lobaskie, Robert 

D. Eaton; 6 — Morley Balinson; 7 — Harry Allen; 8 — John Hall, James 
Punfield, Charles F. Waller, Wm. H. Smith, Jack W. Moore; 15— Allan 
P. McGregor, Wm. S. Pearson; 16— Robert K. McGlashan, Robt. R. 
Buchanan, John J. Kennedy, Frank Waiten, Alexander M. Fairweather, 
Robt. W. O'Neil, Harold H. Hildebrandt, Douglas R. Whaley; 19— Leo 
James Stewart, James H. Turner, Albert L. Bogar, Murray S. Bowes, 
George V. Burton, Walter E. Honsberger, Murray Barry; 20 — John C. 
McGregor, Thomas Nadeau; 26 — H. Simrod; 28 — Ross E. Mosley, James 
S. Waller; 29— Ernest A. Mitchell, Albert M. Edgar; 34— Garfield B. 
Hopkins, Lome J. Davidson, Jack Duval; 35 — Ivan C. Grant 36 — Ernest 
T. Davis, Leslie N. McDougall; 53 — Leonard W. Dawson; 59 — Kenneth C. 
Patrick, Howard W. Stethem, Thomas Letford, Donald H. Wilson, Ronald 
A. Howard; 62 — Fergus G. Hall, Wm. M. Moncur, Kenneth A. Price; 
63 — Donald M. Carter; 65 — George D. Taylor, Jorn E. Bellerby, Clarence 
H. Murray, Fred A. Barker; 69 — Robt. Ford; 72 — Bruce W. Glendinning; 
75_Wm. H. Gould; 76— Kenneth A. Pretty, Gerald L. Jewers, David B. 
Jennings; 82 — Joseph R. Dewhurst, Elis Risberg; 83 — Albert W. Rich- 
ardson, Fred A. Lewis; 90 — Frank Edwards, Wm. Brown; 91 — Robt. K. 
Blowe; 95 — Alex S. Forrester, Lawrence C. Mantle, James F. Packer, 
Arthur R. Bell, Keith M. Boyler, Aubrey V. Mills; 102— Patrick G. 
Connolly, Howard J. Olsen, Duncan Paterson, P. Williams, Wm. L. 
Trudeau; 112— Ezra M. Beckstead, Kenneth C. Rutley; 113— John E. 
Moss, Wm. M. Denniston; 116 — Joseph Meban, Milton G. Saunders; 138 — 
Alexander J. Leiterman, Bruce R. Canning, Robt. Wm. Draff in; 145 — 
James Whyte, Wm. Ryan, W. H. Richardson, Richard H. Ogders, Leslie 
A. Moore, Ernest A. Luebke, Spencer M. Graham, Joseph E. Christie, 
Arthur Barton; 150 — Wm. James MacGregor, Gerald W. Thompson; 152 
— Lyall L. Leatherdale, Chas. K. Hanson; 161 — John A. Kincaid, Clifford 
Broad, John W. Moffat, Nicholas W. Kinach; 163— Wm. Moore; 167— 
Robt. C. Ireland, Alvin G. Bremner; 168 — Thomas A. Hayward, Chas. 
Wm. Ayrhart, Ray F. Salter; 175— David F. Stevens, John R. Speight; 
184 — Putney Russel, Robt. T. Green, Ray H. Boughman; 195— Cyril I. 
Cook; 198 — Hilton A. Beard; 210— Thomas M. Reveler, Wm. E. Doughty, 

C. Morgan, Arnald E. Dukelow, Edgar Craig, Harry R. Keyes, Francis 

D. Ring; 212— Harold B. Wolfe, David S. Cohen, Herbert B. Lams, 
Stanley Gilbert, Thomas Drutz, Samuel Collis, Gilbert Jay Shully, Robt. 
S. Titchel, Bernard Sussman, Cecil Lampel, Joseph M. Gordon, Marvin 
Talsky, Harry L. Romberg, Ben Mandel, Jack S. Anisman, Daniel Ber- 


man, Sam Appleton, Murray Claver, Murray H. Simon, Harry M. Roten- 
berg, D. Reuben Greenburge, Abraham L. Sabsay, Joseph Bornstein, 
Bernard Benjamin, Louis Mintz; 213 — Richard E. Philp, Eugene Meri- 
kallio, Murdo W. Martin, Ernest J. Voth; 215— Kenneth Graham; 219 — 
Robt. J. Griffith, Albert G. Henley, Harold F. Smith, Cecil W. Budd; 
222— John Wm. Boich, Roy E. Smith, Donald S. Page; Robt. H. Watson, 
Walter W. Domes; 225— Frank Whitfield; 227— Allan McDougall, Edwin 
B. Webber; 230 — Edward G. Pritchard, Eugene Parkinson, James Daxon, 
Wm. J. Johnston, Raymond S. Dickson, Cecil Foskett, Robt. Collins, 
George H. McCabe, Samuel A. Warnock; 231 — Victor I. Isted, Wm. 
Judge, James Craig; 233 — Wm. B. Burton, Maurice Martin, Philip Don- 
nachie, Maurice Selby, Robt. J. Dunn; 234 — Wallace H. Foster; 238 — 
Ralph F. Arbuckle, Kenneth P. Cossoy, Osman Ellis, Kenneth Elking- 
ton, Wm. Isaacs, Arthur T. Jones Alex S. Kemp, Lionel J. McDonald, 
Fred A. Perkins, Alan H. Reade, E. R. Savage, Alfred W. Watkins, Robt. 
E. Young, Arthur G. Lemery; 239 — Wm. A. Shillington, Oscar Rinders, 
Leslie Pearson; 240 — Isaac F. Rinker; 241 — Malcolm A. Mercer; 245 — 
Kenneth Bald, Garret Schut; 250 — Kenneth J. Thorn; 255 — Chas. H. 
McKoy; 260— Chas. H. Turvey; 261— George E. Adlum, Ralph Tracy, 
George K. Callaghan; 263— Robt. McMahon, John Marshall, Boyd E. 

DEMITS — 1969 

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Toronto 217 St. Alban's Thornhill 

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Mississauga, Ont. 

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48 St. John's Cobourg 

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Falls, Ont. 

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Bay, Ont. 

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Ex. Comp. W. C. Calverley, 451 Jamieson Dr., Orillia, Ont. 
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263 Ex. Comp. Patrick C. Johnstone, 55 Portico Dr., Scarborough, Ont. 


1 R. Ex. Comp. W. H. Gummer (Acting), 242 Westdale Ave., Kingston, 

2 R. Ex. Comp. E. M. Marshall, 137 Emerald St. S., Apt. 11, Hamilton 

3 V. Ex. Comp. Chas. G. Smuck, 20 Thornton Ave., London, Ont. 

4 Ex. Comp. Keith L. Bellamy, 25 Ferncroft Dr., Scarborough, Ont. 

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20 R. Ex. Comp. R. W. E. McFadden, 4 Hart St., Brantford, Ont. 
22 Ex. Comp. G. R. Drummond, Spencerville, Ont. 


23 Ex. Comp. W. J. Thompson, 71 Queensway W., Simcoe, Ont. 

24 Comp. W. G. VanSlyck, 70 Mornington St., Stratford, Ont. 

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54 V. Ex. Comp. Kurven S. Woodward, 45 Redan St., St. Thomas, Ont. 

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59 V. Ex. Comp. James G. Ruston, 164 James St. E., Brockville, Ont. 

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63 V. Ex. Comp. H. J. Norman, R.R. 5, Kincardine, Ont. 

64 Comp. R. G. Ohler, 13 Haist Rd. S., Fonthill, Ont. 

65 Comp. Alfred Olley, 52 Westmoreland Ave., Toronto 4, Ont. 

66 Ex. Comp. K. Sharp, Seaforth, Ont. 

67 R. Ex. Comp. L. E. Morphy, Box 188, Palmerston, Ont. 

68 Ex. Comp. Gideon J. Purcell, Box 9, Oxford Station, Ont. 

69 Comp. W. Fairbrother, Box 674, Beamsville, Ont. 

71 R. Ex. Comp. R. Chas. Brushett, P.O. Box 68, Essex, Ont. 

72 V. Ex. Comp. John L. Good, Stirling, Ont. 

73 R. Ex. Comp. Rev. S. E. Stevenson, Box 119, Highgate, Ont. 

74 Ex. Comp. M. E. Gare, 24 Front St. E., Strathroy, Ont. 

75 R. Ex. Comp. Cliff Lewington, 336 Pearl St., Milton, Ont. 

76 R. Ex. Comp. Norman Farrington, Niagara Parkway, Queenston, 

77 Comp. Gordon Avery, 1835 Bayview Ave.. Apt. 316, Toronto, Ont. 

78 V. Ex. Comp. Chas. J. Fox, R.R. 5, Parkhill, Ont. 

79 Ex. Comp. L. Hyatt, 199 Virginia Ave., Toronto 13, Ont. 

80 V. Ex. Comp. Clarence W. Flett, 442 Askin Blvd., Windsor 11, Ont. 

81 Ex. Comp. Roy Sinden, 35 Dufferin St., Aylmer, Ont. 

82 R. Ex. Comp. W. H. Cheetham, 374 Morse St., Station P, Thunder 
Bay, Ont. 

83 Ex. Comp. W. E. Watson, R.R. 6, Orangeville, Ont. 

84 Ex. Comp. A. J. H. MacDonald, 261 Carling Terrace, Box 802, Wing- 
ham, Ont. 

88 Comp. Grant E. H. Brandon, 888 North St., Box 399, Dresden, Ont. 

90 Ex. Comp. H. C. Smiley, 313 Matheson St. N., Kenora, Ont. 

91 Ex. Comp. Herbert W. Powell, 48 Lincoln Ave., Toronto 9, Ont. 

94 Ex. Comp. Ivan B. Brown, R.R. 2, Lindsay, Ont. 

95 R. Ex. Comp. P. A. Coates, 1147 Ramsay View Crt., #606, Sudbury, 

102 Ex. Comp. E. C. Price, 65 Spruce St., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 

103 Ex. Comp. Arthur J. Scott, 343 Duke St. W., North Bay, Ont. 


104 Comp. Henry Ford, 180 Hanover Ave., Oakville, Ont. 
110 Comp. Wm. G. Taylor, P.O. Box 13, Warkworth, Ont. 

112 Ex. Comp. G. W. Thorn, 76 Lakeshore Dr., Box 99, Morrisburg, Ont. 

113 Ex. Comp. R. A. Young, 214 Pitt St., Apt. 1, Cornwall, Ont. 

114 Comp. Harry Young, 137 Raglan St. N., Renfrew, Ont. 

115 V. Ex. Comp. H. J. Broughton, 22 Warwick St., Paris, Ont. 

116 R. Ex. Comp. M. P. Morris, 48 McArthur Ave., Box 404, Caleton 
Place, Ont. 

117 Ex. Comp. Harold W. Rothaermel, 65 Ellis Cres. S., Waterloo, Ont. 
119 Ex. Comp. Donald Robinson, 62 Oak St. W., Leamington, Ont. 

129 Ex. Comp. Wm. H. Cheoros, Mitchell, Ont. 

130 V. Ex. Comp. Ernest H. Gorrell, Box 100, Port Elgin, Ont. 

131 Ex. Comp. Orville B. Greig, Box 356, Wiarton, Ont. 

132 R. Ex. Comp. A. L. Wheeler, Box 149, Gananoque, Ont. 

133 R. Ex. Comp. C. A. Bailey, 29 Glen Ave., Smith Falls, Ont. 

134 R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd G. Parliament, 27 John St., Cannington, Ont. 

135 V. Ex. Comp. Harry V. Watson, 27 Main St., Box 397, Uxbridge, Ont. 
138 Ex. Comp. Percy James, 12 Beacham Cres., Agincourt 755, Ont. 

140 R. Ex. Comp. Wm. S. Shaver, 707 Ruskin Cres., Station F, Thunder 
Bay, Ont. 

143 Ex. Comp. Roderick F. McRae, P.O. Box 2, Maxville, Ont. 

144 Comp. Frank M. Lindsay, Box 402, Brighton, Ont. 

145 Comp. Robt. Osborne, 140 Rosemount Ave., Weston, Ont. 

146 Ex. Comp. Bert Hastings, Listowel, Ont. 

147 V. Ex. Comp. Gordon T. Montgomery, Lucknow, Ont. 

148 Ex. Comp. Leon G. Harcourt, 461 Stanley St., Hawkesbury, Ont. 

149 Ex. Comp. W. B. Warner, Rainy River, Ont. 

150 Ex. Comp. Bloss E. Doupe, 419 Randol Dr., London, Ont. 

151 Comp. L. E. Goulding, 51 Alder Cres., Box 678, Deep River, Ont. 

152 Comp. E. A. Langstaff, 913 Portage Ave., Fort Frances, Ont. 

153 R. Ex. Comp. George A. Lauzon, 71 Maplewood Cres., Wallaceburg, 
155 Ex. Comp. George A. Penny, R.R. 2, Ancaster, Ont. 

161 V. Ex. Comp. D. Kernohan, Box 519, Madoc, Ont. 

167 V. Ex. Comp. F. E. Whiteman, 181 Elizabeth St., Midland, Ont. 

168 Ex. Comp. Francis W. Long, Box 143, Campbellford, Ont. 

169 Ex. Comp. A. P. Armstrong, 235 Scott St., New Liskeard, Ont. 
175 Ex. Comp. Bruce D. Burt, 96 Haddon Ave. N., Hamilton 16, Ont. 
184 V. Ex. Comp. Wm. Rostron, 38 Phipps St., Fort Erie, Ont. 

195 Ex. Comp. C. Fred Kline, 40 David St., Brampton, Ont. 
198 Ex. Comp. A. O. Murray (Acting), 214 West St. N., Orillia, Ont. 
205 V. Ex. Comp. G. J. Hall, 18 Kingsdale Ave., Willowdale, Ont. 
210 V. Ex. Comp. Wm. M. Stanley, Box 10, Russell, Ont. 

212 Ex. Comp. Samuel Tenenbaum, Apt. 201, 3905 Bathurst St., Downs- 
view, Ont. 

213 Comp. W. C. Lucas, 435 Rae St. N., Timmins, Ont. 

214 Ex. Comp. Samuel J. Mitchell, R.R. 6, Alvinston, Ont. 

215 Ex. Comp. A. E. Hunt, 90 - 5th St., Toronto 14, Ont. 

217 R. Ex. Comp. W. John Webber, 24 Florida Cres., Weston 487, Ont. 

218 Ex. Comp. J. Alex Mawdsley, Shelburne, Ont. 

219 Ex. Comp. Chas. Bryson, 9 Torrington Dr., Etobicoke, Ont. 

220 V. Ex. Comp. Wm. M. Creech, 20 Great Oak Drive, Islington 677, 

221 R. Ex. Comp. John N. Edwards, Box 286, Hanover, Ont. 

222 Comp. W. Earl Tuck, 33 Regent St., Apt. 4, Ottawa 1, Ont. 

223 Ex. Comp. Lawrence A. Cutten, Iroquois Falls, Ont. 

224 V. Ex. Comp. J. Harvey Williams, 20 Searle St., Hamilton 50, Ont. 

225 V. Ex. Comp. John T. Wallace, 33 Inwood Ave., Toronto 6, Ont. 

226 R. Ex. Comp. P.O. McLaren, Box 625, Perth, Ont. 

227 V. Ex. Comp. Mont. Barlow, 285 George St., Belleville, Ont. 


230 Ex. Comp. John I. Parke, 7 Elizabeth St. N., Apt. 804, Port Credit, 

231 Ex. Comp. Albert W. Johnson, 20 Old Burnhamthorpe Rd., Etobicoke, 

232 V. Ex. Comp. Wm. D. Harrison, 210 Pemberton Ave., Willowdale, 

233 Ex. Comp. Donald Wilson, 23 Baskerville Cres., Etobicoke, Ont. 

234 V. Ex. Comp. Jack Addy, 11 Arietta St., Georgetown, Ont. 

235 R. Ex. Comp. Norman F. Johnson, 69 Connaught Ave., Aurora, Ont. 

236 Ex. Comp. John C. Lang, R.R. 3, Caledonia, Ont. 

238 V. Ex. Comp. A. V. Sedgwick, 194A Duchess Ave., London 16, Ont. 

239 Ex. Comp. T. B. Griffin, R.R. 3, Blenheim, Ont. 

240 Comp. R. L. Jackson, R.R. 1, Smithville, Ont. 

241 R. Ex. Comp. O. R. Roberts, 134 Old Orchard Grove, Toronto 20, Ont. 

242 Ex. Comp. Wm. B. Chalcraft (Acting), 742 Quebec St., London, Ont. 

243 Ex. Comp. Glenn E. Hyland, 221 King St. E., Stoney Creek, Ont. 

245 R. Ex. Comp. A. Jefkins, 843 Vine St., Preston, Ont. 

246 Comp. J. Carmichael, 2 Mahoney Ave., Toronto 335, Ont. 

247 Comp. Garfield M. Kirkpatrick, 746 Galloway Cres., London 64, Ont. 

248 V. Ex. Comp. Geo. R. Clarke, 58 Daniel St. N., Arnprior, Ont. 

249 R. Ex. Comp. H. G. Freeman, R.R. 6, Bowmanville, Ont. 

250 Ex. Comp. Allan A. Leal, 2297 Parkwood Ave., Windsor 20, Ont. 

251 Comp. Harry Gauld, 5 Wright-Hargreaves Ave., Kirkland Lake, Ont. 

252 Comp. Emmett Mann, 1442 Colborne Rd., Sarnia, Ont. 

253 Ex. Comp. E. S. Ford, Box 698, Port Dover, Ont. 

254 Ex. Comp. R. G. Amos, 113 King St., Dryden, Ont. 

255 Comp. Harry Lambert, R.R. 1, Delhi, Ont. 

257 V. Ex. Comp. N. C. Somerville, 189 Mead Blvd., Espanola, Ont. 

258 Comp. Ernest F. Short, R.R. 2, Markham, Ont. 

259 Ex. Comp. E. I. Swanbergson, Box 608, Atikokan, Ont. 

260 Ex. Comp. Victor W. Newman, 154 Thomas St., Streetsville, Ont. 

261 Comp. J. E. Simms, Box 482, 2 James St., Parry Sound, Ont. 

262 V. Ex. Comp. John E. Richardson, 433 Main St. W., Hamilton 12, 

263 Comp. E. Balsdon, 54 Melchoir Dr., Scarborough, Ont. 



Grand First Principals of the Grand Chapter of Canada in 
the Province of Ontario from 1857 to 1970 

*W. M. Wilson 1857 

♦Thompson Wilson 1858 

*T. D. Harington 1958- 

*John C. Franck 1861- 

*T. D. Harington 1863- 


*S. B. Harmon 1872 

*C. D. Macdonell 1873 

*Jas. Seymour 1874 

♦L. H. Henderson 1875- 

*F. J. Menet 1877- 

♦Daniel Spry 1879- 

*Donald Ross 1881- 

*H. Macpherson 1883- 

♦Thos. Sargant 1885- 

♦Rob. Hendry Jr 1887 

*R. B. Hungerford 1888- 

♦J. J. Mason 1890- 

*J. E. Harding 1892- 

*J. Ross Robertson 1894- 

*M. Walsh 1896- 

*Wm. G. Reid 1899- 

*Wm. Gibson 1901- 

*A. Shaw 1903- 

♦William Roaf 1905- 

♦John Leslie 1907- 

*George Moore 1909- 

♦Fred W. Harcourt 1911- 

*Daniel F. MacWatt 1913- 

♦Wm. S. R. Murch 


•A. S. Gorrell, M.D. . . 



*Wm. N. Ponton 



*H. S. Griffin, M.D. 



^Richard H. Spencer . . 



♦Walter H. Davis 


♦Kenneth J. Dunstan .... 


♦Edwin Smith 


♦Walter G. Price, D.D.S. 



♦Chas. W. Haentschel, M.D 

. 1932-3 


♦Alexander Cowan 



♦George L. Gardiner .... 



*Wm. Y. Mills 



♦Llewellyn F. Stephens 



♦John M. Empey 


John M. Burden 



♦Reginald V. Conover .... 



Frederick W. Dean 



♦Clarence MacL. Pitts 



Alexander G. N. Bradshaw 1951-2 


♦John A. M. Taylor 



John L. House . 



Maurice A. Searle . 



Bruce H. Smith 



Charles W. Emmett . . . 



Fraser Hay, M.D. 



James E. Girven 



Stanley Portch 



G. Harold Shannon 


Honorary Past Grand First Principals and others of the Grand 
Chapter of Canada in the Province of Ontario 


♦Henry Robertson 1888 

♦Kivas Tully 1891 

♦Hugh Murray 1903 

♦Harry H. Watson 1909 

♦E. T. Malone 1919 


*A. T. Freed 1920 

*Sir John M. Gibson 1922 

♦Roderick B. Dargavel 1941 

♦Melville S. Gooderham 1957 

♦Reginald J. Lewis 1964 

The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Galloway, Scotland— Grand Z. 1958. 
R. Ex. Comp. Sir George Boag, England— Hon. Past Grand Supt. 1958. 
♦R. Ex. Comp. William A. Laird, Scotland— Hon. Past Grand Scribe E., 1958. 
R. Ex. Comp. William H. Sweeting, Victoria, Australia — Hon. Past Grand Prin. 
Soj. 1958. 

Grand Scribes E. of the Grand Chapter of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario 

♦Thomas B. Harris 1857-1873 

♦R. P. Stephens 1874-1875 

♦Daniel Spry 1876-1877 

♦David McLellan 1878-1891 

♦Thomas Sargent 1892-1898 

♦George J. Bennett 1899-1915 


♦Henry T. Smith 1916-1928 

•Edwin Smith 1929-1949 

♦Fred J. Johnson 1949-1959 

Maurice A. Searle 1960-1961 

Robert J. Hamilton 1962-1969 

Frederick C. Conley 1970 



Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Alabama Earl J. McKeever 10 Julia St., Port Hope 

Alberta E. K. Hogaboom Athol St., Toronto 

Argentina Wm. H. Sproule 4 Elizabeth St. S., Brampton 

Arizona Edward Marshall Apt. No. 11, 137 Emerald St., 


Arkansas J. Howard Coleman ... 104 Lincoln Park Ave., Sarnia 

British Columbia John A. Mackie 10 Reigate Road, Toronto 18 

California B. M. Conron 120 Maple St., Collingwood 

Colorado Cyril McMullen R.R. No. 5, Belleville 

Connecticut Dr. L. Noble Armstrong 185 Brock St., Kingston 

Delaware ...Wm. J. Grierson 136 Bedford Park Ave., Toronto 12 

Dist. of Columbia B. H. Smith 169 Dufferin Ave.. Belleville 

Finland Bryan Alford 42 Forthbridge Dr., Downsview 

Florida Gordon K. Brown 195 Cross Ave., Oakville 

France George A. Phillips 30 Daniel St., Smith Fals 

Georgia E. T. Querney 321 Laura Ave., Sudbury 

Idaho J .Sinclair 174 Dahlia Ave., Ottawa 

Illinois J. W. Woodland 595 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto 10 

India Charles D. Donald Oakvile, Ont. 

Indiana Wm. S. Thomson 1329 Cumnock Cres., Oakville 

3 East 37th St., Hamilton 

Iowa Carroll E. Griffin 358 Thorold Road West, Wellar j 

Ireland R. W. E. McFadden 4 Hart Street, Brantford 

Kansas E. H. Brennan Leamington 

Kentucky Rev. A. S. H. Cree Leamington 

Louisiana Jos. Carson 689 Colborne Street, London 

Maine Lome E. Vaughan 315 Bleecker St., Belleville 

Manitoba Arthur W. Ayre 22 Connaught Ave., London 

Maryland Leo J. Gent Box 78, 21 Catharine St., Dorchester 

Massachusetts . . Dr. Fraser Hay 165 Victoria Ave. N., Listowel 

Michigan Fred W. Dean 244 Holton Ave. South, Hamilton 

Minnesota F. Carl Ackert 1 Lincoln Avenue, Gait 

Mississippi H. T. C. Humphries .53 Clegg Street, Ottawa 

Missouri H. S. Biggs 463 Hillsdale Ave., Toronto 7 

Montana David Harcus 1523 Walsh St., Fort William 

Nebraska A. V. Roy Box 57, Nananee 

Netherlands Maarten vanWamelen . 1177 Bloor St. E., Mississauga 

Nevada V. L. Mutton 66 Roanoke Rd., Don Mills 

New Brunswick A. Cavanagh 619 Wallace St., London 

New Hampshire N. M. Sprague Trenton 

New Jersey G. H. Shannon 30 Spetz Street, Kitchener 

New Mexico J. A. Kennedy 1601 Stoneybrook Cr. N., London 

New South Wales Wellington Smith 166 Third St.. Fort Frances 

New York M. A. Searle Apt. 21, 24 Shallmbar Blvd., 

Toronto 10 

New Zealand Dr. J. Austin Evans . . . 309 Avenue Road. Toronto 7 

North Carolina . . W. Leslie Davies ... 711 Cleremont Ave., London 

North Dakota William H. Gummer .... 242 Westdale Ave., Kingston 

Nova Scotia Stanlev Portch R.R. 2, 5059 Walker's Line, Milton 

Ohio A. G. N. Bradshaw ... 655 Waterloo Street. London 

Oklahoma R. J. Hamilton .... 69 Rathburn Rd.. Islington 

Oregon John James Robins . . 316 Second St., Midland 

Pennsylvania . John L. House 14 Pearson Avenue, Toronto 13 

Philippines William E. Gardner 18 Littlewood Cres.. Etobicoke 

Quebec C. W. Emmett 27 Colwood Rd., Islington 

Queensland Neil A. MacEachern . Waterloo 

Rhode Island ... Fred W. D. Welham ... 60 Stewart Smith Dr., Toronto 15 

Saskatchewan J. E. Girven . 581 Weller Street, Peterborough 

Scotland . . James Turnbull 377 O'Connor Dr., Toronto 6 

South Carolina Herb F. Thomson .69 Clarence Street, Kingston 

South Dakota . Frederick C. Conley .4 Houghton Blvd., Markham 

Switzerland L. B. Morrison 1222 York Mills Road, Apt. 306. 

Don Mills 
Tennessee Chas. Fotheringham . 57 Union St. E., Aot. 103, Waterloo 

Texas Fred Scott 41 Fairfield Ave. N., Hamilton 

Utah Lloyd B. Gillespie 410 Eden Avenue, Ottawa 

Vermont Norman Farrington Niagara Parkway, Queenston 

Victoria Harold Foote 62 Cunning Ave., Aurora 

Virginia John J. Carpenter 15 Cornelia Street, Smiths Falls 

Washington Wm. Cecil Carson 250 Iona St.. Ottawa 3 

Western Australia Everett C. Wood 58 Harriet St., Belleville 

West Virginia W. H. Sargent Listowel 

Wisconsin Dr. S. Perlman 11 Shallmar, Toronto 10 

Wyoming George Shute 426 Cartier Avenue, Sudbury 



Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Alabama Walter F. Estes 531-19th N., Birmingham 

Alberta F. B. Stewart 3918 - 1st St., N.W., Calgary 

Arizona John C. Walton 722 Kinsley Ave., Winslow, 86047 

Argentina R. W. Haxell 3355 Sucre, Buenos Aires 

Arkansas . . L. W. Williams Box 105, Osceola, 72370 

British Columbia . A. R. Byrnell 145 Talisman Ave., Vancouver 10 

California William T. Deckeraw 16850 Adlon Rd., Encino, 91316 

Colorado C. L. Bartholick 414 Equitable Bldg., Denver 

Connecticut C. J. Fairhurst 16 Highview, Norwalk 

Delaware . Elmer S. Howell 2106 Jefferson St., Wilmington 2 

Dist. of Columbia C. Eugene Barnes 2544 Naylor Rd., S.E. 

Washington. D.C. 

Florida Richard I. Lanier 4044 Green St, Jacksonville 32205 

Finland Martti V. Mustakallio, c/o Grand Lodge of Finland, 

Grand Scribe E Kasarmikatn 16D, Helsinki 13. 

France Rene A. Haner 5 rue Jacques-Balmat, 

1211 Geneve II, Geneva 

Georgia T. B. Elfe 1301 Vineville, Macon 

Idaho Chas. Hartung 530 No. 6th St., Payette 

Illinois Garland F. Thomas 

India Syed Safdar Imam Ali Manzil, Ground Floor, 

S.P. Varma Road, Patna 1, Bihar 

Indiana Miles A. Scheffel 8642 Crawfordsville Rd., 

Indianapolis, 46224 

Iowa Harley I. Whaley Hopkins, 64461 

Ireland Donald McGaughey .... 40 Upper Arthur St., Belfast 

Kansas Roy H. Clossen Box 335, Coffeyville 

Kentucky Allen Earl Bell Moreland 

Louisiana Lonnie L. Vallery 2163 Tulip St., Baton Rouge 70806 

Maine Milton C. Stephens Wiscasset, Maine 

Manitoba W. A. Maguire Elgin 

Maryland Gerald M. Pine Denton 

Massachusetts . . . . W. F. Clark 660 Belmont Street, Watertown 

Michigan Arthur Burke 1721 - 16th Street, Port Huron 

Minnesota Fred Hilden International Falls 

Mississippi Justin N. Jones Hattiesburg 

Missouri Chester Selby Lebanon 

Montana Marion A. Averill Box 254. Choteau 

Nebraska Dean L. Robertson 6927 Colby, Lincoln 68505 

Netherlands D. P. Harmsen ... Hofbrouckerlaan 10, Oegstgeest 

Nevada Stephen Ray Downs 235 West Richards St., Fallon 

New Brunswick Fred E. Mallory R.R. 6, Woodstock 

New Hampshire . . . Charles E. Leighton Jr. 15 Elliott Park, Dover 03820 

New Jersey Kenneth F. Cruikshank 8 Glenwood Place, Pennsville 08070 

New South Wales Norman Soutar 8 George's River Road. Croydon 

(Australia) Park. Sydney 

New York Sylvanus F. Nye 1230 Colvin Blvd., Kenmore 14217 

New Zealand Percival Charles Betts ...11 Palm Ave., Palmerston N. 

New Mexico William L. Ranville . .. 1515 Los Tomases Drive. N.W. 


North Carolina . . Henry A. Barrow Box 3115, New Bern, 28560 

North Dakota ... Thomas H. Rappley Rt. 1. Jamestown 58301 

Nova Scotia Canon George F. Arnold 1348 Tower Rd., Halifax 

Ohio J. A. Gorham Box 276. Bellevue 

Oklahoma Robert L. Taylor Box 187, Skiatook 

Oregon .... Rex. W. Davis 

Pennsylvania .... Robert J. Miller 318 Nittany Ave., Nittany Terrace 

Apts., State College 16801 

Philippines Primo I. Guzman No. 8 E. Javinto Street, 

Mandaluyong, Rizal 

Quebec Arthur J. Osgood 216 Layfayette Street, Montreal 


(Australia) . . . Dr. L. T. Jobbins 113 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane B.17 

Rhode Island ... K. S. Wilder 33 Elder Ave., East Providence 

Saskatchewan . . Lome Johnson 503 Sterling Trust Bldg., Regina 

Scotland The Rt. Hon. The Earl 

of Galloway 76 Queen Street, Edinburgh 2 

South Carolina . Wm. N. Bradford Box 1343, Sumter, 29151 

South Dakota . . Joseph Hansen Hurley 

Switzerland Franz G. W. Schetelig 43 Titlisstrasse, Zurich 

Tennessee R. K. Roney, Sr Newbern 38059. Route 2 

Texas Richard K. Pitts Box 51, Hilltop Dr., Kerrville 78028 

Utah Robert H. Drew . 1083 East 460 South, Provo 

Vermont George E. Cummings . 33 Clough St.. Windsor 05089 


(Australia) Keith Dodgshun Stratchan St., Hopetown, Victoria 

Virginia Claude E. Schools 130 W. Belvedere Rd, Norfolk 

Washington Albert Jensen 3917 Densmore Avenue, Seattle 

Western Australia E. Blanckensee 63 Lawler St., South Perth, 

Western Australia 

West Virginia C. C. McGhee Huntington 

Wisconsin Robert H. Tallman 114 Maple St., Spooner, 54801 

Wyoming Carl S. Gilbert 1610 Custer Street, Laramie 82070 



Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Alabama Thomas W. Oliver 1 South 55th Place, Woodlawn 

P.O. Box 2822-A, Birmingham, 35212 

Alaska H. Dexter Bacon Box 546, Palmer 

Alberta (G.S.E.) F. J. Hand .... 1717-28th Avenue S.W., Calgary 7 

Argentina A. Lappas 1385 Arenales, Buenos Aires (R.41) 

Arizona Dwight E. Shannon ... Box 206, Winslow 86047 

Arkansas O. B. Shaw Box 487, Fort Smith 

British Columbia A. R. Byrnell Room 527, 119 West Pender St., 

Vancouver 3 

California William C. Leeson 25 Van Ness Ave., San 

Francisco, 94102 

Colorado Charles R. Stott Suite 770, Mas. Temple, 1614 Welton 

St., Denver, Colorado, 80202 

Connecticut Wolcott S. Bissell Masonic Temple, 201 Ann St., 

Hartford 06103 

Delaware Raymond A. Howard .10 Ridgeland Rd., Lynnfield, 

Wilmington 19803 

Dist. of Columbia Marvin E. Fowler 1904 White Oaks Drive, Alexandria, 

Va., 22306 
England (G.S.E.) J. W. Stubbs Freemasons Hall, London, W.C.2, 

Gt. Queen Street 

Finland Martti V. Mustakallio . . Royal Arch Grand Chapter of 

Finland, Grand Scribe E., c/o 

Grand Lodge of Finland. Kasar- 

mikatu 16D, Helsinki 13 

Florida Thomas N. Morrison P.O. Box 1532, Lakeland, Fla., 33802 

France S. J. L. Humbert 65, Boulevard Bineau, 65 Neuilly- 

Sur-Seine (Seine) France 

Georgia J. E. Moseley 811 Mulberry Street, Macon 31201 

Germany Cecil C. Smart, Jr., 18C1 Kefurt, Patch Barracks, 

7000 Stuttgart-Vaihingen 

Idaho Roland R. Fletcher . . 5212 Bel Air, Boise, 83705 

Illinois Lyle Melvin P.O. Box 433, Dixon, 61021 

India . . . .' p. M. Sundaram Freemasons Hall, Janoath, 

Post Box No. 681, New Delhi 1 

Indiana Earl B. Forney 1204 Main St., Elwood 

Iowa Ross J. Gamblin Box 307, Atlantic, Iowa, 50022 

Ireland James O. Harte Freemasons Hall, 17 Moleworth St.. 

Dublin 2 

Kansas Chas. S. McGinness P.O. Box 1271, Topeka 66601 

Kentucky Chas. K. A. McGaughey 694 New Circle Rd. N.E. Lexington, 

Kentucky 405-05 

Louisiana Lee W. Harris Box 209, Mas. Temple, Alexandria, 

Louisiana, 71301 

Maine Earle D. Webster Masonic Temple, 415 Coneress St.. 

Portland 04111 

Manitoba (G.S.E.) C. J. Hutchings 15 Crowson Bay, Fort Garry, 

Winnipeg 19 

Maryland D. Ross Vansant, Jr. 138 Soa View Ave.. Annapolis 21401 

Massachusetts Archie M. Simons 186 Tremont St., Boston, 02111 

Michigan Orlow J. Myers Masonic Temple, 133E Michigan 

Ave., Battle Creek. Mich. 49014 

Minnesota Emil A. Wold 4645 Ewing Ave. S (100), 

Minneapolis, 55410 

Mississippi Cecil A. Thorn P.O. Box 1030 Meridian 

Missouri Bruce H. Hunt Box 188. Kirksville, 63501 

Montana Wm. A. Thaanum 218 So. Roberts St., Helena. 

MO. 59601 

Nebraska Carl R. Greisen 401 Masonic Temple, 19th & Douglas 

Omaha 68102 

Netherlands H. B. S. Kriens Michelangelostraat 33hs, 

Juliana van Stolberglaan 225, 

The Hague 

Nevada F. Y. Williams P.O. Box 928, Elko 89801 

New Brunswick G. J. Langell Rov 103. Sussex 

New Hampshire . Lester W. Holt 6 Ellsworth St., Concord, 

New Hampshire 

New Jersey H. R. Pine Q.3 Irwin Place, Trenton, N.J. 08fi.?8 

New Mexico Elmer H. Riemen Post Office Box 1375. Roswell. 88201 

New South Wales G. E. W. Salier Manchester Unity Buildin?, 160 

(Australia) Castlereagb Street. Sydney 

New York George A. Lambert Masonic Temple, Suite 1630, 

New York 10010 
New Zealand .... (G.S.E.) W. G. Webster Box 263, Auckland 1 


North Carolina . . . Chas. C. Ricker Masonic Temple, 80 Broadway, 

Asheville, N.C., 28801 

North Dakota Delbert J. Miller Box 128 D, Devil's Lake 58301 

Nova Scotia (Gr.-Sec.) H. F. Sipprell Box 322, Halifax 

Ohio Oliver H. Ormiston Box 27. Bartlett, 45713 

Oklahoma F. M. Lumbard Box 1037, Muskogee 74401 

Ontario (G.S.E.) R. J. Hamilton Room 514, Temple Bldg., Toronto 1 

Oregon T. Stanton Ford 2170 S. W. Taylors Ferry Road, 

Portland, Oregon 97219 

Pennsylvania ... Albert H. Connelly Masonic Temple, Broad and Filbert 

Streets, Philadelphia, 19107 

Philippines Antonio Gonzales Sr., . . c/o York Rite Bodies, 1440 San 

Marceline. Manila 

Quebec (G.S.E.) H. Wall Clarke 2295 St. Mark Street, Montreal 25 


Australia C. W. Coulter Box 425 F., G.P.O., Brisbane 

Rhode Island Luther C. Homan 37 Austin Ave., Greenville, 02828 

Saskatchewan (G.S.E.) H. K. Halldorson 610 Bank of Canada Bldg., Regina 

Scotland Thomas McFarlane 76 Queen Street, Edinburgh 2 

South Carolina ... Hugh N. Layne 901 Palmetto State Life Building, 

Columbia 29201 

South Dakota . . . C. E. Buehler Box 366, Mitchell, 57301 


(Helvetia) H. O. Mauerhofer Box Transit 954, Berne 2 

Tennessee Wallace Phelan Douglas Box 216, Nashville, 37202 

Texas E. S. Winfree, Jr P.O. Box 296, Waco 76703 

Utah Paul B. Pickering Masonic Temple, 650 East South 

Temple St., Salt Lake City 84102 

Vermont D. Burleigh Smalley Jr. . Masonic Temple, Box 443. 

Victoria, Burlington 05401 

Australia (G.S.E.) J. R. E. Attwood 164 Flinders St., Melbourne. 

CD, 3000 

Virginia Wilbur Applewhite Masonic Temple, 107 W. Broad St.. 

Richmond. 23220 

Washington Walter H. Steffey 2323 N.E. 127th St., Seattle. 98125 

Western Australia L. C. Wilson No. 6 Bank of N.S.W. Chambers, 

65 St. George's Terrace, Perth 

West Virginia .... George V. Gorrell Room 608, Riley Law Bldg., 

14th & Chapline St., Wheeling 26003 

Wisconsin Earl B. Bauer Room 239, 225E. Michigan St., 

Milwaukee, Wise. 53202 

Wyoming Irving E. Clark Box 1311, Casper 


(M.M.M. Lodge) Lt. Col. J. W. Chitty ...Mark Masons' Hall, 40 Upper Brook 

Street. London W.l 







Committee on Award 85 


Members 92 

Report of Committee 79 

Bursaries 80 

Budget 89-90 





Report of 95 


Committee Report 86-87 


Committee on 94 


Annual, Toronto 4 

Committee 75 


Report 17-23 



DEMITS 99-100 




Committee 73 


Report 90 


Members 92 



Members 93 

Report of 87-90 


Auditor's Report 62-64 


Names and Addresses 103 


Committee on 93 

Report of Committee 10-16 


Officers, 1970 91 

Opening • 6 

Call Off 90 

Call On 90 


Address 24 

Report of Committee on 70-72 


Elected 109 

Honorary 109 


List of 110 

Roll Call 23 


Names and Addresses 112 


Report of 52 

Past Grand Scribes E 109 


Names and Addresses 91 

Confirmation of Appointment 100 

Reports of 34-50 


Financial Statement 65 


Committee 93 

Report of Committee 70 




Committee on 93 

Report of Committee ............ 61 




Confirmation 17 





Report on 79 


Appointed 92 

Elected 93 

Installed and Invested 96 



Presentation of Jewels 3 1-33 


Committee on 93 

Report 64 


REPORTS (Committee reports listed under Committee) 

Grand Scribe E 52-54 

Grand Superintendents 34 

Grand Treasurer 65 



Constitution 75 


Committee on 94 

Report of Committee 80 


Names and Addresses 105 






Financial Statement 67 



Committee on 93 


W. D. Welham Grand / 

Ex. Com p. Leo .1 Gent Gran 

Box 78, 21 Catharine St. !■;., Dorchester Ontario 
!•' Ex. Comp. William S. Thomson Grand J 

1329 Cum 'I Cn ., Oak\ ille, Ontario 

R. Ex. Comp. Gideon J. Purcell 
ford Station, Ontario. 
Comp. Fn ,1 W Dean 
Elolton Ave S , Hamilton, Ontario 
Ex. Comp. Frederick C. Conley 

Suite 205, 240 Etflinton Ave. E., Toronto 12, Ontari 
Ex. Comp. Maxwell dark Grand Scrib< 

580 St Clair Ave W.. Toronto in. Ontario. 
Ex. Comp. Melville G. Spiers Grand Prfli'Mpal 

702, Waterdown, Hamilton, Ontario. 
Comp. William B. Chelcroft Grai 

Quebec St., London 25, Ontario. 

, :, [Ill III! 

3 9157 00456969 8 




; I.